Numerous policies were updated or developed between ~2011 and 2014. These policies and practices are outlined below along with a brief description of each.

Parental Leave

The Parental Leave Benefit is to give parents additional flexibility and time to bond with their now child, adjust to their new family situation, and balance their professional and home obligations. Paid Parental Leave - Faculty Handbook Initial version included only maternal leave. The latest revision went into effect Jan. 1, 2017 and is an inclusive Parental Leave Benefit.

Tenure Extension

A faculty member encountering disruption of professional responsibilities during the tenure probationary period, requiring extensive sick leave, unpaid leave, or a substantial formal reduction of professional responsibilities may make written request to the Provost for a one year extension of the tenure probationary period. Under this policy, an individual's tenure probationary period at Michigan Technological University may be extended by one year, or in the case of requests based on the birth or legal adoption of a child, not more than two years, total, for each child. https://www.mtu.edu/faculty-handbook/faculty/chapter2/s2-2/

Dependent Care While on Travel

Dependent care expenses above and beyond regular dependent care costs that directly result from travel on university business will be reimbursed. Reimbursement forms are available Dependent Care | Financial Services and Operations

Partner Engagement Program

We want to attract and retain exceptional faculty; our success often depends on cultivating two careers. The Partner Engagement Program was created to help spouses/partners gain knowledge about Michigan Tech, potential employment opportunities and other resources at the University and in the local area. https://www.mtu.edu/provost/programs/partner-engagement/

Lactation Rooms

Fifteen lactation and/or baby changes spaces are available across campus as shown on this map. This rapidly expanding program is championed through the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Additionally, there is a Support for Breastfeeding Mothers Program. Anyone needing space on a regular basis should talk to their supervisor since locked, private office space can be arranged.

Diversity Literacy Workshops

These workshops are a key outcome from the ADVANCE PAID initiative. They have expanded and adapted with new materials and for expanding audiences. Initially training was voluntary, then it became a requirement to serve on search committees, then to serve on P&T committees, and in some colleges continued certification is linked to merit pay determinations. Michigan Technological University| Diversity Literacy Certification and Diversity Literacy Workshop | Michigan Technological University