Welcome to Winter Carnival 2021

February 3–6, 2021
Our Favorite Cartoons for Snowy Afternoons

Organized by Blue Key National Honor Society since 1934, Winter Carnival started in 1922 and has grown into one of the biggest annual winter celebrations in the nation. Known for huge, intricate snow statues around campus and the community, Carnival also brings Huskies together to compete in broomball, comedy skits, human ice bowling, and a ambassador coronation.

Organizers are working hard to create a fun, safe, student-centered experience.

2021 Overall Results

Congratulations to Phi Kappa Tau overall Winter Carnival 2021 winners!

Division Winners:

First Place Men's: Phi Kappa Tau
Second Place Men's: Guardians of the North
Third Place Men's: Army ROTC

First Place Women's: Alpha Sigma Tau
Second Place Women's: Delta Zeta and Delta Phi Epsilon
Third Place Women's: Society of Women Engineers

First Place Co-ed: St. Albert the Great
Second Place Co-ed: Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Tau Gamma
Third Place Co-ed: Huskies Pep Band

Statue Results

Winter Carnival Winner Highlights

Month-Long Statues

First Place: Phi Kappa Tau; Second Place: Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Tau Gamma; Third Place: Tau Kappa Epsilon;

Men's Division

First Place: Phi Kappa Tau; Second Place: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Third Place: Delta Sigma Phi;

Women's Division

First Place: Alpha Sigma Tau; Second Place: Delta Zeta and Delta Phi Epsilon;

Co-Ed Division

First Place: Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Tau Gamma; Second Place: Air Force ROTC; Third Place: Sigma Phi Epsilon and Theta Chi Epsilon;

All-Nighter Statues

First Place: The Climate Action Triad; Second Place: Swing Club; Third Place: St. Albert the Great University Parish;


First Place: Sigma Rho; Second Place: East McNair - Mama's boys; Third Place: Society of African American Men (SAAM);


First Place: West End Girls and Hundred Acre Woods; Second Place: Society of Women Engineers;


First Place: The Climate Action Triad; Second Place: Swing Club; Third Place: St. Albert the Great University Parish;

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Featured Photos

Photos for all the statues will be posted in the afternoon of Thursday, February 4th. Even though you can't visit us for WC this year you can still visit campus through our webcams.

Special Events

* Denotes virtual event.

Ambassador Candidates

Winter Carnival Ambassador

Rachel Falls
Rachel Falls
Sponsors: Pep Band

You can often find me bringing up the rear of any pep band parade, or trailing behind a team of sled dogs in the snow. Last year I played in the pep band for broomball playoffs and the all nighter parade, I helped in the food tent, and you might've even seen me giving out sled dog rides in front of DHH. This year I hope to be able to ride the (virtual) zamboni!

Winter Carnival Ambassador

Mallory Fichera
Mallory Fichera
Sponsors: Guardians of the North

I'm a fifth-year environmental engineering student with a passion for bettering the Michigan Tech community through projects and organizations that make a positive impact on the students, faculty, and community members on campus and in the Houghton area. Through my involvement with Guardians of the North, the Dance Team, and Silver Wings, I have been able to work with students from many different backgrounds and help them succeed as students and leaders as well as making sure they feel like a part of the Michigan Tech community. I also have a passion for helping students succeed academically. Over my time here, I have served as an orientation team leader, a teaching assistant for academic success courses, and a learning center coach in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department. Even though my time here at Tech is coming to a close, I am still very excited about what I can do over the next few months to have a lasting impact on the Michigan Tech community. I am very excited to have the opportunity to represent Guardians of the North in this year’s Winter Carnival Ambassador competition!

