Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Learning FAQ


Do I have to be admitted to Michigan Tech to take an online class?

Yes. All students planning to take an online class must apply. See How to Apply for additional details.


What courses are offered online?

View our Online Courses for the most up-to-date list of courses offered online.


Can I earn a degree online?

Michigan Tech only offers online graduate degree programs. As an undergraduate or non-degree-seeking student, you can gain course credit or earn a certificate.


What is the cost of tuition?

Tuition is based on your residency. See tuition information for online learners for prospective students or current students.


When are bills due?

Tuition is billed each semester based on the current year's tuition (tuition for prospective online students and current students). View the billing schedule online.


Is financial aid available?

Non-degree-seeking and dual enrollment students are not eligible for financial aid. High school students who are Michigan residents planning to take an online math course for dual enrollment may qualify for a partial scholarship. Contact the financial aid office for details. Full-time degree seeking students can use their financial aid for online courses.


Can I take online courses at my own pace?

No. Online courses are available on regular days and times each week. The courses are NOT designed to be completed at your own pace. To succeed in an online course, you must be available on the days and during the time(s) the course meets.


When can I register for online courses?

You will be assigned a time to register for courses based on the number of credits you have completed. See the Registration Priority Schedule for more details.


How do I register for courses?

Scheduling courses is done online. Learn more about the registration process at Michigan Tech. Students taking an online course for dual enrollment will be scheduled for their course(s) by the Admissions Office.


Do I have to come to campus for my exams?

No, you are not required to come to campus. Online learning students are required to find their own proctors for exams.


What are the technology requirements for an online course?

Students must have access to a computer with reliable high-speed internet. Dial-up internet should not be used for online courses. See technical requirements for additional recommendations.


How do classes transfer to another institution?

Transfer of credit is always up to the receiving institution. Check with the school you would be transferring credit to for details.


Does the online physics course have a lab associated with it?

No. Learn more about online physics classes at Michigan Tech.