Office of Academic and Community Conduct
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Conduct Board

The Office of Academic and Community Conduct at Michigan Tech uses committees to address issues and resolve incidents in the University community.

The University Conduct Board is the decision-making body for incidents under the Student Code of Community Conduct, including academic integrity and sexual or relationship misconduct. The board consists of

  • one member of the faculty,
  • one student,
  • one member of the professional staff, and
  • one Student Affairs professional staff member acting as a nonvoting procedural officer.

The faculty member is chosen by the University Senate. The student may be recommended by the Undergraduate Student Government, the Graduate Student Government, the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council, or Housing and Residential Life. Professional staff are recommended by their peers and/or students. All Board members undergo training with regard to conduct policies and procedures, basic due process, effective questioning, and sanctions.