2017 ADVANCE IT Pre-proposal

The Michigan Tech PI team (Adrienne Minerick, lead PI; Jackie Huntoon, Sonia Goltz, and Patty Sotirin) submitted a preproposal for consideration in the 2017 NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation cycle: “Continuous Improvement AMP-UP Processes to Transform Leadership and Climate in STEM.” The ADVANCE Matrix Process for University Programs (AMP-UP) is an innovative approach to engage and continuously improve climate, simultaneously serving as a venue that enables leadership growth opportunities for women and traditionally underutilized individuals and equity for all faculty throughout their career trajectories. The proposed project builds on past and current university ADVANCE and Continuous Improvement (CI) initiatives. Given that a continuous institutionalized process is necessary to change entrenched masculine cultures in STEM, investment in a process is more impactful than investment in a single program. The AMP-UP process adapts CI practices to diversity challenges in faculty hiring, retention, and advancement. A pilot AMP-UP in operation since 2016 yielded preliminary evidence that this model can cultivate a participative change-oriented organization that is self-reflexive and responsive to intersectional relations across individuals, units, and disciplines. (Intersectional relations refer to dynamics of privilege and disadvantage based on memberships in overlapping underrepresented or minority groupings.) AMP-UP has also opened alternative pathways for leadership that invite further study and development.

 The preproposal was submitted April 19, 2017. The ADVANCE program will issue invitations to develop full proposals or notices of decline in June 2017.