Michael D.K. Owen

Michael D.K. Owen
"Striving to better, oft we mar what's well"


  • Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Associate Chair, Agronomy Department (Iowa State University)
  • PhD, Agronomy and Weed Science, University of Illinois
  • MS, Botany and Plant Physiology, Iowa State University
  • BS, Botany, Iowa State University


Owen has studied the management, ecology and genetics of weeds with an emphasis on evolved resistance to herbicides.  He is also studying the introgression of herbicide resistance genes in crops and weedy plants.  Owen plans to study the ecology and management of invasive terrestrial plants in the Upper Peninsula.

Research Interests

  • Invasive plants
  • Herbicide resistance
  • Genetically modified crops
  • Gene introgression in plants