Michigan Tech Named Among Top-20 Public Colleges with Smartest Students

Business Insider has rated Michigan Tech number 11 among the top-20 public universities with the smartest students. In assembling its list, Business Insider used data from the website Niche and its College Prowler, a service that provides college reviews by students.

“We see all that our students accomplish here at Michigan Tech and all the companies seeking them out for employment,” said John Lehman, associate vice president for enrollment, marketing and communications. “It doesn't take long to see that there is something pretty special about the students here. They are smart, amazingly smart. It's satisfying to know that others see that as well.”

Business Insider also includes student quotes “to illustrate the student intellect and academic caliber of each school.” For Michigan Tech, a student said, “"I love my professors—all of them seem dedicated to their job, as well as understanding. The workload is more than most schools, but the best isn't the easiest!"

College Prowler features rankings by students in more than 20 categories, from academics to weather and from computers to parking.

According to their website, Business Insider is “dedicated to aggregating, reporting, and analyzing the top news stories across the web.”

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International Night 2014: A Student's View

by Sarah Kelly, student editor

The Memorial Union Ballroom is lit with festive colors. Tables are set for dinner around a stage at the front, and televisions display a welcome message. People mill about finding tables and talking with others, some meeting for the first time. They are about to share a meal and travel across the globe for International Club’s International Night 2014.

I-Night is taking people on a journey to experience the different cultures at Michigan Tech through food and entertainment.

Read the full release.

Superior Ideas Receives Crowdfunding Site Accreditation

by Jennifer Donovan, director of news and media relations

Superior Ideas, Michigan Tech’s research crowdfunding website, has received accreditation from Crowdsourcing.org through the organization’s Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards (CAPS) program.

The CAPS program is designed to promote best practices in the operation of crowdfunding sites. Its goal is to protect both the people pledging and the people using the site to raise funds. Accreditation is based on an interview and a review process. CAPS has only accredited approximately 40 crowdfunding sites.

"Achieving accreditation indicates what a great job the whole team did in developing the site,” said David Reed, vice president for research. “Not only is Michigan Tech the first university I know of to launch a site like this, but the site meets the highest professional standards for serving our donors and project initiators."

Superior Ideas was established by Michigan Tech to harness the power of crowdfunding to raise support for small, worthwhile University research and public service projects that are not suited to normal grant funding. Individuals can donate small, tax-deductible amounts. The site uses social media and word-of-mouth to spread the news about the projects.

Superior Ideas opened its crowdfunding portal in October 2012. Now 28 Tech researchers and programs have posted 31 projects to the site, raising a total of $76,106.50.

"Receiving CAPS was a significant milestone for Superior Ideas,” said Natasha Chopp, manager of Superior Ideas. “Passing the accreditation process and meeting the criteria proved that our hard work in the planning and building stages on the Superior Ideas site was successful.”

Chopp, who is research development and marketing manager in the Vice President for Research’s Office at Michigan Tech, went on to say: “Our site is secure and compliant and has the functionality and procedures in place. Achieving the accreditation is an affirmation of the quality service we provide to our project creators and donors."

Recently the University opened Superior Ideas to select projects from other universities. Two have been on the site so far: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville researchers, who are investigating the effects of growth media on rooftop vegetable production, and a graduate student from Central Washington University, who was seeking funds to present her research on improvement of lemur habitats at the European Federation of Primatology’s 2013 meeting in Antwerp, Belgium.

Reminder: World Water Day Events Today and Tomorrow

* World Water Day student poster session, 4-7 p.m., Dow Lobby. The posters will illustrate their research and course work that involves water.
* Water’s Edge Art Exhibit, Great Lakes Research Center. On display will be the work of three different artists. The exhibition will run through April 23.
* Lecture by Robert Howarth of Cornell University on environmental impacts of hydraulic fracking, the practice of injecting water underground to release deposits of oil and natural gas, 5:30 p.m., in Dow 641. Abstract here.

