February 26, 2013
Vol. 19, No. 13
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1.5 Snow Days

Shoveling out the SDC, I think.

This week, Michigan Tech closed for one and one-half days. It was a good move.

Areas around here received 30 inches of snow in the two-day blizzard. Roads were ice rinks. Snow banks are now out of control (12 to 15 feet high in front of our house, thanks to a front-end loader). And, the second of the two days was so bitterly cold you didn’t want to be outside. Period.

We've had these discussions in the past: when did Tech close? As far as we can tell, it has closed at least twice per decade since the 1960s. That might seem like a lot, but after this last doozy, we all believe "better safe than sorry."

To complicate matters, we had the Career Fair happening up at the SDC. Most of the companies’ recruiters were already here or on their way, so we weren’t going to cancel. Maybe more students would get hired, since they showed such perseverance to get up the hill!

They also had interviews scheduled, a couple of thousand, the next day or two, so it was really important that we make every effort to allow them to happen.

The Tech Facilities crew, as usual, did a fantastic job clearing the mess out of the way. By Thursday morning, the drifts that surrounded cars in parking lots were all cleaned up. Sidewalks and roadways were clean. We could get back to work.

The time off was kind of nice, actually, a midwinter break.

But it also included the three S’s: snow-blowing, scooping, and shoveling. Yooper athletics.

And two things were clear: our rivers and lakes will get some much-needed moisture, and that groundhog really doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

The Closings
I went back over an enormous batch of emails from 2007, and was able to put this together:

Early 1950s: never closed
Early 1960s: one day
1965: one-half day
1972: one day (297"of snow that season)
1978-79: one-half day (record snowfall: 380")
1979-80: one-half day
1981-82: one day
1983: one-half day
1985: the day after the Thanksgiving drive of '85 and maybe one more?
1993-94: This might have been a couple days in a row, as more than one person remembers that bitter winter. Frozen pipes everywhere and Lake Superior was frozen over, too. This might have been a noon one day until noon the next, however.
1995-96: also the year of the hostage in a Houghton bank
1997: one day
2000: one day, wind chill
2003 or '04: another noon until noon
2007: one day
2013: one and one-half days

So the obvious question is: has Tech ever closed for two full days in a row? (I know the local schools have done so in the past and again last week.)

Dennis '92 '09


Snowfall Totals
Snow to date: 156.25 inches
On the ground: 42 inches

Two weeks ago: 122.75 inches
On the ground: 32 inches

One year ago total: 118.5 inches
On the ground: 26 inches

Bonus Pep Band Video!

At Tech

Employers, Students Brave Blizzard to Build Their Futures

career fair
Michigan Tech’s Career Fair is an event awash in numbers, statistics, efforts to quantify the success of our students and the health of the overall economy. The numbers so frequently tell the story. Behind these figures, though, there are the students and employers themselves, and the careers and lives that they’re building together. More

Tech Chosen to Help Bolster Numbers of Women in Computing

computing women
Michigan Tech has been selected to participate in the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) Pacesetters program, designed to increase women's participation in the computing disciplines in a measurable way. Twenty universities and 14 companies were chosen. More

CN Donates $500,000 to Rail Transportation Program

CN, North America’s Railroad, announced today it has donated $500,000 to Michigan Tech's Rail Transportation Program to create the CN Endowed Fellowship in Rail Transportation. This brings CN’s total funding to the program to $750,000. Building on the CN Rail Transportation Education Center that opened in 2010, the endowment will support rail transportation-related projects and research, as well as hardware and software resources for students, and provide student scholarships. More

New Grad Fellowships Lure Returning Peace Corps Volunteers

grad fellowships
A new partnership between Michigan Tech and the US Peace Corps will enable returning Peace Corps volunteers to attend graduate school at Michigan Tech while putting their Peace Corps skills to work. Michigan Tech is one of the universities recently selected by the Peace Corps to offer new or expanded Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program graduate degrees, which include scholarships and degree-related internships in underserved American communities. More

Alumni Around the World

Husky Happy Hour: Lansing

On Monday, February 18, twenty-two alumni and friends from the Lansing Alumni Chapter gathered for an informal evening out to network with current graduate students who were participating in Graduate Education Day 2013 at the State Capitol. Many thanks to Jacque Smith '85, director of enrollment services in the Graduate School, for hosting the event.

