The Teacher Education Program at Michigan Tech is nationally accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council and has received a rating of “exemplary” from the Michigan Department of Education. Our program’s graduates meet all state mandates for teacher licensure as defined by the Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers.


To be recognized as a high-quality teacher education program that prepares and develops exemplary secondary school teachers.


To prepare quality educators who enrich the lives of all learners through the application of pedagogical, content, and technological knowledge, as well as their dedication to lifelong learning, reflection, leadership, and collaboration.


  • Prepare and develop secondary school teachers who will provide high-quality instruction to their students.
  • Prepare teachers who will engage in research and reflection to improve their practice over time, and who are positioned to be leaders in their field.
  • Attract and retain a high-quality, diverse population of teacher candidates.
  • Attract and support faculty who both excel in the classroom and contribute to the field through scholarly activity.



We value collaboration with local teachers and administrators with faculty from across the University, among our own faculty, and with those outside our institution. Such collaborations make our program stronger and better able to meet the needs of today's 6-12 schools. We commit to actively build and strengthen such collaborations.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that research-based decision making is the hallmark of a high-quality program. Ongoing analysis of program outcomes allows us to make deliberate, data-driven improvements to our program in order to better support our candidates in meeting progam goals and professional teaching standards.


We believe that everyone deserves equal access to education and opportunity. We are committed to providing such opportunity and supporting candidates in doing the same by building on a foundation of acceptance and understanding (adapted from Michigan Tech Community Value).


We are committed to high-quality scholarship that challenges and extends what we know about teaching and learning, both through our work in the classroom and through our own study of teaching and learning (adapted from Michigan Tech Scholarship Value).


We believe that all education professionals must hold themselves accountable to their students, colleagues, and other stakeholders, and must act with integrity, honesty, and diligence (adapted from Michigan Tech Accountability Value).

Regional Emphasis

We are committed to prioritizing the needs of our local and regional stakeholders by producing excellent teachers who will serve the area and by providing professional development for teachers.

Program Measures

Section 205 in Title II of the Higher Education Act, as amended in 2008, requires each state receiving funding under the Act to report annually on the quality of teacher preparation in the state.



Impact on P-12 Learning/Development

Since 2014, our EPI Score Report has met and exceeded the State of Michigan cut scores, based on surveys, MTTC results, and effectiveness labels.


Teacher Effectiveness

From 2014-2017, 94% of program completers had an Educator Effectiveness rating of "Effective" or higher.


Employer Survey Results

Based on a Michigan Tech initiated survey of hiring principals, 100% of participants indicated they would rehire Michigan Tech completers if given the chance. 


Completer Survey Results

Michigan Tech Education Program completers cite program strengths as the emphasis on student engagement, lesson planning, various approaches to topics, small classes with excellent discussion, caring professors, and strong content knowledge. 



Completion Rate

From 2014-2017, the Michigan Tech Teacher Education program completion rate was 75%.


Licensure Test Pass Rate

From 2014-2017, the Michigan Tech teacher candidate pass rate on the MTTC exam was 93.5%, with 9 of the 10 areas of certification at 100%.


Employment Rate

From 2014-2017, 100% of completers seeking employment in education secured positions.


Consumer Information

The average secondary school teacher salary in 2017 is $61,410 in Michigan, $54,990 in the U.P., and $58,030 nationally. Michigan Tech's university-wide three-year student loan default rate is 2% (the national average is 11.5%).