Alumni and Friends


Members of the Alumni Board of Directors may use the following guidelines to define their involvement with the Board. The Board understands that circumstances may arise that affect a member from meeting these expectations and therefore will not use these guidelines to evaluate a Board member's performance.

  1. Participate in semi-annual meetings held at Michigan Tech during Winter Carnival and, alternating annually, during Alumni Reunion in August of even-numbered years or during Homecoming in October of odd-numbered years.
  2. Participate in Board committee. Meetings will be scheduled by the committee chair but are generally held on a monthly basis. Committee meetings are held via conference call with meeting agenda and necessary materials provided electronically in advance.
  3. Participate in Alumni events held in the area where the Board member lives.
  4. Use time and talent to advance and promote Michigan Tech
  5. Provide an annual gift to Michigan Tech to support the area of their choice.
  6. Continue to stay engaged with Michigan Tech and the Alumni after completion of term of service on the Board.
  7. Be a role model, an ambassador, and evangelist for Michigan Tech; Directors are champions of the Michigan Tech Image!
  8. Board members are responsible for covering their own travel costs and accommodations when attending meetings.