As of September 3, 2013, the Michigan Technological University campus will be tobacco-free. Smoking and smoke-free tobacco use will be prohibited.

Overview on the Tobacco-free Initiative

The guiding principle is “Respect for all.” This key foundation includes tobacco users and nonusers and respect for the rules. We hope this principle will help guide everyone as we transition to a healthier tobacco-free environment.

As of March 2012, 270 universities have gone tobacco free, and as of January 2012, 648 have gone smoke free. The Tobacco-free Taskforce has been charged with the “when and how,” of implementation and investigated several tobacco-free and smoke-free implementation plans from numerous colleges and universities.

Seven tobacco-free or smoke-free institutions were questioned via phone or email. The schools were chosen based on similar size, environment, and access to published material. All institutions were forthcoming with their successes and challenges of their implementation process. Additionally, numerous websites of tobacco-free or smoke-free institutions were reviewed. This process identified several critical steps:

  1. Implement slowly
  2. Education
  3. Access to help and support
  4. Consistent and clear communication

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