Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Student Teaching

Student Teaching


To register for student teaching, students must complete the following:

  1. Notify the department at least a year in advance of the semester you plan to student teach. Reminders will be sent to students enrolled in the program.
  2. Pass the Basic Skills Examination (SAT, ACT, or PRE)
  3. Complete all MTU course requirements (major, minor, education) with the minimum GPAs.
  4. Complete a student teaching application.
  5. Request permission to enroll in ED4910.
  6. Submit to the department a student teaching portfolio. A meeting will be scheduled two semesters prior to student teaching to discuss the requirements and faculty support will be provided.
  7. Complete the PESG substitute teacher registration process through the Copper Country ISD. This will allow you to substitute teach for up to 10 days while you are student teaching, and also ensures that you have completed the required background check and training modules. Please submit proof of your registration to the department once it is complete.

Student Teaching Requirements

These are detailed in the Student Teaching Handbook.

Additional information for mentors can be found in the Cooperating Teacher Information.

Certification Requirements

To be recommended for Michigan teacher certification, candidates must complete the following:

  1. Satisfactorily complete all student teaching requirements.
  2. Have minimum 2.50 GPA (2.75 for Social Sciences and Economics) overall, in major and minor content areas, and in education courses.
  3. Pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification in both the major and minor (if applicable) content areas.
  4. Provide the department proof of certification in First Aid and Adult & Pediatric CPR. See a list of approved courses.
  5. Apply for certification through the Michigan Online Educator Certification Systems (MOECS) database | Instructions.