July 16, 2013
Vol. 19, No. 23
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Summer School

summer campus
Summer is a great time to check off a few more credits.

I was lucky in my last few forays into summer school. By that point, I was working one-on-one with faculty members, hacking away at the reading lists I needed under my belt and producing the obligatory feedback papers.

Even more enjoyable, however, was a stint on the other side of the desk, teaching an 8:00 a.m., junior-level technical communication course to ten bleary-eyed students.

Coffee was very necessary, and attendance (four days per week, one and one-half hours per day) was actually very good.

We always told our Tech student children to take summer classes, with the theory that the professors might go a little easier on you in the warm weather and sunshine. (I don't know if that's true, but they never questioned it.)

In a complete coincidence, I just ran into the fellow grad student who helped me with my tech comm course prep, and he was headed out the next day to Illinois State University to begin his career.

The students in the class had some projects that many Tech alumni can relate to: building prototypes, basic design principles, usability testing, report writing, the pros and cons of PowerPoint(!), and, of course, teamwork.

We also had guest speakers, including Career Services personnel, as the students created resumes, cover letters, and did a job search for careers that would interest them. I thought their parents would appreciate that assignment!

A local attorney stopped by to discuss legal issues regarding some instructions they were writing. A local writer, with two books to his credit, talked about the challenges of science writing. A fellow staff member discussed her needs, so the student teams could create a better brochure.

The students also did some in-depth analysis of websites that I used in my research. They were very good at dissecting other university websites and online tours. I recently found a couple of their final presentations, and they were quite thorough.

By the end, the early morning ritual had been rewarding for me and, I hope, the students. I even had the classic moment when a student rushed back into class after it was over and asked a great question that revealed both his interest in and understanding of a complex concept, with a new twist.

"Yes, that's a great point!" I responded, and we chatted on the topic for awhile.

Thus, an instance of in-depth teaching and learning was illuminated. It was a moment I'm sure many of you have had, even in summer school.

I'd love to hear about your summer experiences at Tech.

Dennis '92 '09

At Tech

Scientists Spy on Lithium Ions

lithium ion
Lithium ion batteries are at the energetic heart of almost all things tech, from cell phones to tablets to electric vehicles. That’s because they are a proven technology, light, long-lasting and powerful. But they aren’t perfect. “You might get seven or eight hours out of your iPhone on one charge, maybe a day,” says Reza Shahbazian-Yassar, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Michigan Tech. More

Mind Trekkers Partners with National Science Festivals

Michigan Tech’s Mind Trekkers and Science Spark—creator of the USA Science & Engineering Festival—have joined forces to bring the magic and mystery of science and engineering to thousands more young people across the nation. As partners, Mind Trekkers—a traveling science and engineering show—will bring its hands-on activities to three major science expos this year, leading up to the 3rd national USA Science & Engineering Festival in April 2014 in Washington, DC. More

Mining in Northern Climes: Whose Decision is it?

A large, international mining concern wants to operate a huge, new iron ore mine in the far north. Concerns arise over economic ramifications: how many local people will be employed? And what will be the effects on human health, the environment and wildlife? More

Young Women Explore Computing Careers

river research
Nineteen female high school students who are fascinated by computer science are spending this week at Michigan Tech, exploring this fast-moving field. Girls from as far away as Delaware won scholarships to participate in Michigan Tech’s Women in Computer Science summer program, sponsored by Jackson National Life Insurance Company, which has an information technology satellite office in the MTEC SmartZone. More

Alumni Around the World

Northwest Michigan Chapter in Cherry Royale Parade

Cherry parade

On Saturday, July 6, alumni and friends from the Northwest Michigan Alumni Chapter were joined by students from Advance Motor Sports, Concrete Canoe, the Michigan Tech Pep Band and Blizzard T. Husky and shared their Michigan Tech spirit in the Cherry Royale Parade in Traverse City.

Many thanks to all our alumni chapter volunteers from the Northwest Michigan Alumni Chapter and a very special thank you to Chapter Leaders Linda ‘83 and Gary ’83 Wittbrodt!

Check out the Northwest Michigan Chapter on Facebook to see more photos from the Parade: www.facebook.com/MichiganTechNorthwestMichiganChapter

Seattle Micro Brew and Portland Pot Luck

SeattleOn June 26, alumni and friends from the Seattle Chapter gathered in the heart of the city for an evening of billiards, sushi, microbrew, and stories from the Keweenaw Peninsula. The group battled their way through heavy traffic on I-5 to meet staff from Michigan Tech's office of corporate partnerships on development travel through the Pacific Northwest.


