Coach and Supplemental Instruction Leader Application

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. A large hiring cycle begins in March of each year for the following fall, but applications will be reviewed and applicants contacted as openings arise throughout the fall and spring terms.

All applicants should have completed at least through CH1160 University Chemistry II (or have equivalent transfer credit) by the end of the Spring term. Applicants will need to schedule a time to take a content knowledge test, which is to be completed independently. This test will assess your understanding of foundational concepts from first-year chemistry.

Those who perform satisfactorily on this test will be invited to an interview.

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3.0 minimum

Please list the last three positions you have held, beginning with the most recent. Include the employer name, dates of employment, position, and responsibilities.

All applicants must list above the name, address, relationship and phone number of two people who may be contacted about this application. One reference should be from Michigan Tech, preferably at least one in chemistry.

Please include the name of the activity, position, responsibilities, and number of hours per week.