Business Operations

Professional Development Reporting

We want to hear about your Professional Development!

As employees under the Vice President for Administration, we value your interest in pursuing opportunities for professional development. As one of the four Guiding Principles for the Vice President for Administration (VPA) area, we encourage all employees to seek out improvement opportunities and to work with your supervisors to find ways to grow in your field. Business Operations and the Office of Information Services has been tasked with collecting information and highlighting  employees' professional development activities. This information will be used to develop dashboards which will be published online and contribute to future announcements in Tech Today.

What counts as professional development?

Professional Development is any activity that helps an employee further their work life knowledge. Examples of professional development include (but aren't limited to):

  • taking classes
  • earning a degree
  • completing a certification
  • attending workshops or seminars
  • attending or presenting at a conference
  • acting as a principal investigator for a grant
  • serving on a professional organization board or committee

Why participate in professional development?

Professional development helps employees learn, grow, and advance in your work life as well as improves Administration services  area through increased knowledge and development of our employees.

How do I report my activities?

Please use the VPA Professional Development Tracking Form every time you participate in professional development. The activities you report should take place any time between January 1 to December 31, 2018.  Business Operations will send out monthly email reminders to help you remember.To view all  VPA professional Development data, please visit the Administration Professional Development Dashboard. If you have any questions, please contact Business Operations ( or 7-2148).

What if I don't normally participate in professional development?

There are many local opportunities for professional development that make it easier for you to participate in professional development activities. These might include

  • The biennial Technology Day, sponsored by Staff Council
  • Diversity-related trainings offered by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Mentor training offered by the WorkLife Office
  • Auxiliary Service's annual Professional Development Day
  • The UAW Certification Program
  • The biennial Professional Development Day, sponsored by Staff Council
  • Safety-related training above and beyond what is required for your job
  • Lean and process improvement training offered through the Continuous Improvement Office

If you would like assistance in locating professional development opportunities, please contact the WorkLife Connections Office at Remember that professional development activities  should be discussed with and approved by your supervisor.

Thank you for your time and effort. Your input makes a difference!