Michigan Tech Partners in Huge Energy Reduction Initiative

Michigan Tech is one of 85 partners in a U.S. Department of Energy-funded $70 million energy-saving project called the REMADE (Reducing Embodied-energy and Decreasing Emissions) Institute. 

The project’s goal is to drive down the cost of technologies needed to reuse, recycle and remanufacture materials such as metals, fibers, polymers and electronic waste.  

Ultimately REMADE hopes to achieve a 50 percent improvement in overall energy efficiency by 2027.

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Volunteers for New CMS Templates

As a part of our ongoing brand initiative, we have released a new CMS template. More than half our websites have switched and we will be working through the rest of the conversions this semester as we approach our May 12 deadline.

Feedback has been very positive and analytics show an increase in traffic to the upgraded websites coupled with increased quality metrics. Advanced testing shows that our new header shortcuts and search format have been well-received.

Part of the technology upgrade includes turning off the duplicated content on the m.mtu.edu server. We no longer need a mobile domain because our new template is responsive. We will tentatively turn off m.mtu.edu during spring break (week of March 5).

If you have upgraded already, your site will not be affected. If you have yet to upgrade, your desktop website will show up on mobile devices until your upgrade is complete.

If you have not yet volunteered to upgrade your CMS website, contact jcvertin@mtu.edu or 7-3635 and we will get you started.

Employee Wellness Benefits

Need help making healthy changes such as managing your weight, lowering your stress levels, stopping smoking and more? Employee Wellness has you covered.

Quit the Nic will help you acquire self-management behaviors and coping skills with assistance from a health coach over a 12-month period.

HuskyPAW provides incentives, such as tickets to Michigan Tech sporting events and additional TechFit money, to employees who participate in wellness programs and track their physical activity participation or nutrition.

SWEAT is a wellness program designed to assist you in getting and staying active in a variety of ways. Win by Losing, our 9-week weight loss challenge, begins in February.

Northstar Employee Assistance Program offers eligible faculty and staff, and their spouses and dependents, up to eight free counseling sessions per person each year. Their confidential services can help manage issues that may be impacting your personal and work life. Northstar EAP's areas of expertise include stress, depression, family and marital issues, work relationships, alcohol and substance abuse and grief.

Check out our website, Wellness Benefits at Michigan Tech, to learn more about these programs and other benefits available to assist you.

Inauguration Day Talk to Focus on US-Russia Relations

As Donald J. Trump is poised to become the 45th President of the United States Friday, questions about the future of relations between the United States and Russia abound.
The Social Science Speaker Series presents "From Russia, with What? Thoughts on the Future of US-Russia Relations," by Roman Sidortsov (SS) at 4 p.m. Friday (Jan. 20) in the Memorial Union Alumni Lounge B. 
President Obama’s second term has been marked by deteriorating relations between the U.S. and the Russian Federation, culminating in the latter’s alleged interference in the 2016 presidential elections. 
Interactions between the two countries have now reached perhaps their most hostile point since the end of the Cold War. In contrast, President-Elect Donald Trump has struck a reconciliatory tone toward Russia and its leadership, and has signaled a potential reestablishing of ties. 
Sidortsov, who was educated in both Russia and the United States, draws on his six years of research in the Russian energy sector in the context of Arctic oil and gas to offer insights on the origin of the current escalation and likely scenarios for its continued development.
Sidortsov has a diverse international background as an educator, researcher, consultant and practicing attorney. He has practiced law in Russia as in-house counsel for an American non-profit organization and in the United States as a transactional attorney. Throughout his career, he has consulted for various international companies on issues involving foreign and comparative law and policy.

Sidortsov’s research focuses on legal and policy issues related to the development of sustainable energy systems, energy security and justice, comparative and international energy law and policy, energy geopolitics, risk governance in the energy sector and Arctic energy development with a special emphasis on the Russian Federation, Norway and the United States. 

C-Cubed Week 2

Join the C-Cubed (Conversation, Community, Collegiality) University lunches. They are offered from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. every Thursday and Friday throughout the school year in the Memorial Union Alumni Lounge.

Lunch is $10 (cash, credit and C-Cubed Gift Certificates accepted); attendees may bring their own lunch instead of purchasing the buffet. Coffee, tea, fruit-infused water, cookies and fruit are available for all. Faculty and staff, along with their guests, are invited.

Soup and Sandwich Japanese Style
Chicken Katsu Sando
Yakisoba Sando (V)
Miso Soup (V)

A Greek menu featuring:
Maroulosalata (Classic Greek Lettuce Salad) (VE) 
Pastitsio (GF)
Pasta with feta, tomatoes and white beans (V, GF)

V — Vegetarian, VE — Vegan, GF — Gluten Free

Send any suggestions to Christina Fabian or fill out a feed-back form online.

"Fires in the Mirror" Play Read-Through Today

How can these things happen? A child is hit by a car while playing on the sidewalk. In retaliation, a young man is stabbed to death. A community turns inward upon itself, neighbor set against neighbor. Can an out-of-balance world be set right?

