College of Computing

Brain Break

Welcome to Brain Break, a casual, no pressure place to meet other students and find out what’s going on at Michigan Tech, in the College of Computing, and in the Houghton community. All episodes begin at 3:45 p.m. in the Rekhi Hall 2nd floor lounge.


HIDE Enterprise

Wednesday, November 4: HIDE Enterprise

The student-run Humane Interface Design Enterprise is focused on software development and usability research. H.I.D.E. students have completed a variety of interesting projects, from comparing cognitive load while driving with Google Glass and Android, to usability testing a prototype of Chrysler's U-Connect system, to building a crowd-sourced music selection Web App for Winter Carnival.

IT Oxygen Enterprise

Wednesday, October 14: IT Oxygen Enterprise

 IT Oxygen specializes in Information Technology help for student organizations and businesses. You'll work on real projects for real clients  while you develop your skills in development, problem solving, and business.

Pavlis Honors College

Thursday, October 15: Pavlis Honors College

At Michigan Tech, we believe that a student’s success should be measured by more than their GPA. In the Pavlis Honors College, honors education is about self-motivated, independent-thinking students who take charge of their education, designing their own path that strategically supports their personal and professional goals. 

Students participate in Brain Break 
  • Drawing for one Campus Bookstore gift certificate each episode
  • All attendees receive a free College of Computing protective face mask (and possibly other swag)
  • Meet Computing and Michigan Tech students, faculty, and staff
  • Share and discuss info about on campus and community student activities and opportunities
  • Casual, no pressure space to talk with other students and find out what’s going on at Michigan Tech and in the Houghton community

2020-21 Brain Break Episodes and Topics

Here's a tentative Brain Break weekly topic and guests schedule. We're anticipating that topics and guests will be added as interest is expressed in additional activities and opportunities for students in the College of Computing and at Michigan Tech.

First Wednesday | Date | Topic

Third Thursday | Date | Topic

9/2 | Meet and Greet
9/17 | Meet and Greet
10/7 | Fall in the Keweenaw
10/15 | Registering for Spring
11/4| H.I.D.E. Enterprise
11/19 | Fall in the Keweenaw
12/2 | Wahtera Coaches
12/17 | Wahtera Coaches
1/6 | Pavlis Ambassadors
1/21 | Pavlis Ambassadors
2/3 | RedTeam
2/18 | RedTeam
3/3 | IT Oxygen and Blue Marble
3/18 | IT Oxygen and Blue Marble
4/7 HIDE and HuskyGames
4/15 | HIDE and HuskyGames 
4/28, Wednesday | Share Summer Plans