Interviews and Informational Sessions

Career Services focuses on Customer Service for you the Employer.  We provide facilities, scheduling, and communication for our students so that you can concentrate on making hiring decisions.  You can meet with our students face-to-face in our interview rooms, via telephone or via on-line video conferencing software.  


Employers may schedule interview dates in advance by requesting schedules through HuskyJOBS.  

To minimize communication errors, scheduling and communication with students happens automatically through the system.  Some scheduling models require longer time periods (e.g. weeks) to ensure employers and students enough time to review information and make their selections to fill a schedule. 

Click here to view a list of currently scheduled interviews.

None - Room Reservation OnlyUse this model if you want a room on campus and you will be building your own schedule. (For example, you might build your own schedule following the Career Fair.)
PreselectWith this model, when students apply for your positions, you can select (invite) them to interview. The applicants must meet your criteria in order to apply.
Preselect to AlternateWith this model, when students apply for your positions, you can select (invite) them to interview. After your first-choice applicants (invited) sign up for an interview slot, your second-choice applicants (alternates) will be able to sign up. All applicants must meet your criteria in order to apply.
OpenOpen schedules allow all students who meet your selection criteria to apply for your position and sign up for an interview slot.
Preselect to OpenIf you aren't receiving enough applicants, you may choose to open up your schedule to more students after a predefined time.
Preselect to Open To AlternateUse this model if you request a schedule at least one month before your campus visit.

Informational Sessions

Informational meetings are an excellent way to cover basic information about your company the night before your interview schedule.  Coordinating your schedule through Career Services ensures that your schedule will be communicated automatically using our electronic systems around campus.

Click here to view a list of currently scheduled info sessions.

If you wish to hold an informational meeting while you are on campus, please use HuskyJOBS to request an event using these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your HuskyJOBS account
  2. Click on the "Events" tab
  3. Select the "Add New" button
  4. Complete the required information and select "Submit"
  5. When your request is processed, you will receive confirmation of your room assignment.  Included with the confirmation will be instructions for requesting catering or other additional services.

Parking: On and Off Campus

If you drive to campus, be sure to get a parking permit from Career Services. Parking on campus is at a premium and we can help you locate a place to park. Overnight parking on campus and the streets of Houghton and Hancock during the winter months is prohibited and strictly enforced from 2 to 7 a.m. If you need to park on campus overnight, please let us know.

Lunch/On-Campus Dining

Michigan Tech Dining Services offers multiple dining areas across campus for you to grab a quick snack, pick up a cup of hot coffee, or enjoy a full meal. Finding your favorite food on campus is easy, as we have a variety of brands and locations that everyone can enjoy! Coffee is also available throughout the day in the Career Services recruiter lounge.

Travel To Houghton

Houghton, MI has limited airline flight availability.  To assist with making travel arrangements, we have collected Travel Information here for your convenience.

Virtual Visits

There is no substitute for face-to-face meetings with our students.  In some cases, logistics make it difficult to achieve this objective.  If you want to meet with our students using telephone or video-over-internet capabilities, we have fully equipped offices for this task.

Several Career Services offices are equipped with telephones, computers, and webcams to facilitate these virtual meetings.  When requesting an interview room, please not this as a special requirement so that your interview will be assigned to the proper facility.

Students will have a quiet space to have a conversation with you and not be distracted by roommates or other classmates.


Email, call us at 906-487-2313, or visit Career Services for help. We are located in Room 220 of the Administration Building.

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