College of Business

IT Oxygen Enterprise

Fast Facts

  • As a goal-oriented enterprise, ITOxygen focuses on emerging technologies and their application to solving real world business problems.
  • All members are paid for their efforts, so you can earn money while you earn credits. We have provided full time summer cooperative positions for the past four summers.
  • Business students can pursue an Enterprise minor by completing 7 credits of Enterprise project work over 5 semesters (in addition to normal course work).
  • Past projects include:  Live sled dog tracking system, Malware Sharing Infrastructure and Android and iOS development

IT Oxygen Enterprise Program Description

IT Oxygen is a student run Enterprise Team at Michigan Technological University. We focus on developing Information System and Information Technology solutions. Our areas of expertise include systems and information analysis, software development, database development, and web-based application development. Our projects can be semester or year long, or for an even longer term.

We are a cross discipline group, drawing from multiple fields of study. Current members are from Computer Science, Computer Engineering, the College of Business and the College of Computing.

Our goal is to provide real world projects that allow our members to build leading edge software development and information technology skills that will make them more marketable when looking for jobs after graduation.

If you are interested in joining us or wish to learn more about us, please contact:  any IT Oxygen member, visit the IT Oxygen website.