Michigan Tech Rallies Around Haitians

Far from their devastated homeland, Haitian members of the Michigan Tech community struggled to track down family members and friends in the wake of last week's disasterous earthquake. Here is the story of Fredline Ilorme, a graduate student in civil engineering, who writes about the longest 24 hours of her life.

"Hello Global Citizens,

"The day looked like any other day to me as I woke up and got ready, thinking about everything I needed to accomplish. I was far from thinking about my family in Haiti, how long it had been since I talked to them and the last things we said.

"However, sometime in the evening, everything changed. I had just gotten to my office when I received a call from a friend about an earthquake in Haiti. A quick Google, and I had an idea of the magnitude of the situation. My first thoughts: my family. Are they okay? Did the house fall on them?

"Quickly rushed back home and spent the entire night trying to reach any one of them by phone. To no avail. News was bad. Many of our most cherished historical buildings--the national palace, the ministries, the cathedral, some hospitals and schools--had fallen. All in thirty seconds. Did my people have time to escape? As I gathered info from my friends on Facebook and through some other friends by phone and online, things seemed dire. Some of my friends had been able to reach their families; they were okay. But still I could not reach any of mine.

"As I watched the videos, the images of the fallen structures, I thought I was losing all I have ever had: my family, my friends, my country. How could this happen? What had we done to deserve this? Weren't the past year's four hurricanes enough?

"My friends on Facebook, the ones who called or emailed trying to give me hope, told me to keep trying, and tomorrow I might reach them. I felt hopeless. Why hadn't they answered till now if other people had found out about their loved ones? They must be gone as everything around them.

"I got tired of staying inside. Went for a drive, but the car could not get me to my people. Could only get me around Houghton. Wasting gas, polluting the environment, and putting myself at risk for nothing. That's not what my parents would have wanted me to do.

"Went back home. Got some rest and continued the calls. And early the next morning, a miracle happened. I got through. I reached Jessie, a former Tech student. She was alive. Quick talk as no electricity to recharge phones, but she said she's okay. Continued trying. I got one of my aunties for five seconds. FIVE seconds. But I heard her voice. She was alive. Could the other ones still be? Continued calling and found her again. She said everyone was fine except for two they had not heard from, but that did not mean they were not okay. Sigh of relief. This was good news. They had survived. I regained strength.

"As emails of comfort and support kept pouring in, I continued to regain more strength. I had not lost everything. The country was still worth being rebuilt, for them, with them. Now that I was stronger, I could help others. Tried to locate their loved ones for them and offered advice and comfort. During the next day, got confirmation that all of my family was okay.

"Still, not everyone was as lucky as my family. Casualties are high, and there is lots of damage. But I have hope. Hope for Haiti. Because its citizens acted bravely in the face of this terrible tragedy. Because they were there for each other, and because since everything has started, every country in the world has been with us, from the closest ones--Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, United States, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia; some further away, like France and Spain; and some even further, like China.

"But closer to me, the response has also been amazing--the number of emails and calls from students, faculty and staff at Tech and organizations like NOSOTROS [Tech's Hispanic Student Organization] have given me hope. Rebuilding will be tough, but we will do it together, with our countrymen and our friends and partners from around the world.

"Thanks to you all, and thanks for keeping Haiti in your thoughts and prayers."

Michigan Tech Adopts Interim Maternity Leave Policy

Michigan Tech is offering a new, interim maternity leave policy for birth mothers that provides tenured and tenure-track faculty up to one semester at full pay without teaching duties, providing they continue to perform 50 percent of their research and graduate student supervision responsibilities. Alternately, tenured and tenure-track faculty can choose to receive full pay with no duties for six weeks.

Nontenure track and research faculty, professional and other nonrepresented staff can receive full pay for up to six weeks, in accordance with the federal Family Medical Leave Act. Lecturers can choose a one-semester leave of absence at half pay, relieved of all duties. Full benefits will continue for all during such leaves of absence.

"Michigan Tech recognizes a need to support employees as they balance career, childbirth and family obligations," said President Glenn D. Mroz. "This interim policy is designed to provide something immediately for birth mothers while we conduct a deliberate and holistic review of all our leave policies and develop a comprehensive family leave policy."

The interim maternity leave policy is covered under the University's current policy on Approved Absences with Pay, which allows the president to approve a leave of absence with pay for specific purposes.

Maternity leave must be taken and completed within six months of the date of birth of the child. Faculty members will submit written requests to their department chair or dean. Professional staff will submit written notice to their supervisor. All leaves require the approval of the president.

For more information, read the interim maternity leave policy.

Reminder: Annual Blood Drive vs. Northern Michigan University

submitted by Counseling and Wellness Services

The UP Regional Blood Center is heading to Michigan Tech for this year's blood drive versus Northern Michigan University. The event is set for noon to 6 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 20, in the Van Pelt and Opie Library Reading Room.

