Section 205 in Title II of the Higher Education Act, as amended in 2008, requires each state receiving funding under the Act to report annually on the quality of teacher preparation in the state, including:

  • Information on each teacher preparation program in the state, such as admissions requirements, enrollment, and supervised clinical experience information;
  • Standards for teachers and their alignment with standards for students;
  • Requirements for each teaching certificate or license;
  • Pass rates on each assessment used by states in certifying or licensing teachers and the reliability and validity of these assessments;
  • State standards for evaluating the performance of teacher preparation programs;
  • Descriptions of alternative routes to teacher certification or licensure;
  • Descriptions of the extent to which teacher preparation programs are addressing shortages of highly qualified teachers, preparing teachers to teach students with disabilities or who are limited English proficient, and preparing teachers to use technology; and
  • State efforts in the past year to improve the quality of teaching.