Husky Happy Hour: San Diego

San Diego
Nearly two dozen San Diego alumni joined Adam Johnson and Brent Burns from the office of Corporate Development at the Tiki-themed Bali Hai near Point Loma in San Diego as they wrapped up a week of corporate activity in Southern California. The group enjoyed eclectic food, shared their favorite Winter Carnival stories and tales of winter survival in general - both of which helped solidify their decision to live in California. Husky attire and gifts were raffled off, including the large Husky flag, with agreement that the winner would bring it to the next alumni event already being planned for April.

Pasties in Arizona

On February 12, more than twenty-five alumni and friends gathered to have an old- fashioned Yooper dinner at the Cornish Pasty Company in Mesa, AZ. With tons of unique pasties to choose from, the traditional pasty was the food of choice for the Huskies. Alumni from six decades were represented and share stories about their trips out west and how much they missed the snow (or how they escaped the snow). With hundreds of alumni in the Phoenix area, there are many more events to come in the future.

Save the Date for Alumni Reunion 2013, August 1–3!

Make plans to catch up with fellow alumni and rediscover campus during Alumni Reunion 2013. The featured groups for Reunion 2013 include the Class of 1963, 1973, 1983, 1988, 1993, 2003, the Golden M's (those who graduated fifty-plus years ago), and the Women of Michigan Tech.

A variety of activities for all ages will be offered including family activities, campus tours, seminars, pasty picnics, and much more!

For a preliminary schedule, lodging information, and to RSVP, please visit www.mtu.edu/reunion

Distinguished Teaching Awards Seek Input

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) seeks input for its annual Distinguished Teaching Awards, which recognize outstanding contribution to the instructional mission of the University.

Based on over 51,000 student rating of instruction forms, eleven finalists have been identified for the 2013 awards. The selection committee is soliciting comments from students, staff, faculty, and alumni to aid in its deliberation process.

The finalists for the two awards include:
Associate Professor/Professor Category
Professor Andrew Burton (School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science)
Associate Professor Guy Hembroff (School of Technology)
Professor Bruce Mork (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Associate Professor Nilufer Onder (Computer Science)
Associate Professor Christopher Plummer (Visual and Performing Arts)

Assistant Professor / Lecturer / Professor of Practice Category
Assistant Professor Jared Anderson (Visual and Performing Arts)
Assistant Professor Frank Christiana (Aerospace Studies)
Professor of Practice Karyn Fay (Biological Sciences)
Assistant Professor Scott Miers (Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics)
Assistant Professor Kazuya Tajiri (Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics)
Assistant Professor Thomas Werner (Biological Sciences)
Comments on the nominees are due by Saturday, March 30, 2013 and should be sent to CTL at this link.

The process for determining the Distinguished Teaching Award recipients from this list of finalists also involves the additional surveying of their classes. The selection committee makes the final determination of the award recipients. The recipients of the 2013 Distinguished Teaching Award will be formally announced in May 2013.

For more information, contact Nancy Seely at 906-487-2046 or nsseely@mtu.edu .

Michigan Tech Alumni Provide Useful Feedback in Survey

In a recent survey, more than 3,000 Michigan Tech alumni shared their views on current Alumni Association programming and how the organization can provide additional opportunities for engagement.

Each completed survey generated a $5.00 donation to the Alumni Association’s Student Initiative Funding program which provides financial support for student organizations.  The fund now has $15,055 available for worthwhile student initiatives.  In the past two years, Blue Key, Pep Band, MTSF-Oozeball, Women’s Leadership Council, Keweenaw Pride, Advanced Motor Sports (AMS) Enterprise  LeaderShape, among others, have received funding from this program.