The blood drive competition is in its tenth year and Michigan Tech has squeaked by with a win every year but one. Last year, we collected 179 pints of blood, beating Northern by 60 pints! Our goal this year is to collect 200 pints, and we need your help to keep the winning streak alive.

Guidelines for donating blood: Donors must be healthy, at least 17 years old and at least 110 pounds. Bring a picture ID, be sure to eat within two hours of donating and make sure you're well hydrated. No preregistration is required. Refreshments will be served to all donors.

Help us save lives and beat Northern!

For more information, contact Rachel Wussow at 487-3056 .

Research Excellence Fund Calls for Proposals

submitted by the Office of the Vice President for Research

Proposals are being solicited for the FY2010 Research Excellence Fund (REF), an internal award of the Office of the Vice President for Research.

The announcement, which includes a program description, proposal format, review criteria and process, award procedure and reporting requirements, is available online. A new REF category, Scholarship and Creativity Grants, has been added this year. More information about it can be found by clicking "announcement" above.

Proposals are due no later than 4 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 25.

Incomplete proposals or those received after the deadline will not be accepted for consideration by the review committee for this year and will be returned. Newly funded REF awards will begin on Thursday, July 1.

Prior to the deadline, you may submit your proposal to Laurie Stark, third floor Lakeshore Center. From 1 to 4 p.m., Feb. 25, you may submit your proposal at Administration 504.

Michigan Tech's Winter Driving School gives drivers the tools they need to face icy roadways with confidence. Located at the Keweenaw Research Center near the Houghton County Memorial Airport, the school is a daylong crash course in safe winter driving techniques, taught by professional drivers on one of the nation's finest winter driving test courses.

The school got its start 12 years ago. "We were running the winter test facility, and we thought it would be nice to use it to give back to the community and help others drive more safely in the winter," says instructor Mark Osborne.

The course is held on Saturdays and is open to all drivers, including those with learner's permits. "That way, they can learn to do the right thing from the beginning and not develop any bad habits," says Osborne.

Classees will be offered on Saturday, Jan. 23, and then weekly on Saturdays starting February 6. The cost is $150, considerably less than the deductible on most collision insurance policies. To schedule a day and time, call 487-2750.

Visit the Michigan Tech News website for the full story.

Presentation Thursday on Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King

While Martin Luther King Jr. was leading sit-ins and marches in the South on behalf of African Americans, Cesar Chavez was organizing farm workers in California.

The Michigan Tech chapters of the National Society of Black Engineers and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers will give a presentation Thursday, Jan. 21, on these two great advocates for the oppressed. "The Lives of Dr. Martin Luther King and Cesar Estrada Chavez" will be held at noon in the Memorial Union Peninsula Room and is free and open to the public.

The event is sponsored by Multicultural Affairs in connection with Martin Luther King observances. For more information, call 487-2920 email multicultural@mtu.edu .

Reminder: Campus Cafe Has Sweets for Your Sweetheart

There's an old saying: Kissin' don't last, cookery do.

So don't forget that the Campus Cafe is taking orders for a Valentine's Day brownie, which is big enough for two. Each homemade fudge brownie has chocolate icing and comes in a heart-shaped tin for $3.25.

Orders can be made at bake@mtu.edu . The deadline is 5 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 10. You can pick up your order from 11 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., Friday, Feb. 12, at the Campus Cafe.

Reminder: Youth Programs Looking for Summer Employees

Youth Programs will hold another information session regarding summer employment from 7 to 8:30 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 21, in Memorial Union Ballroom A2.

This is the second of two sessions. Interested candidates must attend an information session to be considered for employment.

For questions or more information, email ypjobs@mtu.edu .

School of Technology Candidate Seminar

Joe W. Yeol, of Columbia University in New York, will give a seminar, "Robotic System Implementation and Robot Learning Using Iterative Learning Control (ILC) and Repetitive Control (RC)," from 1 to 2 p.m., Friday, Jan. 22, in EERC 422.

Yeol is a candidate for a faculty position in electrical engineering technology.

Yeol earned a Phd in Mechanical Engineering from Colombia University. He has also studied and earned degrees in Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea; the Korea National Institute of Science and Technology (KIST); the Korea University, Seoul; and the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, Brooklyn.

His research interests are in learning control, repetitive control and biologically inspired robot learning.

For more information, contact Nasser Alaraje, at 487-1661 or alaraje@mtu.edu .

ME-EM Seminar

Professor Sheryl Sorby (ME-EM) will be the graduate seminar guest at 3 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 21, in ME-EM 112. Sorby's presentation is "Developing 3-D Spatial Skills for Engineering Students."

For more information on this guest and the ME-EM Graduate Seminar Series, visit http://www.me.mtu.edu/seminar/ .

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Seminar

Zhen Xu, assistant professor from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan, will present a graduate seminar, "Histotripsy: Imaging Guided Ultrasound Therapy for Non-invasive Surgery," at 2 p.m., Friday, Jan. 22, in Fisher 130.

Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences Seminar

The Department of Cognitive and Leaning Sciences will host Edward Cokely, postdoctoral research associate at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, who will give a presentation, "Adaptive Cognition and the Human Factor: Judgment in a Complex and Risky World," from 10 to 11 a.m., Thursday, Jan. 21, in Rekhi G06.

Cokely holds a PhD in Psychology from Florida State University. He studies adaptive cognition with an emphasis on the interplay between cognitive regulation, judgment, and decision making. He addresses issues related to risk and choice, memory, cognitive abilities and development.

For more information, contact Susan Amato-Henderson at slamato@mtu.edu or Brad Baltensperger at brad@mtu.edu.

Library Offering Training Workshop

The Van Pelt and Opie Library will offer a workshop on library databases, provided by ProQuest, from 1 to 2 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 21, in Library Instruction Room 242.

Kimberly Bastian, senior customer education and training specialist at ProQuest, will cover basic and advanced functionality of the ABI/Inform and CSA Illumina databases. The session will include an overview of each system, outlining basic searches and user customization. The workshop will include live demos of the products and time for questions from participants.

The ABI/Inform database includes a wide range of business information from journals, company profiles and industry periodicals, including the Wall Street Journal. Coverage includes 1985 to the present, with some indexing coverage back to 1971. ABI/Inform also includes some full-text material.

CSA Illumina has much broader topical coverage, including the Medline, Toxline, and PsychArticles databases, Plant Science and Biological Science resources, GeoRef, the Modern Language Association international bibliography, NTIS database, and other indexing for aeronautics, space, environmental, automotive engineering, materials science and industrial manufacturing. Temporal coverage varies by database. Some sources index material back to the 1960s and earlier.

The workshop is free, but preregistration is encouraged by calling 487-2507 or emailing reflib@mtu.edu .

Job Postings

Staff job descriptions are available in Human Resources or at http://www.admin.mtu.edu/hro/postings . For more information regarding staff positions, call 487-2280 or email jobs@mtu.edu .

Faculty job descriptions can be found at http://www.admin.mtu.edu/hro/facpers/facvac.htm . For more information regarding faculty positions, contact the academic department in which the position is posted


Staff Job Postings

Field Forester
School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Temporary Position

Site Coordinator
School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Temporary Position

Michigan Technological University is an equal opportunity educational institution/equal opportunity employer.

Sports in Brief

What's Happening This Week
by Wes Frahm, director of athletics marketing and communications

Wednesday, Jan. 20
Huskies Drive Time, 7:30-8:00 a.m., Live Radio, Mix 93.5 FM

Thursday, Jan. 21
Women's Basketball at Saginaw Valley State, 6 p.m. (Live Radio, Mix 93.5 FM)
Men's Basketball at Saginaw Valley State, 8 p.m. (Live Radio, Mix 93.5 FM)

Saturday, Jan. 23
Nordic Skiing at Central Super Tour (Minneapolis, Minn.)
Women's Basketball at Lake Superior State, 1 p.m. (Live Radio, Mix 93.5 FM)
Men's Basketball at Lake Superior State, 3 p.m. (Live Radio, Mix 93.5 FM)

Sunday, Jan. 24
Nordic Skiing at Central Super Tour (Minneapolis, Minn.)

All Times Eastern. Home events are italicized.

Last Week's Results

Women's Basketball (14-1, 9-1 GLIAC)
Jan. 14--at No. 5 Michigan Tech 78, Hillsdale 74, OT
Jan. 16--at No. 5 Michigan Tech 82, Findlay 70

Men's Basketball (4-11, 3-7 GLIAC)
Jan. 14--at Michigan Tech 68, Hillsdale 60
Jan. 16--Findlay 77, at Michigan Tech 55

Hockey (3-20-0, 2-16-0 WCHA)
Jan. 12--at Michigan Tech 1, Northern Michigan 1, OT
Jan. 15--Alaska Anchorage 6, at Michigan Tech 2
Jan. 16--Alaska Anchorage 5, at Michigan Tech 4

Nordic Skiing
Did not compete

Top News of the Week

Records Fall in Women's Basketball Win vs. Findlay
Michigan Tech defeated Findlay 82-70 in women's basketball Saturday, Jan. 16, in what turned out to be a record-setting day. Senior Katie Zimmerman broke Tech's single-game 3-point mark with seven and scored her 1,000th career point during the contest. Senior Danae Danen also broke the career blocked shots record. The Huskies take their four-game winning streak on the road to Saginaw Valley State and Lake Superior State this week.

Olson Posts Three-Goal Weekend
Sophomore Brett Olson tallied three goals and an assist in last weekend's hockey series vs. Alaska Anchorage. The assistant captain scored both goals in a 6-2 loss on Friday, Jan. 15, before registering a goal and an assist in a 5-4 setback Saturday, Jan. 16. Olson leads the Huskies in points (22) and goals (12) this season.