Winter Carnival Ambassador

Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller
Sponsors: Army ROTC

Hello fellow Huskies; we've made it to Carnival 2021! I am so humbled and excited to be this year's ambassador representative for the Michigan Tech Army ROTC program. I am a fourth year undergraduate exercise science student from Freeland, MI. I am in the pre-health profession program on campus looking forward to a future in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. On campus I have worked as a student employee for the HuskyFit program and am the president of the student Figure Skating Club. In my free time, I enjoy the XC ski trails, snowboarding, figure skating and coaching with the skate club in the community. From statue building to broomball, my experience of Winter Carnival will always be one to remember that truly makes this campus and community special. Michigan Tech and the Army ROTC program have provided me with many opportunities to grow as a volunteer in the Houghton community, develop in my leadership skills, and gain outstanding experience throughout my voyage as an MTU student. Together as we prepare for the new joys this year's Winter Carnival has to bring, I want to thank all of my supporters in this journey. Happy Winter Carnival 2021!

Winter Carnival Ambassador

Grace Ojala
Grace Ojala
Sponsors: St. Albert the Great University Parish

Happy Winter Carnival everyone! I am a third-year student majoring in geophysics and anthropology and pursuing a career as a professional archaeologist. I am excited to represent St. Albert the Great University Parish in this year's Ambassador's Competition! Like many of you, I love exploring all of the beauty that the Keweenaw has to offer, and on the weekend you can often catch me out and about on adventures with my friends. On campus, I am a coach at the Graduate Language Assessment and Support center and a member of Tech's student chapter of the American Institute of Professional Geologists. I also serve at St. Al's as a lector and a prayer ministry coordinator. Winter Carnival has always been a highlight of my school year, especially pulling a true All-Nighter and working until the sun rises. I am looking forward to doing the same this year and enjoying the rest of the Winter Carnival events! Thank you for your support and have a fantastic Winter Carnival!

Ambassador Nominee

Kaitlyn Black
Kaitlyn Black
Sponsors: Phi Kappa Tau

Hi and happy Winter Carnival! I’m Kaitlyn and I’m a second-year Sustainability Science and Society student from Menominee, MI (the bottom of the UP), and I am SO grateful and excited to be representing Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity this year! When I’m not in the library studying for hours on end, you can find me thrifting around town, reading, or spending time working on crafts and painting. I also really enjoy going on spontaneous adventures whenever I can, whether it be just leaving for a trip to tent camp somewhere in the Keweenaw or going cliff jumping with some friends on a day off. While at Tech I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with Delta Zeta, the Panhellenic Council, Keweenaw Youth for Climate Action, and Students for Sustainability. Since being in the Keweenaw, I’ve learned to love not only the harsh winters, but also the awesome tradition that is Winter Carnival and how it brings our entire Husky community together! I’m incredibly excited and honored that I’ve been given the chance to represent our university as an ambassador, and I can’t wait to have another exciting and fun-filled Winter Carnival! I hope to see you out in the snow (:

Ambassador Nominee

Kayla Conn
Kayla Conn
Sponsors: Beta Sigma Theta and Triangle Fraternity

I’m honored to be nominated by the brothers of Beta Sigma Theta and Triangle Fraternity to represent them in the Winter Carnival Ambassador competition. My college experience at Michigan Tech has meant the world to me and it means so much to have the opportunity to represent students, these organizations, and the university in this way. Michigan Tech has provided me countless opportunities for learning and growth, like through study abroad and involvement as an undergraduate research assistant in the department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences. I have also grown through my involvement and leadership positions in student organizations. I have been the Vice President of Membership Development and Community Service Coordinator for Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority and am currently the Vice President of Service for Order of Omega. I have also loved mentoring middle school girls with the Young Women Leaders Program. I have also held volunteer intern positions at the Barbara Kettle Gundlach Shelter Home and at Michigan Tech Counseling Services. Thank you for considering me as a Michigan Tech Winter Carnival Ambassador!

Ambassador Nominee

Lydia Savatsky
Lydia Savatsky
Sponsors: Delta Phi Epsilon and Delta Zeta

I am honored to be nominated for this competition, and I think this will be a great way to say goodbye to the Michigan Tech community which has been home to me for the past four years. Throughout my time at Tech, I’ve learned valuable lessons while impacting the surrounding community. Some of my favorite experiences have been teaching snowboarding to kids at Mont Ripley and watching them grow throughout the season as well as mentoring middle school girls while empowering them to become strong leaders. Joining Delta Phi Epsilon allowed me to gain a support system, be my authentic self, and give back to the community. Developing an organization called Tech Tutors, where Michigan Tech students can support K-12 students as they navigate online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, has been my most rewarding involvement at Tech. These experiences and many others have taught me the importance of understanding other people’s perspectives and being tenacious throughout challenging times. I am so thankful for the opportunities that I’ve had as a student at Michigan Tech, and I will cherish these memories as I take my next step in pursuing a masters degree in Business Analytics at the University of Minnesota.

Ambassador Nominee

Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith
Sponsors: Delta Upsilon and Phi Delta Chi

I love being involved. I love the community. I appreciate every opportunity of growth that my experiences here have given me, I have really enjoyed my time as a Michigan Tech Husky. Being a Winter Carnival Ambassador would be an honor to win.

Ambassador Nominee

Maddy Tata
Maddy Tata
Sponsors: Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority

Happy Winter Carnival! I am currently a third year-civil engineering student minoring in rail transportation from Linden, Michigan. I am so excited to represent Alpha Sigma Tau as a candidate for Winter Carnival Ambassador. During my time at Michigan Tech I have been able to experience so many wonderful traditions. My favorite definitely has to be broomball, and I am thrilled to be able to participate in statue this year! In my free time I love going to explore new places around the beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula, ski, bake lots of desserts, and play tennis. I have also had the privilege to be involved with the Michigan Tech Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, in which I serve as Vice President. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Winter Carnival!

Ambassador Nominee

Paige Vruwink
Paige Vruwink
Sponsors: Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Tau Gamma

Hello! I am a third-year Biomedical Engineering and Pre-Health Professions student from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. I am very excited to be representing Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Tau Gamma as a nominee for Winter Carnival Ambassador! Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to participate in a wide variety of Winter Carnival events from Stage Revue to Human Dogsled, and of course Broomball. This year, I am also a Statue Chair for my sponsoring organizations! While at Michigan Tech, I have been involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities and am currently a member of Order of Omega, Circle K International Service Organization, secretary of Women’s Leadership Council, and a Pre-Health Mentor. As a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, I have held several positions including Chapter President and now Vice President of Chapter Wellness. I enjoy the multitude of opportunities these organizations have provided me to grow academically and professionally and to give back to the community through volunteering for 31 Backpacks, Make a Difference Day, and Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. I am very thankful for my experiences so far and look forward to the future! Have a happy and healthy Winter Carnival!

Ambassador Nominee

Jessica-Ann Woodard
Jessica-Ann Woodard
Sponsors: Memorial Union Board

I should be a Winter Carnival Ambassador because I have much to offer and a lot to look forward to in the coming years at this amazing school. I take pride in everything I do and would love the opportunity to be an ambassador during this wonderful celebration of winter during this interesting year!

Schedule of Events

Student Participation

The most up-to-date sports schedules can be found on the Michigan Tech Huskies website. Watch games on Huskies Live and FloHockey.tv.

