Professional Clothing Give-Away

Sweaters and shirts on wooden hangers

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Our department has hosted a professional clothing give-away event for students every semester just prior to the career fair. This event began in 2015, with its mission to provide gently worn women’s professional apparel and accessories obtained through donations to all University students. Given the lack of local shopping options, especially for women’s business clothing, this event has served hundreds of students over the past four and a half years. We have also recently added men’s professional clothing attire as well. This event has no budget, so purchases of clothing racks, alteration sewing supplies, clothing steamers, etc. have all been made by the individuals who organize and host the event. We would love to move this to a larger space (we currently set up for the one-day event in our classrooms) and make it a week-long event. In the future our goals are to have a “shop” open once or twice per week throughout the year. This would require paying rent somewhere. We also desperately need more clothing racks, marketing efforts to solicit clothing donations, and to shift the cost burden away from our amazing volunteer faculty and staff. In addition to the monetary donation, we seek liaisons who are willing to coordinate donations from their place of work for this important event. If you can assist in non-monetary ways, please contact the Department Chair, Susie Amato-Henderson, at Seeing the transformation of students when they find beautiful business clothing is amazing and inspirational – and your gift could support this special event.

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