Michigan Tech's Accreditation Continued

After review of a "Year 4 Assurance Argument," the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has approved continuing Michigan Tech's accreditation, with an interim report to be submitted by the University in July 2018. The assurance review is part of Michigan Tech's 10-year Open Pathway accreditation process.

The HLC is the official accrediting body for colleges and universities in 19 midwest and south-central states. It offers three "pathways" to accreditation. Michigan Tech has chosen to participate in the open pathway, which gives institutions independence to pursue improvement projects that are geared toward their current needs and aspirations.

"Assembling the Assurance Argument was a major undertaking, and I appreciate the efforts of our former Associate Provost Christa Walck, who worked with everyone on campus to prepare the document and supporting materials," said Provost Jackie Huntoon. "She also is responsible for developing and implementing the assessment program we are now using, and it is a firm foundation on which we can build for the future. Assessment and the use of assessment data for continuous improvement are areas of great interest to the HLC."

A team of HLC reviewers examined Tech's Assurance Argument, asked clarifying questions and presented their conclusions in an evaluation report. Recommendations included developing goals and assessments for graduate programs and establishing a process for regular program review with external visits for all undergraduate and graduate programs. The reviewers also asked the University to demonstrate that it is using the results of assessment to improve degree programs.

As part of its Open Pathway accreditation process, Michigan Tech will propose and complete a "Quality Initiative" reflecting the University's concerns and aspirations. According to the HLC, a Quality Initiative is intended to enable institutions to "take risks, aim high and learn from partial success or even failure."

Tech is currently participating in the HLC's Assessment Academy, one way the University can fulfill its Quality Initiative. The Assessment Academy provides personalized guidance to universities on assessment and continual improvement processes.

"By participating in the Assessment Academy, Michigan Tech will have the opportunity to work with other universities and HLC representatives to evaluate our current assessment program and identify ways to make it more efficient and effective in the future," said Associate Provost Jean Kampe.

The HLC's next accreditation evaluation will be during the 2021-2022 academic year. It includes a site visit by the HLC review team.

University-Wide MLC Membership

Through the Office of Continuous Improvement, Michigan Tech has an enterprise membership to the Michigan Lean Consortium (MLC). Membership allows everyone at the University to be a member of the MLC and receive the discounted membership rate for MLC events for the next year. Included in the membership, you will also receive members-only access to their website that includes presentations from past events. See the full list of benefits here

If you would like to be listed as a member and have access to member-only benefits from the MLC, send an email to Brenda Randell. Use the subject line "MLC Membership." You will then receive login information from the MLC within a couple of days.

Benefit/Moment of Silence for Ecuador

Last Saturday, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the central coast of Ecuador. The quake had a depth of nearly 12 miles. Several aftershocks, some as strong as magnitude 5.6, followed. It is believed that more than 500 lives have been lost and many are still missing. 
There will be two events on campus to remember the people of Ecuador and help relief effort. 
NOSOTROS will be selling Ecuadorian food from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. today in the MUB Food Court. Funds raised will support UNICEF efforts for relief and aid to victims. The cost is $7 for a full meal plus fountain drink. 
Join Michigan Tech students and community members in a moment of silence for the victims of the earthquake in Ecuador at noon tomorrow (April 22) in front of the Van Pelt & Opie Library by the bronze Husky Statue.
Students will also have a table at the Husky Statue to raise money for the Red Cross of Ecuador to provide clean drinking water for the victims. 
Come support our community as we stand united with the world in mourning the lives lost in the earthquake. 

Hands-on Short Courses Offered

Two short courses (2.5 days in duration) are being offered this summer in track A.

Both courses include laboratory components with a format that mixes traditional lecture and group discussion with hands-on experiments conducted in powertrain test-cells and through driving vehicles on the road. The courses will be available to all Michigan Tech graduate students and undergraduate seniors. Both courses are one credit.