On June 29, Portland alumni took a break from the 9th Annual North American Organic Brewers Festival to join together under the Tech flag in a park pavilion in the NW. Alumni not only brought potluck food, but a variety of samples from the brewer’s festival. The group reminisced about Tech (the best stories were awarded gifts) and brainstormed about ways to get connected with Tech. A few Huskies from the Seattle event a few days earlier made their way down to Portland, and a number of new connections were made with alumni and their families who are brand new to the area. Many thanks to Chapter Leaders Bill Savela ‘70 and Nate Schiavo ‘02 for organizing the event.

Upon hearing that the Seattle group is planning a microbrewery tour, the Portland group decided that they will meet up, ride the train north, and show the Seattle alumni how a brewery tour is done.

Dallas-Fort Worth Cocktail Party

Dallas-Ft. WorthOn Sunday, June 30, alumni and friends from the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter gathered for a Cocktail Party and Planning Session. 

Like their new Facebook Page and be the first to know about upcoming events:

Chris Anderson Retirement Celebration Slated for August 3

Chris Anderson, special assistant to the president for institutional diversity, will be honored with a retirement celebration on Saturday, August 3. The event will be held at the Magnuson Franklin Square Inn, downtown Houghton, and will feature a cocktail social and silent auction to benefit the Betty Chavis Scholarship Fund, in addition to the retirement dinner.

Chris' career at Tech began in 1980 as an instructor in biological sciences. From 1983 to 1989, she served as the director of the Summer Youth Programs; 1990 to 2007 as the executive director of the Educational Opportunity department, which also included the Summer Youth Programs; and from 2007 to today as the special assistant to the president for institutional diversity.

The social/auction begins at 5:30 p.m., with the dinner to follow at 6:00 p.m. Cost is $50 per person, with proceeds also going toward the scholarship fund. More information is available at www.huskylink.mtu.edu/chrisandersonretirement. To make a donation on behalf of Chris to the Betty Chavis Scholarship Fund, visit www.mtu.edu/giving or call 906-487-2310.

Class of 1953 Reunion Announcement and Challenge!

Bob Carnahan

Hoping for a stellar turnout. I'm aware of a handful of fellow alums planning to be in Houghton for our 60th class reunion in August. For our 50th we had a very respectable turnout enjoying attempts to identify one another and recalling the days gone by. Joe Gemignani took charge then of raising a successful class gift and this year I'm sure we'll rise to the challenge once again.

Earlier this year, the plan was announced to convert the campus corridor to a mall, beginning to end West to East, the Alumni Way. It's a splendid idea with a West End Gateway celebrating the history of the college and mining industry of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

The plan includes benches that will bear plaques identifying the donor's and other significant elements. It's my hope that we will be able to place a bench and am appealing to our class to support this goal. Those unable to make it back to campus for the Reunion weekend can still participate by directing a donation to the Class Gift for Class of '53.

Go Huskies.

Bob Carnahan

The link for the Class of 1953 gift: https://www.banweb.mtu.edu/mtu/mtf/gift/give.xsql

Save the Date for Alumni Reunion 2013, August 1–3!

2012 Pasty Picnic
Make plans to catch up with fellow alumni and rediscover campus during Alumni Reunion 2013. The featured groups for Reunion 2013 include the Class of 1963, 1973, 1983, 1988, 1993, 2003, the Golden M's (those who graduated fifty-plus years ago), and the Women of Michigan Tech.

A variety of activities for all ages will be offered including family activities, campus tours, seminars, pasty picnics, and much more!

For a preliminary schedule, lodging information, and to RSVP, please visit www.mtu.edu/reunion

New Bookstore/University Images Website

It's clickable!

Fill in the Blanks


2009 SYP Entrepreneur Exploration.

Recognize anyone?

Email me.


"Terry Trailer Town"

terry trailer town
Is this the old trailer village up Garnet Street, on the top of the hill?

Email me.

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Tech Sports

Conner Rejoins Pittsburgh Penguins

Chris Conner

--Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Penguins
The Pittsburgh Penguins have signed forward Chris Conner to a one-year contract, it was announced today by executive vice president and general manager Ray Shero. Conner's contract is a two-way deal worth $550,000 at the NHL level. Conner, 29, re-joins the Pittsburgh organization for the second time, having first played with the team during the 2009-10 and '10-11 seasons. More

Around the Keweenaw

Daily Mining Gazette | WLUC TV-6 | Marquette Mining Journal

From the Email Bag

Cliff Mine Research

Hi Dennis,
A most interesting article on the Cliff Mine and its restoration. Wish I'd had that map about a month earlier when we were up for my grandson's wedding (Matthew Nitz, 2014). After the wedding, my wife and son visited the Cliff Mine area and poked around some of the cliff sides, but somehow missed the dig and self-guided tour. It's been 50 years since I last visited there as a student. But, since I will be returning next summer for my 50th re-union, guess I'll get another chance.

