Web Marketing, Analytics, and Social Media

Web marketing is a rapidly expanding field with many application areas. This could include your social media presence, effective search engine optimization (SEO) principles applied to your web pages, and online advertising of your programs or services through Google AdWords, Hulu, or Facebook.

Strength in Numbers

Have you ever wondered how often people visit your website, where they live, or which pages they visited? Web analytics can answer these questions and more, and this data can help paint a picture of what is happening on your website. Armed with information, you can optimize your website and provide user-friendly content that attracts new readers.

Web Analytics=Informed Decisions

Do you send out mass or targeted emails seeking donations, applications to Michigan Tech, or another online action? Have you ever printed a program brochure or poster that includes a URL or QR code? The web team can help you track how often those URLs are being visited, or your web analytics, providing valuable information to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Contact the web team at cmshelp@mtu.edu to request access to your analytics or to have them set up on your website. If you need assistance with interpreting your website’s analytics, feel free to request a meeting.