Student Organizations

Art Revolution

The purpose of Art Revolution is to display student and local artwork throughout campus buildings to create a more hospitable and welcoming campus environment.  The organization will also support art related events and organizations on campus and will work collaboratively with these events and organizations.  Members of the organization will have the opportunity to gain leadership development by working with the campus and local community to put artwork in campus buildings.

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Audio Engineers

Established to be active in the field of Audio Engineering by participating in projects, speeches, activities, gatherings, and meetings; to be creative in the design of audio systems in all fields of Audio Engineering; the encouragement of new members into the society, to increase ideas among members; and to maintain a professional atmosphere at all times.

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Camera Club

Established to promote and interest students in photography. Traditional black and white knowledge and digital formats will be addressed.

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Established to promote closer relationships among members of the Michigan Tech Huskies Pep band through a variety of activities; provide opportunities for musical expression, leadership, fellowship, and cooperation; serve and represent The Michigan Tech Huskies Pep Band.

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Sound and Lighting Services (SLS)

Sound & Lighting Services is a student-run production company on the campus of Michigan Technological University. We fulfill the technical lighting and audio requirements for many of the shows on campus, including shows in the MUB and SDC.

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Student Theatre Association

Established to provide the opportunity for both student and community members to be involved in, learn about, and enjoy all aspects of theatre.

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Television Production

Established to produce a comedic TV show about college life titled "Colledge". Producers of the movie, "Bohemia Bust-Up," and the short sketch comedy works, "Sexual Misconduct" and "Reservered." We advance skills in writing, filming, editing, acting, teamwork, administration, and time management. The only requirement for joining is knowing how to have fun and be willing to get up in front of the camera if needed.

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The Troupe

Established to: (A) serve as a source of hilarity and amusement to our fellow students and to ourselves; (B) to perform shows, improvised and otherwise, whether formal, informal, planned or unplanned to satisfy objective A; and to contribute to the advancement of improvisational skill on a personal, local, and regional level.

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Devoted to the promotion of theatre amongst the students of Michigan Tech.

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Established to provide Michigan Technological University and the community with an alternative to ordinary commercial radio programming; provide a source of educational programming; provide students with an opportunity to participate in the operation of a radio station.

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