Ted Reuschel, 1964

Ted: Thanks for the note. The Cliff is always a great time, and we'll be back there, too!


As a student from 1971 – 1976, and a Geo. Eng., a rock hound, and a miner at heart, I spent a fair amount of time at the Cliff Mine site. Using a potato rake, we would start at the bottom of the waste dump pile and slowly dig into the pile, working our way up the pile. Every now and then we’d find a bright greenish-blue chunk – most of which turned out to be “chisel chips” from the miners cutting the mass copper into small enough pieces to haul out of the mine. Who worries about chisel chips in the waste muck when you are hauling out hundred pound chunks of pure copper? I also found meerschaum pipe stems and bowls and other odds and ends. I still have some of those chisel chips.

What delightful days I spent in the Copper Country! I would have moved back in a New York Minute if I could have found work there in the 80s.

Dave Plumeau

We are lucky we get to live here, Dave.

Class of '63 Alberta Alum Reminiscing

Just a couple things from an old alumni.

This is the 50-year reunion of the Forestry alumni that spent our summer at Alberta for the forestry summer camp. I can honestly say that the summer of 63 was the best summer of my life. We not only learned the things that, at least for me, helped my career in forestry, but we met the local ladies when the L'Anse Golden Eagles came to practice one Saturday morning at Alberta. We also had a fairly good bunch of musicians, who we dubbed the "Baraga Plainsmen" who would play at the Colonial, which is now Tony's in L'Anse. However, we managed to learn our important courses from Gene Hesterberg, Hammer Steinheilb, and other dedicated instructors. What we learned that summer was what all us needed to channel our careers. I would hope that we could somehow get together for the Alumni reunion this year.

I still would like to hear from the boys of 63 at Alberta.

Jeff Floria "65"

The Big Lake

Why it's called Lake Superior

Pretty amazing..... Did you realize how big this lake is?

Lake Superior Facts

  • Lake Superior contains ten percent of all the fresh water on the planet Earth.
  • It covers 82,000 square kilometers or 31,700 square miles.
  • The average depth is 147 meters or 483 feet.
  • There have been about 350 shipwrecks recorded in Lake Superior
  • Lake Superior is, by surface area, the largest lake in the world.
  • A Jesuit priest in 1668 named it Lac Tracy, but that name was never officially adopted.
  • It contains as much water as all the other Great Lakes combined, plus three extra Lake Erie's!!
  • There is a small outflow from the lake at St. Mary's River (Sault Ste Marie) into Lake Huron, but it takes almost two centuries for the water to be completely replaced.
  • There is enough water in Lake Superior to cover all of North and South America with water one foot deep.
  • Lake Superior was formed during the last glacial retreat, making it one of the earth's youngest major features at only about 10,000 years old.
  • The deepest point in the lake is 405 meters or 1,333 feet.
  • There are 78 different species of fish that call the big lake home.
  • The maximum wave ever recorded on Lake Superior was 9.45 meters or 31 feet high.
  • If you stretched the shoreline of Lake Superior out to a straight line, it would be long enough to reach from Duluth to the Bahamas .
  • Over 300 streams and rivers empty into Lake Superior with the largest source being the Nipigon River
  • The average underwater visibility of Lake Superior is about 8 meters or 27 feet, making it the cleanest and clearest of the Great Lakes.
  • In the summer, the sun sets more than 35 minutes later on the western shore of Lake Superior than at its southeastern edge. Some of the world's oldest rocks, formed about 2.7 billion years ago, can be found on the Ontario shore of Lake Superior.
  • It very rarely freezes over completely, and then usually just for a few hours. Complete freezing occurred in 1962, 1979, 2003 and 2009.

John Baker



Hi Dennis,
I worked as a counselor at SYP in ’06. Three other counselors are in this photo (all with blue shirts/red lanyards): Lisa Deschaine (’08), Barbara Janiszewski, and Susan Janiszewski (’06). I’m pretty sure the photo was taken out at Calumet Waterworks.

Shannon Healy (’08)

Thanks, Shannon. It is still clickable.


The second and third women from the right (both wearing blue) are the Janiszewski sisters. Sue is second from the right (wearing glasses) and Barbara is third from the right. Lisa Deschaine is all the way on the left.

Marcus Haney

Classic Chevy

coral inn
Hi Dennis:
Being a car guy I recognize the Chevy by the Coral Inn Restaurant as being a '61 "Bubble Top" 2 door hardtop Bel Air with the narrower side trim than an Impala - looks sharp though!

Fred Roman
BSME '66

Fred: Good eye! Great car! I've included an image below.

bel air

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