August 27, 2013
Vol. 19, No. 26
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Welcome Home

fish guts
Richard '70 and Violet Thole at the library, Saturday morning.

By 9:00 a.m. Saturday, it was already getting hot and sticky. Helping the new students moving into DHH, we were getting a good workout.

The move-in crew, parents, and I would swap encouragement as we lugged massive amounts of life stuff up the stairs to the second and third floors.

Thanks to the move-in program, it was a lot better than it could have been.

Yellow-clad students were everywhere, carrying the flatscreen TVs, baskets of clothes, Tupperwares of food and sundries, and a lot more.

Students this year also had new ID cards, HuskyCards, that they were getting at the library. It was there that I ran into Violet Thole, a materials science and engineering major, and her dad, Richard '70, an ME. They were hoofing it, for the most part, because their car had broken down. She had her essential items with her, enough to move into her new home in Wads. Brother Craig was a fourth-year EE at Tech.

Dad's word's of advice? "Follow your interests, and be willing to change. And do something else besides school."

She already had a jump on that, with membership in the Pavlis Global Leadership Institute and a job at the library.

On the way across campus, I ran into the nattily attired Crystal Massoglia. Her black- and-gold socks were great, and she was with mom Michele '87, whom I knew in high school. Her dad, Jim '79 (Business) and brother, Tim, current Bio Sci, were also proud Huskies.

Over at DHH, Corbin Swartzendruber and Michael D'Angelo were waiting to move students in. Corbin was an applied ecology major from Bad Axe, Michigan, and was involved in CRU, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ. Michael was also an orientation team leader and was a Chem Engg from Chesterfield Township, Michigan. He was also involved with Habitat for Humanity locally.

On the third floor, new environmental engineering student Sasha Burnett, from Quincy, Michigan, was trying to make all the stuff fit. Levi Drumm, a new ME and old friend, was helping, as were parents Deb Richhart and Shane and Rhonda Drumm.

Parker McColl had Huskies lineage, too. The future biomed from Oconomowac, Wisconsin, was unpacking with roommate Brett Turner, also a biomed, from Bay City. Parker's mom, Betsy '86 was up at the Tech Trails.

There, brother Conner was participating in the Rondevous (12 mile) bike race that benefits the cross country and Nordic ski teams, and ultimately, the trails. Parker will be part of the Copper Country Cycling Club (C4). Dad Doug '89 (ME) was also in town.

We caught up with the Fernstrums in Wads. Lisa '91 (Bio) and Sean '90 (STC) were moving in daughter Rachel, future Chem Engg, today, and son Jeremy (Engg Mgmt) next weekend. From Menominee, the were the third generation, as Paul '65 was the patriarch.

They couldn't believe all the help with moving in, compared to the old days. Lisa was camping all this week at the Houghton City Park, and they recalled the old snowball fight across Highway 41, when the police would reroute traffic around the battle.

Finally, I ran into the Leisenring clan, also in Wads. Ken '93 EE and Doug '91 Math with their sons, Nick and Ryan. Their advice? "Go to more classes than I did," said Doug. "It's a long grind, but if you work hard, it pays off," said Ken.

Good words of wisdom for the class of 2018(?) on a warm late afternoon. Next, a shopping trip to stock up and, before the trip home, some pickled eggs from the Dog House.

Dennis '92 '09


He was up on the Tech Trails, walking toward the Pilgrim River.

Kind of early isn't it?

"Everything's late this year, except fall."

I see some leaves changing.

"Spots here and there, not a lot, but it's happening."

Is this the earliest ever?

"Got to be close to the earliest."

Because it was dry?

"Yes, maybe stressing the trees."

I forgot, you were a Twig.

"AM a Twig. Do they know what that means?"

Forestry major. They do now.

"Seven percent changed."

You're the expert.

"You're right."

At Tech

3D Graphene: Solar Power's Next Platinum?

One of the most promising types of solar cells has a few drawbacks. A scientist at Michigan Tech may have overcome one of them. Dye-sensitized solar cells are thin, flexible, easy to make and very good at turning sunshine into electricity. However, a key ingredient is one of the most expensive metals on the planet: platinum. While only small amounts are needed, at $1,500 an ounce, the cost of the silvery metal is still significant. More

Developing Sustainable Bioenergy

Dave Shonnard
Michigan Tech’s Sustainable Futures Institute (SFI) and a broad range of Pan American partners see biofuel as a good answer to society’s growing need for alternative energy. But they want to make sure that it is produced in a sustainable way, benefiting rather than harming the societies and environments producing it. More

Alumni Around the World

West Michigan Fish Fry

West Michigan
A big crowd gathered for the West Michigan Chapter fish fry featuring walleye furnished by Ken Glupker '73 from Jireh Charter Fishing. The group consumed nearly 50 pounds of the delicious catch. Good friends and good beer made for a perfect evening on the patio at Schmohz Brewery. It is clickable.

Click here to see more Fish Fry Photos.

Below: Vic Foerster '74 helping Capt. Ken Glupker '73 fry the fish.

Vic and Ken

Comerica Park Alumni Gathering

Comerica crowdOn Sunday, August 18, many Detroit area alumni and friends (above, clickable) took the opportunity to connect with each other at Comerica Park with a pre-Tigers game picnic and then cheered on the Tigers to a win over Kansas City. The next alumni event at Comerica Park will be during the Great Lakes Invitational, December 27-28: stay tuned for details!