Survey participants also had the opportunity to enter into a draw for an iPad mini™. The lucky winners were Tricia Sebes ’96, Melanie Nizzola ’04, Scott Thayer ’90 and Christina Kionka ’72.

A summary of the survey results will be posted on the Alumni Association website in late March.

Fill in the Blanks



Did you help build the world-record snowball in 2006?

It is clickable.

Email me.


Snow White Statue

Snow White


Snow White and her seven dwarfs are featured in this snow statue. No idea what year or who built it. Any ideas?

Email me.

View more sports >

Tech Sports

T. J. Brown Layup Beats Buzzer vs. Lake State; Makes ESPN Top 10

T. J. Brown's layup as the buzzer sounded gave Michigan Tech a 79-78 victory over Lake Superior State in a wild finish at the SDC Gym Saturday. The lead changed hands twice in the final two seconds after the Lakers' Derek Kinney buried a 3-pointer with 1.6 showing on the clock. Ben Stelzer grabbed the ball from the net, signaled Brown to go long and hit him in stride with a 70-foot pass for the game winner. More

ESPN Top Ten video.

Huskies Shut Down Lakers in 57-38 Women's Basketball Win

men's hoops
The Michigan Tech women's basketball team used a balanced scoring attack and stifling defense to earn a 57-38 victory at the SDC Gym Saturday. The Huskies held the Lakers to just 17 first half points and 12 field goals for the game to improve to 18-7 overall and 16-5 in GLIAC play. More

Three Skiers Earn All-Region Honors

cc ski
The Michigan Tech Nordic ski team had three women earn NCAA All-Region honors in the five-kilometer classic race Saturday. Deedra Irwin led the women's team with a fifth place finish in 18:00. Rachel Mason finished ninth (18:26) and Sarah Daniels was 10th one second back. Lynn Duijndam finished 15th (19:00). More

Around the Keweenaw

Daily Mining Gazette | WLUC TV-6 | Marquette Mining Journal

WCHA Hockey in Alabama

Found the info on UAH joining the WCHA interesting. Back in the 80s, I spent a winter in Huntsville working on a proposal. UAH had a good hockey club in those days, made up mostly of Michigan boys, and several of us attended a few of their games. We have a junior hockey program here in Rockledge, Florida at a rink owned by a Michigan expat. Interesting that hockey has even spread to the warm climes.

Glenn Jamar 59'

Glenn: Our guys will appreciate the breaks from the snowbanks, too.

From the Email Bag

1967 Statue


Editor's Note:
I don't have room to display all the emails! Wow, did I get an education on this one!

The tank was on display behind the library about 1970 and Hersey was the US chairperson of the military draft board. A popular TV commercial for Hertz Rent a Car showed a Hertz customer floating down from the sky, landing in the driver's seat and comfortably driving off. Hertz's slogan was "Let Hertz put you in the driver's seat". The statue caption was "Let Hershey put you in the driver's seat" ...meaning you could be drafted to fight in Viet Nam and drive a tank.

Tech had a few anti-war protests including making the People's Park near St. Al's. I wore a peace emblem badge on my book bag. These were interesting times!

Jim Balazer, PE, EE 71'



Regarding the tank statue, Lt. Gen Lewis Hershey was Director of Selective Service for the December 2, 1969 Draft Lottery. The balance of the statement comes from a Hertz Rent-a-Car advertising slogan, substituting Hershey for Hertz. The statue has to be from 1970.

I remember sitting in Wadsworth Hall and listening to the results of the draft on the radio. Not a fun night for those drawing low numbers. I hope you hear from many alums that proudly served their country as a result of the 1969 Draft Lottery. The Vietnam Era military I served in after graduation was far different from what this country has today.

