January 15, 2013
Vol. 19, No. 10
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New Broomball Scoreboards

lit scoreboard
They work!

As you know, broomball is a big deal at Michigan Tech: 1,400 students compete on 240 teams that play 1,000 games a season.

It’s only fitting that the biggest game on campus should have some big, high-tech scoreboards.

“We can do that,” said the Robotics Enterprise. The student-run team began planning in April 2012, designing over the summer, and assembling the scoreboards in time for this winter’s season.

Recently, Charlie Rysenga, project leader, was busy connecting pieces of the 4-foot by 8-foot metallic monsters with pop rivets.

“I’ll use about a thousand by the time I’m done,” he says. The third-year electrical engineering major from Berkley, Mich., figures each scoreboard will weigh 200 pounds when finished.

They’ll be a vast improvement over the old, manual, wooden versions currently hung near the black, silver and gold rinks. The new models will follow that Michigan Tech color scheme.

“We are having them painted at Advance Tec, ,” says George Olszewski, a fourth-year business major from Columbus, Ind. The company is donating the labor, after hours.

Olszewski was drilling into the new components, making space for the scoreboard clocks. “These will have running clocks, and that’s a big deal,” he says. “No more guessing how much time is left.”

Olszewski doubles as the broomball connection with the Inter-Residence Hall Council, which runs the competition.

Megan Crowley, a fourth-year applied ecology major from Milford, Mich., shows off the custom-made control boxes, with special “glove-sized buttons” for the outdoor scorekeeping. She is playing on two broomball teams this winter.

“We’ll have running time on the controls, too,” she says, working on internal connections on each unit.

And once they are mounted at the rinks, the whole system will be networked for real-time scoring on the broomball website. For those enhancements, Olszewski says they have had great help from IT, Telcom, and Facilities Management, who re-leveled the three outdoor rinks and added conduit and block work to make it all come together.

So, how many total hours have gone into this project?

“Probably 5,000, between the Robotics Enterprise, the broomball people, IT and Facilities,” says Rysenga.

“And the Advance Tec guy is working overnight so we can grab them the next morning,” Olszewski adds. He points to a gleaming black scoreboard standing in the sunlit front hall of the Minerals and Materials Engineering Building.

When the three scoreboards are done, they’ll have cost about $10,000, including $800 to ship the weatherproof components from China.

“Broomball can afford it,” Olszewski says, smiling. “We had to get the exact components we wanted. We shopped around a lot, and we found the best ones in China.”

The green LED scoreboards will be highly visible on the east end of campus.

“And, they’ll be great at night,” says Crowley.

The new mechanisms will add to the enjoyment, no doubt, of the distinctly Michigan Tech tradition of broomball.

Dennis '92 '09


Snowfall Totals

Season to date: 48.25 inches
On the ground: 6.5 inches

One year ago total: 49 inches
On the ground: 10 inches

Don't forget our snowfall contest!

At Tech

US News Top Tech Jobs Focus on Michigan Tech Strengths

Seven computing and two engineering jobs made the elite list. Ranked one through nine were computer systems analyst, database administrator, software developer, web developer, computer programmer, mechanical engineer, IT manager, computer systems administrator and civil engineer.More

Senior Design Teams Tackle Jaipur Foot Challenge

Most of us would rather hop in a car than walk. Walking has become something of a lost art. But what if you couldn’t walk? A low-cost solution for those needing a lower limb replacement has been the Jaipur foot. The prosthetic designed in India has helped millions around the world walk again. More

New Projects at Superior Ideas

New projects have been added to the Superior Ideas website. From October 11 to December 31 we have had 94 donors. The average amount in donation per donor was $142.47. Total funding has now eclipsed the $15,000 mark!

construction sign

Highway Emissions Estimator
As one of the leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions, highway construction activities must be closely monitored. With careful planning and analysis, offending emissions can easily be lowered—minimizing negative environmental impact. An easy-to-use emissions calculator could help pave the road to a more sustainable future. More


petri dish
Cancer-Fighting Rice

A multitude of anticancer treatments exist, but most of these options kill both a patient’s healthy cells and their cancerous ones. A surprising alternative may have been discovered, in rice callus. Test results have shown 80 to 95 percent of cancerous cells die when treated with rice callus, with almost no effect on normal cells—a very promising discovery. More

Alumni Around the World

Alumni in Seattle

Seattle Alumni What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with your fellow Michigan Tech alumni! The Seattle Alumni Chapter gathered for a tasting and behind-the-scenes glimpse at wine making at Chateau Ste. Michelle, pictured above and below.

