A Thanksgiving Tale: EMT College Student Saves His Fatherís Life

At first, Mario Calabria thought it was a joke. The whole family was mountain biking on the Tech Trails, riding slowly on a flat part of the trail, when his father suddenly fell off his bike, hitting a tree as he slumped to the ground.  Mark Calabria was a fit 56 and an active outdoorsman. "I thought he was messing with us, pretending to be someone who didn't know how to ride a bike," Mario recalls.

Then the fourth-year mechanical engineering student noticed that his father’s eyes had rolled back into his head.

As his younger sisters screamed, Mario transformed into something he had spent 224 hours training to become: an emergency medical technician. Within 30 seconds, he had his brother’s girlfriend calling 911; he found a map posted on a tree and identified exactly where on the Trails they were; he called Travis Pierce, assistant director of the Michigan Tech Emergency Medical Services (as well as Mario’s mentor and friend).

Within two minutes, he had checked his father’s pulse, found that he didn’t have one, flipped him over and started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

As he compressed his father’s chest, he kept saying, “I love you, Pops. Stay with me.”

After about three minutes of CPR, Mark Calabria started breathing. “We got him back; we got him back,” Mario exclaimed to his mother, Marie, who had been helping her husband try to breathe.  

But he’d spoken too soon. With a deep gasp, Mark stopped breathing.

Meanwhile, 911 dispatch had put out a call to Tech EMS. Pierce picked up three team members he saw as he was racing toward the Tech Trails, and two other teams headed for the scene as well. Within 11 minutes of the 911 call, six EMTs from Tech EMS and Michigan Tech police officers were at the head of the Homestead Loop of the Nara Tech Trails, a hilly, muddy section that was extremely difficult to reach.

Ross Michaels, a Tech student, EMS lieutenant and one of Mario’s best friends, took over CPR as EMS Director Jon Stone prepared an automated external defibrillator (AED), used to shock a heart back into a regular rhythm.

The emergency medical technicians soon realized that they were facing another life-threatening problem. Mark’s windpipe was starting to swell. He needed to be intubated, so any further swelling would not close his airway.

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An Open Letter to the Michigan Tech Campus Community

A group of faculty convened last Tuesday evening and decided we would like to make a public statement affirming our commitment to the stated values of Michigan Tech. This letter will be published in print and on-line editions of the Lode. I invite you to join us in signing the statement below. 
An Open Letter to the Michigan Tech Campus Community:
In this historical moment, we as Michigan Tech faculty want to reaffirm our commitment to the vision and mission of this University. We stand by a vision of Tech as a global institution that promotes a shared world in which justice, sustainability and prosperity are real possibilities for everyone. We find inspiration in our students and hope to inspire them in turn to create this future. We commit ourselves to addressing the challenges of our country and the world through innovative, interdisciplinary and engaged scholarship, research and educational practices that give every student and every teacher abundant opportunities to learn. In all aspects of our roles as Michigan Tech faculty, we promote mutual respect, inclusivity and dialogue and we seek to sustain a culture of collegiality, safety, support and openness across diverse perspectives, traditions and identities. 
Sarah A. Green, Chemistry
Nancy Langston, Department of Social Sciences and School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

Diane Shoos, Humanities

Patricia Sotirin, Humanities

Ann Brady, Humanities

Stephanie Carpenter, Humanities

Kelly Boyer Ontl, Social Sciences

Faith A. Morrison, Chemical Engineering

Josh Loar, Visual and Performing Arts

Noel Urban, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Susanna Peters, Social Sciences

Kathy Halvorsen, Social Sciences/School of Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences

Carol MacLennan, Social Sciences

David Watkins, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lynn Mazzoleni, Department of Chemistry

Libby Meyer, Visual and Performing Arts

Scott Marratto, Humanities

Richelle L Winkler, Social Sciences    

Claudio Mazzoleni Physics 

Add your signature through this link.

Continuous Improvement Connection

We are all anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving break. It is definitely deserved here on Michigan Tech's campus where every student has been working tirelessly all semester. The holiday season is hectic as it is, not to mention the added factors of packing, homework and traveling that has to be done.

In the Office of Continuous Improvement we know that cramming all of the prep work, R&R and food you can muster into the short 10 day break can be difficult for anyone. The best way to manage such an extensive list of tasks is to use continuous improvement tools such as the Affinity Diagram which allow you to easily visualize all that needs to be done. When everything is out in the open, it makes it much harder to lose track of all the little details. If you get all that you need to complete, feel free to check out the Lean Library before heading home for some great over-break reading on quality management and lean culture. Don't get overwhelmed by the season, this is a time to relax. Enjoy your break, Huskies.