Information about the courses can be found when searching courses on Banweb. Course descriptions are as follows:

SI Engines-Their Operation & Control

This course will cover the following topics as they relate to modern Spark Ignition engines:

  • Introduction to SI Engines and operational characteristics; Torque, Power, MEP, Fuel Consumption, Efficiency, Pressure/Volume Diagrams, etc.
  • SI Engine Regulations/ Emissions/Fuel Economy
  • Engine Cycle Fundamentals; 2/4 stroke, Miller, Atkinson, etc.
  • SI Engine Combustion Support Systems; Fuel (injection, mixture preparation, fuel properties), Air (boosting, mixture motion, EGR, etc.) & Exhaust
  • SI Engine Response Characteristics; A/F, Fuel Type, Valve Timing, Combustion Phasing
  • SI Engine Control; Throttle, Ignition Timing/knock, Valve Actuation, Fuel Injection, Air Charging, Dilution, etc.
  • SI Engine Emissions and Aftertreatment
  • Introduction to SI Engine Simulation
  • Special Considerations; Cold Start, On-Board Diagnositcs, Pre-Ignition

Topics will be covered through a mix of lecture, hands-on experimentation, group discussions and group data analysis.

Diesel Engines-Their Combustion and Operation

This course will cover the following topics as they relate to modern diesel engines:

  • Introduction to Diesel Engines and operational characteristics; Torque, Power, MEP, Fuel Consumption, Efficiency, Pressure/Volume Diagrams, etc.
  • Fuels and Thermochemistry
  • Diesel Engine Regulations/Emissions/Fuel Economy
  • Diesel Combustion System Architecture
  • Diesel Fuel Injection Systems; pumps, injectors, spray and atomization
  • Diesel Air Charging Systems; Boost, EGR, Intercooling, etc.
  • Diesel Combustion
  • Energy Balance and Heat Transfer
  • Diesel Engine Control/Torque to Fuel
  • Diesel Engine Emissions and Their Control (Engine-Out and Aftertreatment)
  • Introduction to Diesel Engine Simulation
  • Advanced Diesel Engine Concepts

Topics will be covered through a mix of lecture, hands-on experimentation, group discussions and group data analysis. Both courses will be delivered from the Michigan Tech Advanced Power Systems Research Center located near the Houghton County Airport. Transportation to and from campus will be provided each day. Lunch will be provided on Thursday and Friday.

Registration is now open through Banweb. Students are welcome to register for both. There are no pre-requisites, but familiarity with thermodynamics and IC engine cycles will be helpful.

Contact cjmorgan@mtu.edu, jjworm@mtu.edu, jnaber@mtu.edu or cmsarazi@mtu.edu if you have any questions.

New Employee Wellness Challenge Coming in May

Want to practice "healthy living" but need a little help?

Healthy Living BINGO incorporates aspects of exercise (and rest), healthy thoughts, nutrition, environment, relationships, communication, finances, personal development and professional development.

Seem like a lot? That's why we BINGO — to challenge you to think outside the box and encourage healthy living.

This four-week challenge runs from May 1 to May 28, 2016. Each week you'll receive a new BINGO card with challenges to complete. Weekly prizes will be awarded. Earn bonus HuskyPAW points for participating. Open to all employees.

Contact Shannon Brodeur for details. Ready to sign up? Register here.

Keweenaw Geoheritage Tours by Water and Land

Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula is a place of natural beauty with a fascinating mining history. Join local expert Bill Rose (GMES) in reading the landscape to learn how the Copper Country came to be the way it is today. Each one-day field trip explores one of four major events in Earth's history that make up the strong geoheritage of the Keweenaw Lavas, the Keweenaw Fault, the Jacobsville Sandstone and Copper Mining Waste of Lake Superior.

Participants can expect to cover a lot of ground and be outside all the time. Travel is a combination of van transport, short walks and trips aboard Michigan Tech's research vessel, Agassiz. Trips are limited by boat capacity to 17 people. Each day trip costs $145 and includes lunch and snacks, boat and van transport.

For more information, trip descriptions and registration, click here. For specific questions, email Erika Vye.