Jeff Rendall '71'


The photo of the snow sculpture of a tank was taken at MTU Winter Carnivals between the years of 1967 to 1970. Hershey referred to General Lewis Hershey who was in charge of the Selective Service System by which young men were being drafted into the United States military. The Vietnam War was in full progress at the time and many young men sought college deferments to avoid the draft. The MTU Winter Carnival that year had numerous snow statues on controversial current topics. I remember one which had a tank on snow marked Israel pulling a large chain wrapped around a Sphinx or Pyramid on snow marked Egypt, as if the sphinx or Pyramid was being dragged over to Israel's side of the border. The title of the snow sculpture was "Israel's Cultural Expansion". It was a time when many young people in the United States were protesting war. (Israel won a 7 day war in 1968 against Egypt and other countries, so the snow sculptures of tanks most likely was during the Winter Carnival of 1969 or 1970.) I believe in 1969 President Lyndon Johnston was escalating the number of young men being drafted into the United States Army to fight in Vietnam. One would have to check out these facts but I think I am correct in my writings.

Donald Borich, PhD, (Metallurgy PhD student at the time of the Winter Carnivals from 1967 to 1971)


This looks like a statue from 60's/early 70's (my era) that references the draft initiated by General Lewis B. Hershey.

As this was the Viet Nam era, I dont believe the inference was complimentary. The war certainly got in the middle of my time at Tech.

The direction of Hershey's career was firmly set in 1936 when, as a major in the War Department, he developed the plan for the first peacetime selective service draft in U.S. history. Appointed Director of the Selective Service by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941, Brigadier General Hershey presided over the administration of the draft until its abolition in 1971.

Paul Buckley, MTU BSME '74


This was the 1967 Winter Carnival while visiting my brother at Tech. Hershey was a Vietnam general. See link. I attached a picture (left) I took of the snow statue.

Curt Johnson


General Hershey was the director of the federal Selective Service (draft board) from 1941 to 1970. During the hottest part of the Vietnam War, the Hertz car rental company was running television ads with the slogan, "Let Hertz Put You Into the Driver's Seat". It seemed like a great idea to combine the two concepts, and make a verbal and symbolic comment on the pressing issue to the day for many students who were being drafted right after graduation, or if they flunked out.

I recall that on the morning the statues were evaluated, the judges came by and they seemed to like the statue, but then they started asking each other "Who is Hershey?" I believe they were local business folks, and they didn't understand the reference to the good general. When nobody gets a joke, it is very difficult to explain the punch line.

Although not taking the statue competition was a brief disappointment to us, the rest of Carnival was just great. I worked on the student sliding into the open tank hatch, and related to what was happening to the poor guy as I was scheduled to enter the Army in December 1968.

Chris Overgaard
December 68


Director of the "Selective Service" during the Viet Nam era. Photo probably 67.


Jim and Cathie Carpenter



General Lewis B. Hershey was the head of the selective service (read Draft) during Viet Nam. Hence the comment about the Tank Ice sculpture.

Thanks and keep up the great job!!

Ed Schultz ‘71



Hershey was in charge of the Selective Service Branch of the government! They were the people who were doing the draft during the Vietnam War. So the pun was to let Hershey put you in the driver's seat of a military vehicle. Unfortunately, most folks didn't know who Hershey was, so a Phi Tau actually wrote a note a to the newspaper the week before in an editorial about the draft and mentioning Hershey's name. I don't believe the Statue won any prizes but people finally became educated about the Military Draft, as the protests against the War in Vietnam was just beginning to start big time!!

Dan Brennan 68


Statue was from Winter Carnival 1967 ... to be sure in the Vietnam War era. I have attached a scanned version of a 35mm slide (left) from that time. Lewis Hershey was the director of Selective Service System in those turbulent days.

Dave Hansen, 1969.


Yes, definitely Viet Nam war era. Gen Hershey was director of the Selective Service (Draft).

