4,200 Jobs, $448 Million: New Study Shows Michigan Tech's Impact on State Economy

Michigan Tech created about 4,200 jobs and generated $448 million in spending in the state of Michigan in 2016, delivering a nearly 10:1 rate of return on every dollar the state invests in it, according to an economic impact study released today.

The study by Anderson Economic Group (AEG) also finds that each of Michigan’s 83 counties benefits financially from the University, with Houghton County, where the institution is located, accounting for almost 30 percent of the overall effect. 

Commissioned by Michigan Tech, the report uses data primarily drawn from the 2016 fiscal year to show how University operations, alumni earnings and student spending inject hundreds of millions into Michigan’s economy. The report also highlights $72.5 million in research and development activities that contribute to the state’s fiscal health.

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Web Series Seeks Talent for Aug. 11 Filming

The filmmakers behind the Michigan-based Northbound series are seeking actors to be extras in an upcoming film shoot at the Great Lakes Research Center (GRLC) on the Michigan Tech campus.

Auditions can be done either by submitting a video or in person at the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts. In-Person auditions will be done on Sunday (July 22), in room 120 at the Rozsa Center.

The actual filming will take place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 11. The GLRC will be portrayed as a medical research facility. The extras will be playing a large group of characters who die, after a mysterious outbreak.

The team is looking for 25 to 30 extras in total. Three will be interacting with the main actors, without dialogue. An additional four actors are needed to play military guards, and will be needed between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Aug. 11. The majority of extras will play doctors, nurses or lab technicians. All adults are welcome to audition. There are no age or gender preferences. 

Northbound is a post-apocalyptic webseries made in the Upper Peninsula, that began in early 2014. To date, there are two seasons currently available exclusively on the online streaming platform Seeka TV, which you can view for free by clicking this link.

The upcoming shoot is intended for the first episode of Season 3, which will also be the final season of the series, and will lead into a feature film called Northstar. This is a community-driven project that has found an audience around the world. The filmmakers are seeking actors to become part of their ongoing effort to bring the UP to a wider audience. 

How to Audition:

  • Send a Video
    • Fill out a Talent Form by Sunday (July 22)
    • The form requires an upload of a MP4 video – deadline 5 p.m. Sunday (July 22)
    • You may use the scene provided, or use your own material, so long as the video is no longer than 1 minute.
  • Audition in Person
    • Fill out a Talent Form by Sunday (July 22)
    • You will be sent a 30-minute audition slot between 3 - 5 p.m. Sunday (July 22), in Rozsa 120 (choir room)
    • Using the provided scene, you will read or improvise for a video recording.

For more information, email Patricia Helsel.


Michigan Tech alumna Raine Gardner is one of the recipients of the 2018 Young Professional of the Year Awards by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). 

Gardner is senior project engineer with MSA Professional Services, Inc., of Baraboo, Wisconsin. Read more on the ACEC website.


Break to Educate with Sponsored Programs Today

Sponsored Programs invites you to a "Break to Educate" session. This event will take place at 10:30 a.m. today (July 18) in the Commons Area of the Memorial Union Building. 

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Important Notice to Panopto Huskycast Users

At 8 p.m. (EDT) Friday (July 20), the Panopto-Huskycast system will require all Panopto recorder clients to be upgraded to version 5.6 or above. After Friday, users on earlier recorder versions will be prompted to upgrade and will be unable to upload new recordings until they have upgraded. You can upgrade your Panopto recorder application links to an external site anytime before the deadline. Administrator rights to install software are required for this upgrade. Contact Michigan Tech IT or call 7-1111 with questions or if you need assistance in upgrading Panopto recorder on your computer.


I-Corps Workshop Announced for August

The Michigan Tech I-Corps Site Program and the Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship will be hosting its next NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Workshop beginning in August. Dates for the upcoming workshop are tentatively scheduled for August 2, 9, 16 and 23.

Apply today for this great experience. For more information on the Michigan Tech I-Corps Site Program, or to apply for the August workshop, visit our I-Corps page.

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Keweenaw Geoheritage Tours

Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula is a place of natural beauty with a fascinating mining history. Join local experts Bill Rose (GMES) and Erika Vye (GMES) in reading the landscape to learn how the Copper Country came to be the way it is today. Each one-day field trip explores one of four major events in Earth’s history that make up the strong geoheritage of the Keweenaw:

  • Saturday (July 21): Lavas and the Keweenaw Rift
  • Monday (July 23): Keweenaw Fault
  • Tuesday (July 24): Jacobsville Sandstone
  • July 25: Mining Sands of Lake Superior Today
  • July 26: Keweenaw Glacial Geology
  • July 30: New Geotrip to Huron Bay and Huron Islands

Participants can expect to cover a lot of ground and be outside all the time. Travel is a combination of van transport, short walks and trips aboard Michigan Tech’s research vessel, the Agassiz.

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In Print

Silke Feltz, a PhD candidate in Humanities, has published a book review of "The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics," by Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson and Tyler Doggett (Editors) in Metapsychology Online Reviews.

In the News

Michigan Tech Women's Basketball Coach Sam Hoyt was the subject of the article "Former Durand star Hoyt brings workhorse mentality to Michigan Tech job," in the Leader Telegram.


An article written by Joshua Pearce (MSE/ECE) was reprinted by khou.com, the Times Union, Financial Sense, World News and several other media outlets.


An article written by Michigan Tech alumnus Wally Kessler, "Fire Retardant Coatings: Answers to Your Burning Questions," appeared in Prospector.


The Michigan Tech trail system was mentioned in the article "The Top 6 Secret Mountain Bike Destinations in the US," in Bicycling.