Light Bulb Swap Saturday

The Houghton Energy Efficiency Team (HEET) will hold its second Great LED Light Bulb Swap from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 23 at Michigan Tech's Lakeshore Center.

The first 100 households that bring in an incandescent light bulb will each receive one free LED bulb. LEDs use about one-sixth the power of incandescents, can last 20 years or more and, while they are more expensive, pay for themselves in lower electric bills in a matter of months.

The nonprofit Efficiency UNITED is offering deep discounts on LED bulbs to UPPCO customers, along with other energy-saving products for UPPCO and Semco customers. Their price for six 60-watt-equivalent LED bulbs is $10.

The Ontonagon County REA is giving away a limited number of free LED bulbs and night lights to its customers who bring in a recent electric bill. Complimentary lap blankets and flashlights, plus information on rebates and other special deals for REA customers from the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp., will also be available.
HEET will be on hand to discuss other energy-saving programs, including its weatherization initiatives and programs for income-qualified residents. Check the website for income guidelines.

Plus, the Green Campus Enterprise is providing handouts with energy-saving ideas and free coffee and refreshments will be available.

The Great LED Light Bulb Swap is supported in part by a sponsorship grant from the Michigan Energy Office, a federally designated state agency within the Michigan Agency for Energy. Other sponsors include EarthTronics, the Houghton Walmart Superstore, the Sustainable Futures Institute and Michigan Tech's Rotaract chapter, a student affiliate of Rotary International. Michigan Tech is also donating the use of the community room in the Lakeshore Center.


Special GeoseminaróJames DeGraff, Exxon-Mobil

The next Geoseminar will be held from 2 to 3 p.m. Monday, April 25 in Dow 610. James DeGraff will present "Natural Fractures in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: Impact, Characterization and Analysis." All are welcome.

Natural fractures form in a variety of ways as stress conditions in rocks attain critical values in response to crustal plate motion, deformation and changes in fluid pressure. Fractures can modify the flow and storage properties of hydrocarbon reservoirs in both positive and negative ways. Accounting for their distribution and impact on fluid behavior requires identifying all fracture types that are present, as well as specifying how the causal processes varied spatially and interacted with rock mechanical properties and stratal geometry. In addition, fracture properties are often modified by diagenetic events that either clog fracture voids with mineralization or further open them by dissolution of wall rock.

PHFoundation Endowed Professorship Candidate Seminar

Michelle Seguin, MD, is a candidate for the Portage Health Foundation Endowed Professorship in Medical Informatics. Seguin will present a lecture on "Bridging the Gap: Clinical Application of Medical Informatics with Local Impact" from 11 a.m. to noon Tuesday, April 26 in Rekhi Hall G006. This presentation will be recorded and available for viewing at a later date.

ME-EM Graduate Seminar Speaker

The next ME-EM Graduate Seminar Speaker is at 4 p.m. today in EERC 103. Ezequiel Medici (ME-EM) will present "Acoustic Emissions of Explosive Volcanic Eruptions."

The onset of explosive volcanic eruptions are characterized by the formation of an acoustic pressure wave followed by the discharge of a multiphase mixture jet into the atmosphere. Depending on the amount of energy released, the acoustic pressure wave and the multiphase mixture jet can reach supersonic speeds.

Medici's current projects include modeling heat and mass transport for fuel cell applications, modeling the acoustic signature of explosive volcanic eruption and modeling phase in cryogenic fuel propellants.


Visiting Women and Minority Lecturer/Scholar Series

Join us at 3:30 p.m. today (April 21) in MUB Ballroom B2 for a presentation by Denise Sekaquaptewa, professor of Psychology, Associate Chair and Associate Director, ADVANCE at the University of Michigan.

After the presentation, there will be an open forum discussion on advancing a positive climate at Michigan Tech. Refreshments will be served. RSVP online

This event is partially sponsored by the Visiting Women and Minority Lecturer/Scholar Series (WMLS) which is funded by a grant to Institutional Equity and Inclusion from the State of Michigan's King-Chavez Parks Initiative. The event is hosted by Michigan Tech Women in Science in Engineering (WISE) and the Pavlis Honors College.


