Senior Design Projects

In their final year, Bachelor of Science in EET majors complete either a Senior Design Project or an Enterprise project. Many of these projects are presented by students at Design Expo, an annual competition that highlights hands-on, discovery-based learning at Michigan Tech. During the event, more than a thousand students in Enterprise and on Senior Design teams showcase their work and compete for awards. Below are some of the 2022 EET Design Expo projects.

Emergency Situation Solar Generator

Drone-Based Crack Detection System

Team Members: Alexander Rogers, Josh Kiefer, and Daren Giuchin, Electrical Engineering Technology
Advisor: Ashraf Saleem, Applied Computing
Sponsor: Department of Applied Computing
Project Description: Our team was tasked with developing an affordable power source that can be resupplied via renewable solar power. The main purpose of this generator is to be deployed and used for communications and other low-voltage systems following extreme weather conditions that disable local power and disrupt the local energy supply chain.

Drone-Based Crack Detection System

Drone-Based Crack Detection System

Team Members: Eric Batz and Jason Sherred, Electrical Engineering Technology

Advisor: Ashraf Saleem, Applied Computing

Sponsor: Department of Applied Computing

Project Description: The goal of the Drone-Based Crack Detection System is to reduce the cost and risk to workers who are inspecting areas that may be unsafe. With the use of Intel RealSense, a Raspberry Pi, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the drone will be able to detect and label cracks in infrastructure. The drone will send live video feedback to the user with a screenshot to save. This data collected will be used to train the AI continuously.