Thursday, March 27
* A panel discussion on hydraulic fracturing, 10 a.m.-noon, Great Lakes Research Center 202. The panel will be moderated by Jennifer Arrigo. Panelists include Mr. Frank Ettawageshik, United Tribes of Michigan; Robert Howarth, Cornell University; and Wayne Pennington, Michigan Tech.
* Guest lecture in Emma Norman’s World Resources Development class by Frank Ettawageshik, “When can we drink the water? Reflections on Indigenous water rights and sovereignty," at 12:35 p.m. in the Great Lakes Research Center 202.

University Senate Meeting Today

Meeting #546 of the University Senate of Michigan Tech will convene at 5:30 p.m., today in Dow 642. Senators are responsible for making their constituents aware of this meeting’s agenda. If neither the senator nor the alternate can attend they should send a substitute.

1) Roll Call of Senators and Recognition of Visitors
2) Approval of Agenda
3) Approval of Minutes from Meeting #545
4) Presentation: “Update on the Emergency Blue Light Phone System” presented by The Student Commission
5) Presentation: “Strategic Planning” presented by Dave Reed, VP for Research
6) Old Business:
a. Proposal 19-14: “Proposal for a New Non-Departmental Master of Science in Data Science” presented by Curricular Policy Committee (Voting Units: Academic)
b. Proposal 20-14: “Proposal for a New Non-Departmental Graduate Certificate in Data Science” presented by Curricular Policy Committee (Voting Units: Academic)
c. Proposal 21-14: “Proposal to Change Degree Title from Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Technical Communication to Ph.D. in Rhetoric, Theory and Culture” presented by Curricular Policy Committee (Voting Units: Academic)
d. Proposal 22-14: “Proposal to Change Degree Title from M.S. in Rhetoric and Technical Communication to M.S. in Rhetoric, Theory and Culture” presented by Curricular Policy Committee (Voting Units: Academic)
e. Proposal 23-14: “Proposal to Establish Michigan Technological University’s Copyright Policy Regarding Scholarly, Academic, and Artistic Works” presented by Academic Policy Committee (Voting Units: Academic)
f. Proposal 24-14: “Avoiding Conflicts of Interest on Senate Committees” presented by Executive Committee (Voting Units: Full Senate)
g. Proposal 25-14: “Proposal for a Minor in Statistics” presented by Curricular Policy Committee (Voting Units: Academic)
h. Proposal 26-14: “Proposal for a New Bachelors of Science Degree in Statistics ” presented by Curricular Policy Committee (Voting Units: Academic)
i. Administration Amendment on Proposal 15-14: Request for Change in Board of Control Policy 6.7 on Sabbatical Leave” presented by Research Policy Committee (Voting Units: Academic)
j. “Administration Comments on Proposal 7-14: Proposal to Amend Senate Proposal 22-00: Recommendations on Medical and Health Insurance Benefits” presented by Fringe Benefits Committee (Voting Units: Full Senate)
7) New Business:
a. Proposal 2-14: “Proposal to Modify Senate Procedures 506.1.1: Evaluation Procedures for Department Chairs and School Deans” presented by Administrative Policy Committee (Voting Units: Academic)
b. Proposal 27-14: “Proposal to Revise the General Education Program” presented by Curricular Policy Committee (Voting Units: Academic
c. Proposal 28-14: presented by Instructional Policy Committee (Voting Units: Full Senate)
8) Reports
9) Adjournment

"A Night at the Ballet and Opera" With KSO

The Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra presents a two-night event, titled “A Night at the Ballet and Opera," at the Rozsa Center on Saturday, April 11 and 12, at 7:30 p.m. The Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra, Tech Theatre and Keweenaw-area performers collaborate on two riveting nights of ballet and opera. The KSO provides live orchestral music for Tchaikovsky’s enchanting Swan Lake--one of the most virtuosic of ballets--danced by high school, Tech, community and professional dancers. On the same evening, KSO and Tech Theatre present Menotti’s “Amahl and the Night Visitors,” featuring mezzo-soprano Lara Neves as Amahl's mother, "Amahl and the Night Visitors" relates the heartwarming tale of a poor crippled boy, Amahl (Maggie Wang), his anxious mother (Neves) and the miraculous visit by Three Kings (Barry Pegg, Mark Oliver, Brian Marzka) bearing precious gifts for a holy child.