Time Event Location
January 24 12 p.m. Snow Soccer Soccer Fields
January 30 2 p.m. Snow Volleyball Recreational Sports Fields (Softball, Baseball)
February 3 All Day Winter Carnival Michigan Tech Campus
8 p.m.– 12 a.m. Karaoke Night Michigan Technological University
February 4 All Day Winter Carnival Michigan Tech Campus
10 a.m.– 4 p.m. Broomball Broomball Rinks
February 5 All Day Winter Carnival Michigan Tech Campus
10 a.m. Tug-o-War Recreational Sports Fields (Softball, Baseball)
12:30 p.m. Downhill Skiing Mont Ripley Ski Area
1 p.m. Human Dog Sled Race Recreational Sports Fields (Softball, Baseball)
3 p.m. Snowboarding Mont Ripley Ski Area
5:30 p.m. Ice Mass St. Albert the Great Ice Chapel on the Lawn
7 p.m. Ice Mass St. Albert the Great Ice Chapel on the Lawn
8:30 p.m. Ice Mass St. Albert the Great Ice Chapel on the Lawn
9 p.m.– 10 p.m. Steve-O Q&A Online
10:30 p.m. Ice Mass St. Albert the Great Ice Chapel on the Lawn
February 6 All Day Winter Carnival Michigan Tech Campus
9 a.m. Ice Mass St. Albert the Great Ice Chapel on the Lawn
10 a.m. Curling Calumet Drill House
10:30 a.m. Ice Mass St. Albert the Great Ice Chapel on the Lawn
1 p.m. Ice Mass St. Albert the Great Ice Chapel on the Lawn
February 7 2 p.m.– 4 p.m. Winter Carnival Awards Ceremony Memorial Union Building (MUB), Ballroom A1
November 5 7:07 p.m.– 10:07 p.m. (Men's Ice Hockey) Lake Superior State vs. Michigan Tech John MacInnes Student Ice Arena
November 6 6:07 p.m.– 9:07 p.m. (Men's Ice Hockey) Lake Superior State vs. Michigan Tech John MacInnes Student Ice Arena

Stage Revue

Unfortunately, Stage Revue as we've known it in the past will not be occurring this year. However, the short-form comedy/TikTok challenge under the Stage Revue mantle has received some fantastic submissions, which are live on the channel Michigan Tech Winter Carnival on Youtube. These entries will not be judged, and will instead be scored by likes, which will be recorded at 10am on Saturday, February 5th. Tell your friends, and make sure to like your favorites!

Winter Carnival Comedian

Steve-O Q&A

Come celebrate Winter Carnival with us and Steve-O! Blue Key and Late Night Programming are hosting a virtual Q&A session with the man, the myth, the legend.. Steve-O! Join us on Zoom at 9 PM on Friday, February 5th. Bring those questions you have always wanted to ask, or just hang out and hear what he has to say. You never know what could happen! You could also win a prize.

Learn more about Steve-O

Headshot of man in black tshirt

Friday, February 5 at 9 p.m.

Zoom link

Meet the Student Organizers

Blue Key Logo

Blue Key National Honor Society is an organization that strives for the goals of excellence in academics, development of leadership, and service to the community. Blue Key was established to organize and coordinate the Michigan Technological University Winter Carnival in a fair and equitable manner to serve the surrounding community. Overall, Blue Key sets standards for recognizing excellence in leadership in college activities and in scholarship.


Student Participation Forms

The rules, important dates, and contact information for every event Winter Carnival event. This rule book is your organization's guide to participation in Winter Carnival.

In order to accommodate Winter Carnival, parking lots 5, 9, and 27 will be available beginning at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, February 5, free of charge, no permits required. Lot 11 will open at 4 p.m. on Friday, February 7. There will be free parking at all metered areas.

Carnival Updates
Winter Carnival Safety

Be smart do your part to limit the spread MTU Flex Portal

Practice personal safety—be smart and do your part to keep our campus and community safe and healthy.

Thank you for joining Huskies to keep our campus and community safe by following MTU's Health and Safety protocols, including six-foot social distancing, properly worn face coverings, and using the campus symptom tracker daily before coming to campus. Find the tracker and learn more about what we're doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at mtu.edu/flex.

Temporary safety measures for Winter Carnival 2021 include no food or beverage vending during All Nighter. Indoor face-to-face events have shifted to virtual this year.

But some safety tips never change: if you're venturing out to build or view the snow statues, dress warmly—it's cold out there! Important with so many activities and people, make Winter Carnival safe and memorable.

Finally, campus visitors are reminded to complete the Visitor Symptom Tracking Form prior to their arrival on campus. Campus visitors are expected to follow the same health and safety procedures as our campus community.


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Copper ($500-$999)
Gold ($250-499)
Silver ($100-$249)
Bronze ($5-$99)

*denotes product donor

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