Fill in the Blanks

Move-in Crew

2006 Move-in weekend.

Recognize anyone?

It's clickable.

Email me.


1969 K-Day

1969 K-Day
Recognize anyone at this Hootnanny?

This singalong was at Ft. Wilkins.

It's clickable.

Email me.

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Tech Sports

Nielsen and Seigo Sign Pro Contracts

Two defensemen from last year's hockey team have signed professional contracts for the upcoming season. Carl Nielsen (Amherst, Ohio) will play in the American Hockey League. Steven Siego (Edenwold, Sask.) will compete in the Finnish Elite League. More

Around the Keweenaw

Daily Mining Gazette | WLUC TV-6 | Marquette Mining Journal

From the Email Bag

More on Pasties

Having witnessed, and eaten, Cornish pasties "over there" I aver there is no single recipe. They are made from differing ingredients, depending on individual tastes and materials' availability.

Certainly, this would have been the case historically, as the availability of foodstuffs to the miners' families would have varied greatly, depending on economics, crop success, etc.

Joseph Guzek
Chem. E., 1964

Joe: I've had many varieties myself. My grandmother was from Cornwall, so we had the steak and pork variety, which was also my mother's recipe. My mother also made a pork- and-egg version, with was fantastic.

Dog House Mid-70s: It is not Her, Connections Made

Douglass House
The guy with the beard has to be John Arrzooyan. Danny (migrant) Thomas responded to you and identified Julie Brown. Can you respond to migrant Thomas and have him contact me? Tell him that myself and Gary Saunders have been wondering where he has been for the past 35 years. Tell him that we thought he was dead.

Fred Wark 1975

Editor's note: We were able to connect Danny and Fred.


Nope, that is not me –Julie Howell – in that picture.

Julia Richardson

More on the Greenhouse

Relative to the so-called ‘Greenhouse’ next to the Chemistry building, when it was first built back in the mid-60’s (1966 or 67 to be more exact) there was immediate speculation that perhaps the Biology department was going to be experimenting with growing their own ‘recreational herbs’ as it were (remember, this WAS the 60’s). Of course, no one ever proved that to be the case, but it did make for interesting conversation among us engineering students as to how the Biologists managed to get this obvious extravagant addition considering that it would likely be covered in snow most months of the year ;-)

John R. Baker, ‘71
Irvine, CA

John: We're pretty sure they kept it clean!


I know that the greenhouse has been used for sure by Dr. Janice Glime. As a student, I worked under her & would go in & take care of the plants in there. I would spray a special soapy water to kill Scales in there that had taken up residence. I would also collect Geranium blossoms for one of the experiments in the biology lab on color pigmentation.

--Jill Kopish '92


And the official word:

"The teaching greenhouse provides plant material for general biology and botany laboratory courses. It houses a collection of plants that represent the major phyla of the plant kingdom, or that exhibit special adaptations for class demonstrations. Students in botany courses also use the facility for projects and experiments."

—Bio Sci website

Ray Smith Makes ASM News

ASM article
I noticed today that there was a small blurb in Advanced Materials and Processes bulletin (the monthly news magazine for ASM) recognizing Ray Smith as the "oldest member and oldest past president" of ASM. In case you can use it . . . . I've scanned and attached.

Steve Kampe, MSE chair

Thanks, Steve, I made it clickable.

Class of '63 Member Checks In

Thanks for the photos and write ups from the Class of '63 Reunion. I wanted to be there but was co-chair of an international meeting on Alternative & Renewable Energy for The American Ceramic Society in Dunhuang, China at the same time our class reunion was held at Tech. Best wishes to the Class of '63, and special wishes to my Materials Engineering classmates.

I began with the Class of '62 in Metallurgical Engineering....I was called home when my Dad became seriously ill and died. I missed so much school that I had to resume my metallurgical training with the Class of ' 63 as the curriculum was completely changing. Michigan Tech gave me an exceptional education.

In addition to all that was said about Metallurgy Professor Gilly Boyd, I can also lend that he played the organ every Sunday at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Hancock. I sang in the church choir and as others have said, he was tougher on those of us he knew well as he expected more from us. All of us learned to interpret phase diagrams from Gilly...he was the best.

I ended up working at numerous General Motors manufacturing locations, Advanced Engineering and retired as Director-External Research for GM. I then became Vice President of Lockheed Martin, Director-Center of Automotive Research, U of Michigan, Deputy Director-European Office of Naval Research, London, U. K., White House Fellow at Office of Science & Technology Planning for President's Reagan and Bush 1, Deputy to Vice President of Research at Savannah River National Lab and President-ASM International & ASM Foundation. I was honored in 2010 as the Distinguished Alum of Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw and am a Fellow of ASM International and the British Institute of Materials.

Dr. Jack G. Simon, '63

Jack: Thanks for the memories, and that was some career!

Appreciate the Thanks


Thank you for the good job that you do with the newsletter. Keep up the good work.

Have a good afternoon,

James M. Jacobs, PE, MBA, LEED AP

James: Thanks for the note. It's a labor of love and great emails from alumni.

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