CNSA Senior Projects

Graphic of a hand holding a phone.

Towards the end of their college careers, students in the Computer Network and System Administration program use their knowledge to complete a senior project. The students often take on partners from industry both to further their real world experience, and to infuse industry with the information learned in the CNSA program. Senior Project lasts for two semesters, and culminate in a final paper and presentation.

Here is a list of some past senior design projects.

  • Medical Sector Security and Assessment
    • This presentation describes research and testing of medical sector penetration, virtual honey pot security, wireless, intrusion prevention systems, and VoIP.
  • Houghton Wireless Performance and Security Project
    • This presentation provides an in-depth analysis of deploying performance-driven and secure metro-wireless within the City of Houghton, Michigan.
  • Open-Source VoIP Development
    • The Open-Source VoIP Development project details some of the advantages of using open-source VoIP products in an industry setting. The presentation also covers implementation of Asterisk and the steps taken to secure VoIP.
  • Wireless Security Development/Assessment for Campus Environment
    • Security in a typically open environment is difficult. This presentation goes through the steps taken to add authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) to a campus environment and much more.
  • Internet Worm Propagation and Prevention
    • In order to defend against internet worms, it is important to understand the history and current state of this sub-class of computer virus. The group accomplished this by recreating, testing, and benchmarking the SQL Slammer worm and the Slapper worm.