Tickets for adults are $19, youth tickets (17 and under) are $6, and Michigan Tech student tickets are free with the Experience Tech Fee. For tickets, visit Rozsa.mtu.edu, or call Ticketing Operations at Michigan Tech’s Student Development Complex (SDC) at 7-2073.

Food from Three Countries at Khana Khazana Friday

Iranian, Syrian and Nepalese cuisine are on the menu at Khana Khazana this Friday, March 28.

Amir Zandnia and Aref Majdara, both PhD students in electrical engineering, are making Iranian Shirazi, a salad of chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and onions with spices, vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil. Roba Bdeir, a PhD student in biochemistry and molecular biology, will cook Syrian chicken with vegetables--oven-baked chicken that is marinated in lemon and spices and served with potatoes, peppers, onion and carrots. Aadarsh Upreti, who comes from Nepal, will make Gajar ko Haluwa, a Nepalese carrot pudding of shredded carrots and milk.

Khana Khazana is served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Memorial Union Food Court. A full meal is $6.95, and individual dishes are available for $2.50 each. Vegetarian alternatives are available.

Khana Khazana is a weekly international lunch, a collaborative effort of international students and Dining Services.

MI FASTconnect Presentation For Inventors and Entrepreneurs

For campus and community entrepreneurs federal funding through the SBIR and STTR programs can be a valuable part of taking research out of the lab and into the marketplace. This informative session will introduce you to the two programs, which provide $2.6 billion in non-dilutive R&D grants and contracts to small businesses annually. Descriptions of program purposes, eligibility requirements, participating agencies and more will be discussed.

Then learn about Michigan’s wide array of commercialization resources for technology-based companies, which is both remarkable--and a little daunting. Find out what commercialization resources are out there, what each has to offer and how to tap into them.

The information session will be held Wednesday, April 2, from 4 to 6 p.m., in GLRC 202. Snacks and light refreshments will be served. Attendance is free and open to the public but attendees should preregister.

For questions contact John Diebel (jfdiebel@mtu.edu, 7-1082).

MSE Seminar Friday

David Gelwicks, a Michigan Tech graduate and president-chief executive officer at Hickman, Williams and Company, will present "Alloys: Identification, Production, and a Steel Mill Application," Friday, March 28, at noon in M&M 610.

Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar Tomorrow

Irfan Rasul and Akalu Tafesse will present "An Upper Peninsula Rail Freight Study," Thursday, March 27, at 4 p.m., in Dow 642. This discussion will evaluate the existing rail lines and corridors in an effort to evaluate the potential for multimodal options in the Upper Peninsula. It includes an interactive infrastructure map of UP railroads, commodity flow analysis, a shipper survey, railroad interviews and a comparison of case studies.

Social Sciences Colloquia Friday

Social Sciences graduate students Emma Schwaiger (IAH) and Ankita Mandleia (EEP) will present "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understand Pollution: PCBs in Torch Lake," which describes some aspects of their work (with professor Carol MacLennan, et al.) on the Torch Lake project-- that seeks to document the historic mine production of copper and PCB waste. The presentation will be held Friday, March 28, at 4 p.m., in AOB 201.

Chemistry Seminar Friday

Michael Novak of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Miami University (Ohio) will present a seminar "Arylnitrenium Ions in Carcinogens and Anti-Tumor Drugs" Friday, March 28, at 3 p.m., in Chem Sci 101. A discussion period will follow. Refreshments will be served, and all are welcome to attend.

For more information.

ECE Seminar April 8

David Brady, Michael Fitzpatrick Professor of Photonics at Duke University, will present " Petapixel Photography and the Limits of Camera Capacity," Tuesday, April 8, at 1 p.m., in Rekhi G06.

This Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering seminar presentation is hosted by the SPIE/OSA Michigan Tech Student Chapter funded through a grant from The Optical Society of America.

View the full announcement.