In October 1967, in response to increasing demonstrations against military recruiting on college campuses, Hershey issued an order which became known as "The Hershey Directive," that anyone demonstrating against a military recruiter could be subject to immediate Selective Service reclassification of their draft status, meaning those students who demonstrated would be at risk of being immediately drafted.[1] This order outraged students, many of whom were not subject to being drafted due to education deferments, and campus demonstrations against the war (and Hershey's order) increased. The Supreme Court voided this order on January 2, 1970 (in Bucher v. Selective Service System).[2] Hershey was removed from his Selective Service post by President Richard Nixon after becoming a focus of anti-war protests.

Don Thompson 1971

Alumnus Gets Face Time at Hockey Game

hockey game
Last week, I made it to a Princeton/St. Lawrence hockey game with my Tech sweatshirt. Got a great shot by my son in law. St. Lawrence won 3 to 2, but it was great up to the final buzzer. Sure miss the game, but I get a lot on Comcast and occasionally a Tech game. My best friends out here in Maryland are grads of Denver and North Dakota.

Bill Kincaide, 59'

Bill: Nice work! Keep an eye out for the next DC-area alumni get-together.

Yooper Cloud

Hi Dennis,
Just out of curiosity, is there any chance that the beautiful picture of the cloud that looks like the UP is going to be reproduced for sale?

Is it authentic or was is manufactured?

Ann McMahon

Ann: I think it's real.


Could someone make the "U.P. Cloud Photo" available as a print or poster?

Also, I believe "General Hershey" was in charge of Selective Service during the Vietnam era, and would love to draft you and teach you how to drive a tank.

Bob Cambensy '65

Bob: I'm sure someone has thought of that.


Michigan Tech Magazine Looking for Alumni News

What's up with you? Got some news you'd like to share with your old classmates? Email it to the editor at mlgoodri@mtu.edu, and we'll put it in the next Michigan Tech Magazine.

We love pictures too. Just make sure the resolution is good enough for print.

A Call for Vetville Photos

It would be interesting to see some pics of the campus and adjoining quarters for all the veterans that started school there between 1945 thru 1952.

Dewey Bjork

Dewey: I've included a shot (clickable) of the "Vetville" next to the old Engineers Field and Sherman Gym. I know there was another Vetville up the hill from the main campus. Do other alums remember this?

Alumni in NASA

Hey Dennis,
I was way behind on my Tech Alum Newsletter reading and noticed this question from the 10-6-12 newsletter regarding Alums in the Space Program. I’m sure the question is mostly directed toward those who did the heavy lifting during the 70’s and 80’s for the Space Shuttle Program, but I was a part of the Shuttle Program – External Tank Project from 2003 until 2008. Our location in New Orleans, LA hired around 100-150 new people (mostly engineers) to help with the massive engineering efforts after the Columbia accident. I was badged to Lockheed Martin, but it was a NASA facility. We assembled the large External Fuel Tank that the Solid Rocket Boosters and Orbiter attach to. I was fortunate enough to be a part of that project and worked on some very interesting manufacturing issues and failures. The experience also allowed me to present a paper at a technical conference on welding.

Of course, the Space Shuttle Project is no longer, and I am living in Florida now working for a company that deals with commercial aerospace. I don’t think there was anyone else from MTU during my time in New Orleans at my facility.

Ward Rietz, Jr.

Ward: As I've mentioned before, I know at least one alum with NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.

Nice Nod from Joe K.

This gets better with each issue! Even when I'm not familiar with the alum, I'm always impress with how they leave here with memories fond enough to reply - from all over the world.

Joe Kirkish

Joe: They are an amazing breed, as witnessed by the tank statue responses!

Alum Writes Book, Workbook

Before I Go


Arie Korving '65 has written a book and workbook titled Before I Go that addresses end-of-life planning that most people overlook. "They take care of the big things—wills and trusts—but they forget about telling their survivors their passwords or where their safety deposit box key is located." Korving's books address that and other important issues, including investment advice for a spouse who must take over something of which they might not be familiar.

