To support the professional development of Michigan Tech instructors, the William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning offers events as well as a curriculum, consisting of workshops that can be taken “à la carte” or towards completion of University Teaching and Learning (UTL) seminars. The curriculum consists of six UTL seminars, each supporting the development of an important aspect of instruction, including learner-centered grading, delivery and course design.

Formal recognition, in the form of a UTL certificate, will be made upon completion of all the UTL seminar's pedagogical, technical and practice segments:

  • Pedagogical instruction (i) – For most UTL seminars, four hours of instruction are required. Participants complete pre-session assignments before attending a two-hour session for two consecutive weeks. NOTE: The Course Design UTL requires additional instructional hours to explore a specialty (such as group dynamics or information literacy in instruction).
  • Technical workshops (t) – Two technical workshops are required to qualify for a UTL seminar certificate. Each technical workshop includes a pre-workshop assignment and one hour of instruction.
  • Practice (p) – Participants will apply relevant concepts to complete and receive a final project or presentation, which will require one or more meetings with Center staff.

NOTE: Descriptions of pedagogical and technical components are available by clicking on the titles below. Schedules for upcoming workshops are provided below the chart. 

Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA) coordinators are encouraged to set appropriate recommendations or requirements for different TA roles. Instructors (including postdocs and faculty!) are welcome to sign up for workshops in an “à la carte” fashion but are encouraged to contact the Center to discuss whether a formal class or an individual consultation will better serve her/his needs. Feedback about the timing and need for additional offerings is appreciated! Please call the Center at 906-487-2046 or e-mail


Instruction (i)

Workshop (ta)

Workshop (tb)

Practice (p)

UTL1—Instructional Basics

All new instructional staff (or new to campus, or Canvas)


Canvas & Banner 

Online Communication 

By arrangement


Anyone who grades assignments, exams, reports, or papers


Assignments & Gradebook

Grading Writing in Canvas

By arrangement

UTL3—Learner-Centered Classroom

Instructors who interact with students in a group (lab, class, etc.)


Engaging Instruction Presentations

Using the iClicker 
Response System

By arrangement

UTL4—Out-of-Classroom Techniques

Instructors who will use online resources before, during, or after class


Basic Surveys, 
Quizzes & Discussions

Video Tools for Teaching 
& Learning

By Arrangement

UTL5—Course Design

Instructors who will design Canvas courses and/or write a syllabus

Course Design

Canvas Best Practices

Advanced Quizzes 
& Computerized Testing

By arrangement

PLUS a Specialty:
Group DynamicsInformation Literacy

UTL6—Your Teaching Portfolio & Philosophy

Recommended for any instructor who needs to develop these

Your Teaching Portfolio 
& Philosophy

Follow-Up Meeting 1 
(by arrangement)

Follow-Up Meeting 2 
(by arrangement)

By arrangement