Master's in Engineering Management

College of Business students.

Earn a Bachelor's and a Master's in Five Years

Are you ready to pick up the pace and expedite your education? The Accelerated Master's Program in Engineering Management makes it possible for highly motivated students to earn both Bachelor of Science and a Master's in Engineering Management in five years of study.

A Program Like No Other

The accelerated master's degree in engineering management, a hybrid engineering-business degree, focuses on managerial knowledge, business literacy, and other relevant skills critical for successful operations in various engineering/technology-intensive industries. This accelerated degree plan allows you to combine the master's degree with any bachelor's degree offered by Michigan Tech. You may count up to 6 approved credits towards both degrees.

Learn to support engineering projects from first concept to completion. Lead research and development teams working on new products, processes, or designs, or working to improve existing ones. Achieving a master's degree in engineering management from Michigan Tech signals employers that you can contribute toward the company's strategic goals while effectively communicating and managing highly technical teams and projects.