The books are available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

102 Degrees in Houghton?

102 degrees

I very much enjoy the TechAlum Newsletters.

Keep up the good work!

If you're ever doing a story on warm weather in Houghton, this attached photo might be helpful.

Tom Ala '70

Tom: Boy, did we need this! Thanks!

It's clickable.

Class of 1953 Checks In

Class of 1953
This is the pic from 50th reunion of class of 1953. Speed Burns is in the picture along with several of us...Doug Seeber was in '54.


I remembered that you had Cornish in your background.

By the way, I got a call from Doug Seeber '54 about Robert David "Speed" Burns. Doug has a picture of the original guys from the Central Mine expeditions of the Sig Rho's with a picture of several of the guys in front of Pitchitino's (sp) tavern in Calumet. He is going to get it autographed by those still around and give a copy to the widows of the rest. Helen Gitzen Wurthwick and Annagrit Trudeau were two that he mentioned. Doug lived next door to the Gitzens when Houghton Ave was still Houghton ave. He does see Helen during his visits.

namesI had mentioned to Doug that 10 years ago at our 50th class reunion that Speed was there and we had some light beverages at the Library and Olivia Barrett (?) the Gazette writer shared some time with us. Speed talked about his time in Africa and his African wife. However , I did not get his card and don't know where he is. Speed was an unusual guy, even for Tech guys. Leading the band with his bagpipes and kilts. Hikes in the woods to gather geological specimens with his little pick hammer. Doug and some of the others like Jim Browne had thought that Speed went to Africa and disappeared . . maybe trampled by an elephant scared by bagpipes. I have not heard from him, but wondered if you had heard anything from him recently. I told Doug to take to Erik Nordberg as he would be a good source. Doug had met Eric when he was doing some tracing of his roots. His mother was Douglass..daughter of Corbin Douglass and granddaughter of Frank A. Douglass that were pioneers and started the Insurance business. Doug's father was descended from the famous Seeber Family .

Could you be of any help on this one? I may be coming up for the 60th. Unfortunately, like many of the classes, at 60 you are losing friends. Larry Looby, Jim Whalen, Louis Weisenberg, Leo Lucchessi, Joe DeBastiani, Bob Bunney and others are gone.

Anyway, keep up the good work. The winter carnival looks good. I have some old pictures that I will copy and send to you. It was tough to see Clarence Monette pass from the scene. And I was surprised at how young he was. He put a lot of his fingerprints on history.

Sending you some news from Xstrata for the mining guys. Things are alive and well.

Bob Brown

Bob: Your diamond year is a great reason to come back to Tech! I'll check on Speed Burns.

2007 Statue Mystery Solved

statue building
I was the peer mentor of the Forest Resource and Environmental Sciences learning community, Tree House. I remember working on that statue, it was the first time Tree House ever did an all nighter statue. We were making the Easter Island heads, though some were given more of a punk look as the night progressed. When we started there were no plans of nose rings or anything but they eventually found their way in.

That is me on the left with the shovel. I can't tell from the picture who is in the red jacket. In the blue is Ben Heidfeld. Evan Cole is in black with the hose. Julie Emerick is next in line and followed by Bryan Carps. In the back in the yellow is Hansen Nordsiek. I cannot tell who is in the orange but I can tell that behind Ben's left leg is Jillian Schubert our RA, you can just make out her hat.

It was great seeing this picture, that was a fun and long night. Ben and I were on that statue pretty much from that moment until sunrise the following day. Thanks for posting it,

Dieter Rudolph (2009)


All but one of the people in the all nighter picture were from Treehouse (Julie Emerick was in HLH, but was a former and honorary Treehouser). Treehouse, Shangri La and The Burrow teamed up for Winter Carnival that year.

Jillian (Schubert) Edwards (former Treehouse RA)

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