Health Alert: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Census 2020 — Help Our Community

Michigan Tech encourages everyone to complete the 2020 Census and count yourself where you reside for most of the year. This would be your residence in the Houghton/Hancock/Keweenaw area or on campus. Your participation ensures the Michigan Tech community receives the future support it needs for parks, roads, walking and bike trails, schools, and city services and programs. Please visit to take the census.

Guidance for Off-Campus Students wants to count every student living off campus as a local resident. This includes international students.

  • Ideally, one housemate from each residence should complete the census for all their housemates, listing their names, birthdates, and how they identify.
  • However, you can also go to individually and complete the information for yourself and others. will filter out duplicates in their data system.
  • Read this Census Bureau statement for more info—and watch the video about counting college students!

Guidance for On-Campus Students

Because of COVID-19, colleges and universities will be receiving new instructions on April 15, regarding how students living on campus are to be counted. You should be counted in Houghton, and if any action is required, you will be contacted via your MTU email address. If you were already reported at a permanent address, the Census Bureau will filter duplicates.