Seattle alumni

Michigan Tech Basketball Alumni Event

West Michigan alumniThirty-one alumni, family, and friends from the West Michigan Chapter cheered on the men's and women's basketball Huskies on Saturday, January 12. It was a great Saturday afternoon, with a pizza party, raffle prizes, and Michigan Tech basketball! Big thanks to Pam Baileys '79 for organizing the event.

We Want Your Feedback

Want to share your views on Alumni Association Programs? And have a chance to win an iPad mini?

In support of our mission “Celebrating Traditions. Creating Connections.”, the Michigan Tech Alumni Association is seeking your valuable input and feedback about current alumni events and activities. Your input will help us improve programs AND better serve our more than 70,000 alumni and friends.

For participating in this survey, you will have a chance to win one of three new Apple iPad minis. In addition, your participation will help students through our Student Initiative Funding Program. For every completed survey, the Alumni Association will donate $5 to support Michigan Tech student organizations such as the Pep Band and Blue Key. Our goal is to grow funding for this program to $10,000 and your participation in this survey will help get us there!

Eligible participants will have received a link to the survey.

Questions? Contact the survey coordinator, Junhong Min and the Michigan Tech student marketing research consulting (SMRC) team at (906) 487-2885 or mtu.smrc@gmail.com.

Calling All Greeks!

Phi Tau house
We want to hear about your house cooks!

The Michigan Tech Magazine is planning to feature on those wonderful people who kept fraternity and sorority members fed back in the day.

If your house had a cook, please send me a note, and I'll get you in touch with our editor.

Thank you.

New Memories Website

Memories Website
The Memories website has a new look and functionality which makes it even easier for Alumni and friends to share their Michigan Tech memories and upload photos as well.

The site, originally launched in 2010 for Michigan Tech’s 125th celebration, contains stories about campus life and adventures in the Keweenaw from the 30’s right up to today! You can search for stories either by topic or decade and read what others have posted.

Take a moment to share your memories at http://www.mtu.edu/memories.

Copper Country Snowfall Contest is Back!

soldier monument

The soldier monument when it was on College Avenue. It is in Veterans Park, near the bridge, now.

If you accurately predict the total amount of snow to fall in the Keweenaw this winter you could win a stay in a campus guest room (located in the Memorial Union Building & Wadsworth Hall) and a Michigan Tech Winter Survival Kit.

According to the Keweenaw Research Center, a total of 132 inches of snow fell during the 2011-12 season last winter. There were 944 entries in the Second Annual Snowfall contest ranging from 73.8 to 400 inches. Scott Yager, a 2010 Electrical Engineering Tech alumnus earned the grand prize with his prediction of 131.5 inches.

Brian Baldwin, a 1989 Computer Science alumnus, was chosen from all entries to also win a Michigan Tech Winter Survival Kit as the Consolation Prize.

Check out the Snow Memories posted by alumni and friends: www.mtu.edu/memories/snow/

Enter your snowfall prediction for this winter at http://mtu.edu/snowfall/

Fill in the Blanks

Challenge X car


Challenge X Car in 2006. This was the offshoot of Future Car, I believe.

Recognize anyone there? It's clickable.

Email me.


Mont Ripley in 1958

Old computer


This view of Mont Ripley should show the old K2 house.

But, which one?

Email me.

View more sports >

Tech Sports

Hoffman Earns Commissioner's Award

The Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference recently announced that Michigan Tech senior Melanie Hoffman was named one of six female student-athletes to earn the Meijer Commissioner's Award. Hoffman, a member of the women's soccer team, earned the award for the second time. More

Huskies Can't Complete Comeback in 5-4 Loss at UMD

men's hoops
Michigan Tech dug itself a two-goal deficit in the opening period and never recovered in a 5-4 loss at Minnesota Duluth tonight. The Huskies battled back within a goal four times in the game but couldn't pull even. Alex Petan, