Industry Days

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Industry Days are fun, informal, and interactive events where you can learn about numerous and diverse industries, companies, and job positions. Industry days may help you choose your career path—find something you didn't even know about or even find out what you don't want to do. We hope industry days will inspire you to do a co-op or internship to get even more valuable experience. It'll all help you make better decisions about what you're interested in, as well as the right career path for you.

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Aerospace Day

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Automotive Day

Business Careers Day

Business Careers Day

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Construction and Building Systems Day

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Consumer Products Day

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Energy Day

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Foundry Day

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Steel Day

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Mining Day

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PCA Career Success Day

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Railroad Day

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Robotics and Control Day



"It's helpful to talk to people and find out what they are looking for."Peter Zhu
Business Careers Day and Automotive Day Attendee



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