Counseling Services

Relaxation Room

Need a break from the stresses of day-to-day life? Stop by Counseling Service's relaxation room for a brief reprieve. The room offers a tranquil space for relaxing, experiencing guided relaxation/meditation, listening to music, or just taking a break.

The purpose of the relaxation room is to provide a safe space for students to develop and practice relaxation skills. Relaxation strategies are an integral part of treatment approaches for issues including depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. The relaxation room offers a space, as well as resources, to develop and strengthen these skills. Resources available include audio guides of various relaxation exercises, relaxation music and a light therapy lamp.

The relaxation room is open to all students and can be used during our business hours, as long as group counseling is not being held. No reservations are needed, but check the schedule outside the room to see when the room is unavailable. If you would like more information regarding the relaxation room or the use of the room, contact our office at 906-487-2538, or stop by our office located on the 3rd Floor of the Administration Building.