The average student will read 7,851 web pages this year but only eight books.
The average student will read 7,851 web pages this year but only eight books.

Fun Facts

  • In 1984, there were one thousand Internet devices in existence. Today, that number tops one billion.
  • The average twenty-one-year-old has sent/received 250,000 emails and instant messages in his or her lifetime.
  • In the time it took you to read this sentence, eight blogs were created.
  • It would take 412.3 years for a single person to view all of the content on Youtube.
  • For more fun facts (and eye-opening statistics), view
    "The Machine is Us/ing Us".

Web 2.0

by Kara Sokol

Once upon a time we emailed. Now we tweet.

Still catching up to 2009 techno-speak? Tweets are comments—short, fizzy, and informative—posted on, a burgeoning text-messaging broadcasting site growing in popularity by the day. Site members "follow" fellow users to receive the links, news, and addictive third-person musings they post—and share their own.

Prefer something more community-based? Head to Facebook, where you can build a community of friends, post and view videos and photos, play games, bond over shared interests, comment on virtually everything, and reconnect with old flames, friends, family members, and football coaches.

Communication has changed. We have entered an age where text messages are sent nearly twice as often as phone calls are made, the Internet blogosphere doubles in size roughly every six months, and human web clicks top 100 billion per day. It's no longer just about finding information. There's a new blueprint being followed by today's Internet users: build communities around a common interest, share cool stuff with your friends, and talk (tweet) about
it . . . over and over.

This new age of communication is opening doors for Michigan Tech students and alumni to gather, share, and connect like never before. Whether it be through blogs, videos, or virtual communities, Techies are coming together to talk sports, relive old stories, debate the quality of this year's Winter Carnival statues . . . even profess their love for pickled eggs, pasties, and locally brewed beer.

So what's an alum to do but dive right in? Whether you're a techno-savvy whiz or a web rookie, you'll find a trove of great content—not to mention hundreds of ways to connect with others in the Michigan Tech community—in these sites. Now that's something to tweet about.


Create a profile on social networking site Facebook and start surfing the Tech fan page to find article links, photos, and campus headlines. Or join the Alumni Association's Facebook group, a community of nearly 2,000 and growing. Share stories from your years at Tech and chat with other alums . . . even show your support for local tongue-in-cheek groups like "Upper Peninsula Pickled Egg Lovers" and "We Heart Keweenaw Brewing Company."


Create a profile in one short and easy step and you’re ready to start tweeting. Become a "follower" of Michigan Tech to receive tweets about campus events, sports headlines, and cool new articles. Or just link up with fellow Tech alumni and students and follow one another.

iTunes U

Attend academic lectures and even commencement, all from the comfort of your home office. With iTunes U, users can view classroom podcasts on a variety of subjects—from Kurt Paterson’s teachings about sludge water treatments to Robert Nemiroff’s introduction to astronomy. Download for free right into your iTunes library, click "play," and you’re officially back in school.


"A bit wacky. Definitely crazy. Always fun." So says Assistant Director of Admissions Kyle Rubin about Winter Carnival. We say the same about his weekly blog, which documents all things Michigan Tech. Follow Kyle’s adventures and enjoy his lighthearted take (and scenic photography) on campus events, local weather, outdoor recreation—even an ode to the husky, "the cutest mascot ever."


Missed this year’s Winter Carnival? Not a problem—just head to Flickr, where you’ll find a great stash of statue shots. Download and print your favorites and read and post photo comments—you’ll feel like you were there.