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Join us for the fourth conversation in the Tech Forward series as 14 Floors innovators and entrepreneurs come to campus to share their insights on the disruptive forces driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A panel discussion with these leaders will take place at 2 p.m. Tuesday, October 16 at the Rozsa Center. The presenters will share their views about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and discuss how they think it will change our work, communities, organizations, and economy. They also will share how they best believe Michigan Tech can prepare graduates to lead and be successful in this era.

Be a part of the conversation. What are your questions about the next industrial revolution? How can we best prepare students at Michigan Tech? Please submit your questions for the speakers by October 15.

The event will be streamed live on Tuesday, October 16. 

Panel Speakers 

 Jim Fish

Jim Fish '90 Electrical Engineering and Business Engineering Administration is an innovation consultant, and technology evangelist with roles at Wayne State University, New Hammer LLC, Lemur, and Innovatrium.




 Paul Fulton

Paul Fulton ’84 Electrical Engineering is a visionary entrepreneur and CEO - currently leading Nwave, a smart-parking pioneer. Formerly with startups Zentri and Cloudsona, Fulton also was an executive who has worked at Cisco, HP, and 3Com.



 Dave House

Dave House ’65 BS Electrical Engineering '98 Honorary Doctor of Electrical Engineering worked at Intel for 23 years, retiring as a senior vice president and general manager, before leading Bay Networks, Nortel, and Allegro - then eventually becoming the chairman of the board for Brocade Communications.



 Nick Lumsden

Nicholas Lumsden ’02 Computer Science is the vice president for product strategy and technology at Online Tech and focuses on hybrid cloud management products and services. 




 Kanwal Rekhi

Kanwal Rekhi ’69 Electrical Engineering, '97 Honorary Doctor of Engineering has a passion to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. He co-founded Inventus Capital Partners to build a leading Indo-US venture franchise.



 John Rockwell

John Rockwell ’79 Business Administration is a venture capitalist and consultant and has served as the leader of five technology companies. He is currently CEO of Accelergy Corporation.



 John Soyring

John Soyring ’76 Electrical Engineering ’06 Honorary Doctor of Engineering worked for 36 years for IBM and was involved in business leadership for the company during that time. He currently is the owner of Sisukas Consulting LLC.



14 Floors at Michigan Tech is focused on fostering entrepreneurism and high-tech innovation within the context of a global culture and economy across disciplines for students and faculty, enabled by Tech alumni.