Anna Devere Smith interviewed members of Brooklyn's Crown Heights Community and using their own words assembled a retelling of their solemn road from hate and violence to understanding. At once poignant and colored by powerful feelings, "Fires in the Mirror" is an unusual evening of theatre exploring intersections such as identity, bias, race and religion to take us to the heart of disaster and understanding and bringing us home safe.

The Visual and Performing Arts Department is looking for a diverse cast that are interested in auditioning for the play. There will be a read-through of portions of the script at 5 p.m. today (Jan. 17) in the McArdle Theatre (second floor of the Walker Arts and Humanities Center).

Many of the primary characters are African-American, however we are looking for 6-10 actors of various ages, ethnic backgrounds and religions. All persons are welcome to the read-through as we attempt to gauge interest. No previous acting experience is required. For more information contact Roger Held (VPA).

This Week in Husky Sports


• Huskies Drive Time, 7:30-8 a.m. 93.5 FM 

• Women's Basketball vs. Northwood, 5:30 p.m. at SDC Gym. Local radio on 93.5 FM 

• Men's Basketball vs. Northwood, 7:30 p.m. at SDC Gym. Local radio on 93.5 FM 

• Hockey vs. Minnesota State, 7:07 p.m. at MacInnes Student Ice Arena. Local radio on 93.5 FM 

• Nordic Skiing at Telemark Central Super NCAA/JNQ Series (Cable, Wis.)
• Women's Basketball vs. Lake Superior State, 1 p.m. at SDC Gym. Local radio on 93.5 FM 
• Men's Basketball vs. Lake Superior State, 3 p.m. at SDC Gym. Local radio on 93.5 FM
• Hockey vs. Minnesota State, 7:07 p.m. at MacInnes Student Ice Arena. Local radio on 93.5 FM (Skate with the Huskies after the game)

• Nordic Skiing at Telemark Central Super NCAA/JNQ Series (Cable, Wis.)

Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar Event

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar Series Spring 2017 event will be held from 3 to 4 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27 in Dow 642.
Yanhua Li will present "Managing and Making Sense of Big Data From Urban Networks." 
Li is assistant professor in the department of computer science and data science program, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).
The urban network infrastructure has undergone a fast development and expansion over recent years, which increasingly generates an immense amount of big data, such as human mobility data, human transaction data, regional weather data, etc. These brings new challenges in data management and convey rich information about a city and can enable intelligent solutions to solve various urban challenges, such as urban facility planning, air pollution, etc.
In this talk, Li will present his work on managing and analyzing urban network data that enable smart city operation systems and improve peoples' life quality. Going beyond the existing fixed route model in public transits and point‐to‐point model in private transits, the first work introduces a hybrid hub‐and‐spoke transit system for urban transportation, that requires less routes than private transits, thus improves the efficiency of using transportation resources and increase the occupation rate; and it requires less stops/transfers than existing public transits to save on trip time.

Physics Colloquium Graduate Presentations

There will be three graduate presentations at the Physics Colloquium at 4 p.m. Thursday (Jan. 19) in Fisher 139.

Jinlin Zhang will present "Nonlinear Optical Properties of Spiral and Vertical MoS2 Nanosheets," Mohammad Teimourpour will present "Non-hermitian Engineering of Single Mode Two Dimensional Laser Arrays" and Binita Hona will present "Study of High Energy Gamma Rays from the Cygnus Region with HAWC Data."

Job Postings

Job Postings for Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Staff and faculty job descriptions are available in the Human Resources Department. For more information regarding staff positions call 7-2280 or email jobs@mtu.edu.

For more information regarding faculty positions contact the academic department in which the position is posted.

Executive Assistant, Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics. Apply online.

Custodian (12 months/20 hours/ 2nd Shift), SDC Building Operations. AFSCME Posting 1/17/2017-1/23/2017. External applicants will not be reviewed until after all internal applicants. Apply online. 

Facilities Helper, Facilities. AFSCME  Posting 1/17/2017-1/23/2017. External applicants will not be reviewed until after all internal applicants. Apply online.

Michigan Technological University is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution/Equal Opportunity Employer, which includes providing equal opportunity for protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.  

In the News

Jonathan Robins (SS) was interviewed by investigative reporter Peter Guest for a story in Raconteur Magazine on the growth of oil palm plantations in Southeast Asia. Robins discusses factors which contributed to the emergence of palm oil as the most important fat in the global food system.

You can read the article on medium.com.


Vitamins in tears may be an alternative to invasive bloodwork demonstrated by research led by Adrienne Minerick (ChE, CoE) and Maryam Khaksari (ChE, ChARM Lab).

Several science news outlets covered the story including Fit Pregnancy and Baby, TechCentury and Counsel & Heal. A number of science blogs also picked up the story: Bioscience Technology, BioSpace, Bionity.com and ScienMag.


WLUC-TV6 broadcast a news story about Michigan Tech's recent rise in various rankings.