Title IX

Awareness and Training

In an effort to reduce the risk of gender discrimination, and sexual misconduct such as sexual harassment and sexual violence, including the crimes of rape, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence occurring among students and employees, Michigan Tech utilizes a range of campaigns, strategies, and initiatives to promote awareness, education, risk reduction, and prevention programming and training.

Programs and campaigns offered throughout the year include strong messages regarding not just awareness, but also primary prevention, bystander intervention, and discussions concerning institutional policies on sexual and/or relationship misconduct and sex/gender discrimination. Programs also offer information on risk reduction that strives to empower victims, how to recognize warning signals and how to avoid potential attacks, and do so without victim-blaming approaches.  Examples of training that take place at Michigan Tech are the Master Student-Athlete course for all new student-athletes and the Life@MichiganTech class for all new International students. All first-year students attend an in-person sexual assault prevention training program.

LawRoom Training is an example of a required educational program for all Michigan Tech employees. At the recommendation of the US Department of Education, Michigan Tech requires this online course on anti-harassment, discrimination and retaliation. This course also satisfies the federal requirement for training mandated by the Violence Against Women Act and Title IX. To access the LawRoom Training course, use the login-id and password supplied in the online training email.

Its counterpart, Campus Clarity, is required for all incoming first year, transfer and graduate students. The training is assigned during new student orientation and throughout an incoming student’s first semester.

If you are visually impaired, please work through your assigned LawRoom/Campus Clarity course with the Accessibility Mode turned on, along with a screen reader.  The courses work together with a screen reader to allow a user to participate in the interactive training and work through the modules completely and successfully.

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