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Students have questions. You have answers.

  • “How has your Michigan Tech education prepared you for your career?”
  • “Where can my degree take me?”
  • “What is a typical day like at your job?”
  • “Is your career what you expected it to be?”

Be the person/mentor/connection you wish you had as a student at Michigan Tech.

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FutureU is an online platform where students can ask alumni college and career related questions.  Alumni can create a profile, give students permission to contact them, and share valuable experience and advice.

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What students are saying about FutureU

"FutureU was a great resource to connect with professionals who were once in my shoes. I felt comfortable asking them questions and their responses seemed genuine. I now feel reassured about the next four years and beyond.”

"To be able to interact with past graduates and hear about their experiences is inspirational. Trying to figure out how I want my future to look is terrifying, so being able to contact someone who has been there, figured it out, and succeeded makes me feel much better."

"I have a long way to go and the road ahead will not be easy. But after hearing from someone who has already been through college here at Michigan Tech, I am even more excited and optimistic for what I can become."