Campus Communicators to Meet This Morning

Campus Communicators will meet from 10 to 11 a.m. today (April 21) in MUB B001. Faculty, staff and students are welcome.

We'll talk about digital spring cleaning, like deleting stagnant social media pages and how to inventory inactive websites. Plus, learn about the research blog, Unscripted, and see our digital research magazine.

Contact UMC Editorial Director Scott Balyo with questions.


SBE Brown Bag Lunch

The School of Business and Economics will have its third brown bag lunch research seminar from noon to 1 p.m. today (April 21) in Academic Office Building (AOB) 101.

See the Tech Today story for more information.


"Extraxtion" Public Reception Today

The exhibit “Extraxtion” will feature a public reception from 5 to 6:30 p.m. today (April 21) in Rosza “gallery b,” the Rozsa’s experimental Project Learning Lab gallery space. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

On display will be a collection of sculptures, a series of drawings, and four “traditional lathes,” designed and fabricated by students. Students will also showcase "Call and Response," a collaboration between Sculpture students and Laura Fiss's (HU) Literary Survey class.

The exhibit will be on display through Saturday, April 23. In addition to tonight's public reception, additional gallery hours are 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday (April 22 and 23). The gallery is free and open to the public.


Biological Sciences Seminar Tomorrow

The next Biological Sciences Seminar will take place at 4 p.m. tomorrow (April 22), in Dow 641. 

Eric Lai, Sloan-Kettering Institute, will present "Biological Functions of MicroRNAs."

This presentation will discuss recent and unpublished work concerning the genetic analysis of miRNA biology in the fruit fly system and emerging lessons from these studies.  


C-Cubed Menu: Week Fourteen

Today, April 21
Baja-Style Rosemary Chicken Skewers (GF) 
Linguine with Tomatoes, Zucchini and Herbs (V) 
Tangy Green Tomatillo Gazpacho (VGF) 
Warm Flat Bread (V)

Tomorrow, April 22
Sliced Herb Crusted Beef NY Strip Roast with Wild Mushrooms (GF) 
Cheese Tortellini with fresh Basil and Chives (V)
Butternut Squash Bisque (VGF) 
Mixed Green Salad (VGF) 

V—Vegetarian  GF—Gluten Free  VGF—Vegetarian/Gluten Free


Food From Japan at Khana Khazana

Japanese cuisine is featured at this week's Khana Khazana serving from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. tomorrow in the MUB food court. 

The menu features Katsu Curry—deep fried chicken with curry, Misoshiru—miso soup and Sarada—salad with Japanese Dressing. Cost of the full meal which includes a fountain drink is $7.25. Like the Khana Khazana at Michigan Tech Facebook page.


Film Board Presents "Deadpool"

This weekend, Film Board presents "Deadpool."


Friday, April 22 - 5:30, 8:30, 11:30 p.m.
Saturday, April 23 - 2:30, 5:30, 8:30, 11:30 p.m.
Sunday, April 24 - 2:30, 5:30 p.m.

Located in Fisher 135. Tickets are $3 and concessions are $1 each. 


Geoseminar — Rudiger Escobar Wolf

 The next Geoseminar will be held from 4 to 5 p.m. tomorrow (April 22) in Dow 610. Rudiger Escobar Wolf will present "Surface Displacement Monitoring Using Digital Photogrammetry: Examples From Transportation Corridors." All are welcome. 


Job Postings

Staff and faculty job descriptions are available in Human Resources. For more information regarding staff positions, call 7-2280 or email jobs@mtu.edu. For more information regarding faculty positions, contact the academic department in which the position is posted.

Research Specialist, Chemistry. ​Apply online.


​Food Service Helper (12 months/Part-time, No Base) - Seven positions, Dining Services. ​AFSCME Internal Posting 4/21/16 - 4/27/16. External applicants will not be reviewed until after all internal applicants. ​Apply online. 

Michigan Technological University is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution/Equal Opportunity Employer, which includes providing equal opportunity for protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.