Jobs and Grad School

Jobs and Grad School

More than 64 percent of first-year students at Michigan Tech say that they plan to continue their higher education through graduate or professional school. That’s impressive—and so are their accomplishments. Here are some examples of what our incredibly smart students are doing shortly after Michigan Tech . . . 

David Michael
BS Biological Sciences/Pre-Med, 2011 graduate
Where he’s at now: Wayne State University Medical School
How he got there: After being accepted to Michigan Tech, David Michael was admitted to Wayne State’s medical school.

BS Mechanical Engineering, 2010 graduate
Where he’s at now: Pursuing his PhD at Cornell University in Mechanical Engineering
What he’s working on: Collaborative control of robot swarms.

BS Psychology, 2009 graduate
Where she’s at now: Washington University in St. Louis, Brown School of Social Work—Buder Scholar through the Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies
What she’s working on: Master in Social Work and Master in Public Health; finishing up a practicum at a small nonprofit in St. Charles, Missouri, working on program-development and advocacy for at-risk youth.

BS Biomedical Engineering, 2010 graduate
Where he’s at now: University of Michigan
What he’s doing: Eli’s research has him working in an ultrasound lab in which he uses high intensity ultrasound pulses to create cavitation to mechanically fractionate tissues. This research will allow doctors to use sound waves as a way to conduct completely non-invasive surgeries.

BS Computer Science with a minor in music, 2004 graduate
Where he’s at now: Cray Inc., The Supercomputer Company
How he got there: Following his studies at Michigan Tech, Jeffrey attended Rice University where he just completed his PhD. His research was on applying artificial intelligence to the problems of writing compilers.

These are just a few examples. Each year, hundreds of our students head to graduate school here at Michigan Tech and tons of other great schools, such as:

  • Brown University
  • Yale University
  • North Carolina State University
  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Virginia Tech University
  • Utah State University
  • Cornell University
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • University of California-Berkeley
  • Ohio State
  • Purdue
  • Clemson University
  • Rice
  • Stanford
  • Penn State
  • MIT
  • University of Michigan
  • Michigan State University