To learn more about Lean and continuous improvement, check out the Office of Continuous Improvement webpage or contact us at 7-3180 or improvement@mtu.edu.

Century II Campaign Endowed Equipment Fund (C2E2) Awards Announced

Vice President for Research, David Reed, has awarded the following Century II Campaign Endowed Equipment Fund (C2E2) awards at the recommendation of the C2E2 Committee.

  • Jeremy Littlefield (VPA)—Air Quality Control Equipment Acquisition for the Department of Visual and Performing Arts and Rozsa Scene Shop
  • Sarah Scarlett (SS)—Mobilizing Historical Geospatial Research, Teaching, and Community Engagement
  • Xiaoqing Tang (Bio Sci)—Acquiring Whole Slide Scanner
  • Scott Kuhl (CS)—Affordable HMDs to Support Research, Education, and Outreach
  • Beth Veinott (CLS)—Eye Tracker for Cognitive Research in Real, Virtual, and Hybrid Environments
  • Daisuke Minakata (CEE)—Biogas (Anaerobic Digestion) Project
  • Jennifer Becker (CEE)—Outfitting a Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory for Waterborne Pathogen Research
  • Mary Raber (Pavlis Honors College)—MakerSpace: Facilitating Self-motivated Innovators

The vice president for research would like to thank the review committee members for their participation in this internal award process.

For additional information on the C2E2 opportunity, visit C2E2.

Shuttle Service During Thanksgiving Break

The Transportation Services shuttle will operate from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. today through Wednesday and will not operate during University-closed holidays.

In addition to its regular route, the shuttle will stop at the Lakeshore Center hourly.

The City of Houghton shuttle does not operate during University breaks. For questions, contact Angie Kolehmainen at 7-3288.


Karyn Ross Presents on Lean Office and Service

Karyn Ross, co-author of "The Toyota Way to Service Excellence: Lean Transformation in Service Organizations," will give a presentation on Lean Office and Service followed by a question and answer session from 2 to 3 p.m. today (Nov. 21) in the Van Pelt and Opie Library's East Reading Room.


Special Operating Hours Over Thanksgiving Break

The University will be closed on the following days:

  • Thanksgiving Day – Thursday (Nov. 24)
  • Day after Thanksgiving – Friday (Nov. 25)

Business Operations has posted the departmental hours of operation during the Thanksgiving break on their website.

This will be updated regularly prior to Nov. 23. If your department has not yet submitted your special operating hours, do so using the google form posted on the website. For questions, contact Business Operations at 7-2148.


Day-Before Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Sale

Dining services is holding their annual Day-Before Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Sale.

The delicious 10-inch homemade pumpkin pies sell for $4.75 (this includes sales tax) and can be ordered by emailing bake@mtu.edu. All orders must be placed by tomorrow (Nov. 22).
You may pick up and pay for your pies in the Memorial Union Food Court from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday (Nov. 23).
Upcoming Annual Security Training for Employees
Michigan Tech is required by federal and state regulations to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information, as well as conduct annual information security awareness training. As part of an effort to comply with these requirements, the University has created an online Information Security and Awareness Training Program to assist you in understanding the importance of information security and privacy and your role in keeping the University's sensitive information safe.
For more information, read previous Tech Today article.


Faculty/Staff Parking Permits Valid Through 2017

In the past, renewing your parking permit was something you had to do every year as one step of the open enrollment process. Last year, Transportation Services implemented the two-year parking permit. These faculty/staff permits are valid until Dec. 31 2017. 

For more information, read Tech Today post.

In the News

The Wall Street Journal published an article about Handshake, career software developed by Michigan Tech students and alumni. Handshake has raised $20 million in capital and is now being used at 170 colleges and universities, including Michigan Tech.

IT Connect

What to do When the Screen on a Classroom Computer is Locked

Trying to log into a classroom computer with a locked screen can be frustrating when you are trying to teach a class. While it might be tempting to simply reboot the machine, give us a call at 7-1111 on the classroom phone. We can remotely access the computer and unlock the screen. Not only will this save you the wait time of the reboot, but you’ll avoid disrupting any lecture capture that might be recording.
If you have any questions about how we can help you with classroom technology, contact us at it-help@mtu.eduor call 7-1111. We are here to assist you.