Janet Hayden Named Executive Director for Risk Management and Compliance Oversight

Michigan Technological University President Glenn Mroz announced that Janet Hayden, the University’s director of risk management, has been named executive director for risk management and compliance oversight.

The appointment was effective July 1. The new role will primarily focus on two important areas—risk management and compliance oversight.

In risk management, Hayden will continue to implement effective risk financing, loss control and claims management. In addition, she will provide leadership in continuing to build and strengthen the University’s overall compliance oversight.

In her newly-expanded position, Hayden will now oversee the monitoring efforts to ensure the University is in compliance with a broad spectrum of legal, regulatory and accreditation related obligations.

Mroz says the goal of integrating risk management and compliance oversight under one umbrella is to operate more efficiently, enable effective information sharing, report activities more effectively, and reduce redundancy and overlap.

Mroz says Hayden has proven she is uniquely qualified for new role. “With more than 20 years in the role of risk manager Janet has certainly proved herself capable of executing the duties of this position. She brings a wealth of experience and professionalism.”

Calling it an “exciting opportunity,” Hayden is embracing her expanded role. 

“I look forward to working with the campus community to address the ever-changing risk and compliance landscape,” she says.

Hayden has served on the Michigan Universities Self-Insurance Corporation’s (MUSIC) board of directors since 1996 and currently serves as MUSIC’s vice president, sitting on various committees. She will assume the organization’s presidency next month.

She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Michigan University and is a certified risk manager.

Hayden will report to Vice President for Administration Ellen Horsch.




Parking Lots 21/26 Closed Beginning 4 p.m. Today

Due to a scheduled event, lots 21 and 26 will be closed after 4 p.m. today (July 11) until 6 p.m. tomorrow (July 12). Plan accordingly for the lot closure.

New ATM in the Library

The Michigan Tech Employees Federal Credit Union has placed an ATM in the lobby of the Van Pelt and Opie Library. Access is available during library hours.

Italian Cuisine at Khana Khazana

Tastes of Italy are on tap at Friday's Khana Khazana. Serving will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the food trailer in the MUB Circle across from the Library. 

The menu includes:

  • Pasta with Chicken—chicken breast with mushroom, cheese and Alfredo sauce served over pasta
  • Veggie Pasta—fried mixture of green bean, carrot and mushroom with Alfredo Sauce taste.
  • Eggplant Gratin—baked side dish of eggplant, bell pepper, onion, tomato, basil and cheese
  • Panna Cotta—traditional Italian custard with milk, cream, coffee and vanilla.

Cost is $6.95 for the full meal. Like the Khana Khazana at Michigan Tech Facebook page.

Continuous Improvement Connection

The Fourth of July has come and gone with a splendid four-day display of fireworks, food and fun. In its wake is a lot of catching up to do, deadlines to meet and cleaning to be done. 

But the late nights and good times don't have to put you behind.

The Office of Continuous Improvement strives to spend less time worrying about what needs to be done and getting frazzled that everything is out of place through the use of personal lean tools and standardized work.

Spend more time doing things the right way the first time this summer by checking out our Lean Library for books like "The Innovators Toolkit" and "Lean for Dummies" for tips and tricks on how to get organized. 

Enjoy the sunshine the rest of this summer. To learn more about Lean and continuous improvement, check out the Office of Continuous Improvement webpage or contact us at 7-3180 or improvement@mtu.edu.

In the News

The New York Times published an article by Humanities alumna Roxane Gay about the police killing of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Read the article here.


The Detroit Free Press published an op-ed by mechanical engineering alumnus Hajj Flemings, a reflection on what it means to be black in America. Read the story here.


Amy Marcarelli's Unscripted story was featured as the video of the day on NSF's Science360 homepage.


IPS Seeking Family to Host German Exchange Student

International Programs and Services is looking for a host family for an exchange student from Germany to Michigan Tech for the Fall 2016 semester. If you or someone you know is the perfect family to host and share American cultural experiences with this student, fill out the application to apply. 
For additional information see the original Tech Today story

IT Connect

We know that forgetting your Michigan Tech password can be frustrating. Just remember you can now add a mobile number to your mylogin profile or set up secret questions. In the future, this will allow you to change your password at mylogin.mtu.edu. In the past, you would have needed to contact Michigan Tech IT to get this changed. With a couple proactive steps, you can now do it yourself without the extra hassle of contacting someone.

Simply login and update your mobile number under My Profile. If you would like to set up secret questions, you can do this as well by choosing the Set Up Secret Questions tab.

For more information about resetting your password, click here. Details can be found at the bottom of the page. If you have any other questions regarding password resets, contact us at it-help@mtu.edu or call 7-1111.