Computer Science

Adjunct and Research Faculty

Steven Carr

Steven Carr

  • Adjunct, Computer Science, Michigan Technological University
  • Department Chair and Professor, Western Michigan University

Myounghoon "Philart" Jeon

  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science and CLS

Research Interests

  • Human-Computer Interaction/ Human-Robot Interaction
  • Auditory Displays/ Sonification
  • Affective Computing/ Emotional Design
  • Automotive User Interfaces
  • Assistive Technology for Special Populations
  • Aesthetic Computing/ Media Art

David Poplawski

  • Professor Emeritus, Computer Science

Area of Expertise

  • Computer Science Education
  • Computer Architecture

Areas of Expertise

  • Internet of Things and Cyber Physical Systems
  • Mobile Computing and Network Security
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
  • Wireless Communication Networks
Hairong Wei
"We are doing excellent job in describing how an individual gene functions, but not how life functions. Systems biology is to fill this gap."

Hairong Wei

  • Professor, SFRES
  • Affiliated Professor, Mathematical Sciences
  • Affiliated Professor, Computer Science

Areas of Expertise

  • Identification of genes regulating complex traits via systems biology approaches
  • Gene expression data analysis
  • Gene network construction and decomposition
  • Developing software for mining large-scale biological data
  • Genomics of wood formation

Kuilin Zhang, PE

  • Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Affiliated Associate Professor, Computer Science

Links of Interest

Teaching Interests

  • Transportation Network Analysis
  • Operations Research Models for Transportation and Logistics Systems
  • Traffic Flow Theory
  • Travel Demand Analysis
  • Transportation Systems Operations and Control
  • Transportation Planning

Research Interests

  • Dynamic network equilibrium and optimization
  • Modeling and simulation of large-scale complex systems
  • Multimodal transportation systems analysis
  • Freight transportation and logistics systems
  • Data-driven travel behavior analysis
  • Impact of plug-in electric vehicles to smart grid and transportation network systems
  • Vehicle systems dynamics and fuel-efficient driving behavior
  • Railway systems