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Program Admissions and Requirements

The Teacher Education program is not accepting new applicants at this time

Admission to a Michigan Tech degree program does not automatically grant a student admission to the teacher education program. Students must apply separately to the Division of Teacher Education by first setting up an appointment to meet with Shari Stockero (, Program Director. Typically, students apply to the program during the spring of their sophomore year or later. Due to course scheduling, all students must begin the program during the fall semester. Application materials will be given to you at the initial meeting.

Requirements for admission include:

  • Grade Point Average. Applicants to the teacher education program must have a minimum major GPA. The requirements for each major follow: 2.5 GPA for math, biology, chemistry, Earth science, integrated science, physics, and English; and 2.75 GPA for social sciences and economics. In addition, all students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA overall and in their certification minor courses (if applicable).
  • Prior experience working with groups of children or adolescents. Teacher education candidates will provide a letter documenting their experience. This could include group tutoring, substitute teaching, camp counselor, youth leader, religious teacher, coaching, etc.
  • Written Statement. Applicants will submit a written statement (no more than 500 words) describing their motivation to become a teacher.
  • Conviction Statement Form. Candidates must complete a Conviction Statement Form, which authorizes the release of all records and information pertaining to any convictions for criminal offenses or penalties for violation of University regulations to the Division of Teacher Education. This information may be on file either at the University’s Office of the Dean of Students, the Michigan State Police, or any other criminal justice agency. Through this form, students consent to the use and communication of such information by the faculty and administration of the Division of Teacher Education in assessing compliance with admission requirements. We reserve the right to refuse admission based on any criminal record that indicates the student might have an adverse effect on the teaching profession. Any misrepresentation by a student concerning a matter governed by teacher education requirements shall itself constitute a failure to comply.
    Recommendations (postgraduates only). Postgraduate candidates are required to submit two letters of reference.

After the complete application is received, it will be reviewed by the program director. If all requirements are met, the application packet is then forwarded to the Dean of Students Office for approval. The candidate will be notified of their application status.

Students who do not meet these criteria may appeal in writing to the Division of Teacher Education, citing reason(s) for the appeal and providing supporting documentation.

Departmental approval is required prior to registration for any education course.

Course Requirements

This is not an official list of degree requirements. Adjustments may be required due to curriculum changes.

Courses Credits
Early Block
ED3110 Psychological Foundations of Education 3
ED3210 Foundations of Education 2
ED3410 Clinical Experience (includes a 30-hour school placement) 1
Additional Required Classes
HU4150 Literacy in the Content Areas (includes a 30-hour field placement) 4
ED3100 Instructional Technology 2
ED4700 Fundamentals of Instruction 3
Teaching Methods (select one or two of the following, based on major and minor)
ED4720 Methods of Teaching Science 2
MA4905 Methods of Teaching Mathematics 2
HU4140 Method of Teaching English 4
ED4020 Methods of Teaching Social Sciences 4
Student Teaching
ED4910 Directed Teaching 12

Updated 06/08/2017

Model Schedule

To complete the teacher education program in two academic years, students should follow the schedule below. Note that all education courses are offered only once each year.

Year Fall Spring
Year 1 (typically junior year)
  • ED3110 Psychological Foundations of Education
  • ED3210 Foundations of Education
  • ED3410 Clinical Experience*
  • ED3100 Instructional Technology
  • ED4700 Fundamentals of Instruction
  • HU4150 Literacy in the Content Areas**+
Year 2 (typically senior year) Content methods courses to include 1 or 2 of the following (depending on major and minor):
  • ED4720 Methods of Teaching Science
  • SS4020 Methods of Teaching Social Studies
  • HU4140 Method of Teaching English
  • MA4905 Methods of Teaching Mathematics
ED4910 Directed Teaching (12 credits—this is the only course you will take this summer)
*Requires 30-hours in a school setting, in addition to class time **Requires 28-hours of work with students, in addition to class time +May be taken in Spring 2 if not enrolled in ED4910 Directed Teaching

Education Course Approval

Each semester, candidates need to get approval to enroll in education courses. Approval will be granted only after it is verified that all required GPAs (overall, major, teaching minor, education coursework) are at or above the required level (generally 2.50, but 2.75 for Social Sciences and Economics majors).

Professional Skills and Dispositions

All students are required to complete a Professional Disposition assessment at mid-semester for each education course they are taking.  The completed assessment will be turned in to each course instructor, who will assess the student on the same set of criteria. The purposes of this assessment are (1) to provide a means for students to self-monitor their progress toward the goal of becoming a professional educator and (2) for the course instructors and teacher education program to secure evidence of progress toward this goal. Any students who receive low ratings will be required to meet with the Director of Teacher Education to develop a plan for improvement prior to enrollment in future education courses.

Basic Skills Examination (BSE)

All candidates must pass a Basic Readiness Exam. Beginning in Fall 2017, this exam will be the newly-redesigned SAT (as administered on March 5, 2016 or later), which has two required sections: (a) reading and writing, and (b) mathematics. Students who took the ACT or Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) prior to September 23, 2017 may use these scores for the three subtests: (a) mathematics, (b) reading, and (c) writing. Please contact Shari Stockero ( if you have questions about your scores.

From October 2017 forward, two sections of the SAT must be passed at or above the career- and college-readiness (CCR) benchmark as shown in the table below:

SAT Section (take on or after 3/5/2016) Benchmark
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 480
Mathematics 530

                                                 (See Resources Tab for Review/Study Links)

Alternately, if older scores are used, three section of the ACT must be passed at or above the career- and college-readiness (CCR) benchmark as shown in the table below:

ACT Section (take before 9/23/2017) Benchmark
Reading 22
Mathematics 22
English + Writing 22

The Michigan Tech Teacher Education Program requires the SAT exam be taken and that one section be passed (two sections of the ACT or PRE) before enrolling in any 4000-level education course. Both sections must be passed before a student teaching placement is initiated.

Student Teaching


To register for student teaching, students must complete the following:

  1. Notify the department at least a year in advance of the semester you plan to student teach. Reminders will be sent to students enrolled in the program.
  2. Pass the Basic Skills Examination (SAT, ACT, or PRE)
  3. Complete all MTU course requirements (major, minor, education) with the minimum GPAs.
  4. Complete a student teaching application.
  5. Request permission to enroll in ED4910.
  6. Submit to the department a student teaching portfolio. A meeting will be scheduled two semesters prior to student teaching to discuss the requirements and faculty support will be provided.
  7. Complete the PESG substitute teacher registration process through the Copper Country ISD. This will allow you to substitute teach for up to 10 days while you are student teaching, and also ensures that you have completed the required background check and training modules. Please submit proof of your registration to the department once it is complete.

Student Teaching Requirements

These are detailed in the Student Teaching Handbook.

Additional information for mentors can be found in the Cooperating Teacher Information.

Certification Requirements

To be recommended for Michigan teacher certification, candidates must complete the following:

  1. Satisfactorily complete all student teaching requirements.
  2. Have minimum 2.50 GPA (2.75 for Economics) overall, in major and minor content areas, and in education courses.
  3. Pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification in both the major and minor (if applicable) content areas.
  4. Provide the department proof of certification in First Aid and Adult & Pediatric CPR. See a list of approved courses.
  5. Apply for certification through the Michigan Online Educator Certification Systems (MOECS) database | Instructions.