Brian D. Barkdoll, PE

Brian D. Barkdoll, PE


  • Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • PhD, Civil Engineering, University of Iowa
  • MS, Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati
  • BS, Civil Engineering, University of Akron


Dr. Barkdoll has degrees from the Universities, of Akron, Cincinnati and Iowa. He has spent 4 years as an engineer for the U.S. Peace Corps in Nepal. Dr. Barkdoll's teaching interests include fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology, sediment transport, contaminant transport, and water collection and distribution. His research interests are in sedimentation, scour, oxygen transfer, clay permeability, vortices, acoustics, stream restoration, dams and reservoirs, intakes, water distribution systems, international development, and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Barkdoll is a member of the ASCE Sedimentation Committee and the Environmental Hydraulics Committee. He has won the Daniel W. Mead Award for Younger Members of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Chi Epsilon James M. Robbins Excellence-in-Teaching Award for the S.W. District. He has published over 35 technical papers and given over 25 seminars at international conferences.

Dr. Barkdoll has been involved in over $1.3M of research and is a member of 8 professional societies. He regularly reviews technical papers and proposals to 10 journals and funding organizations.

Dr. Barkdoll is a Diplomate of the Academy of Water Resources Engineers (D.WRE). He is currently the Chair of the Sedimentation Technical Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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Research Interests

  • Dam Decommissioning
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Hydraulic Structures
  • River Mechanics
  • Sediment Transport
  • Stream Rehabilitation
  • Sustainability


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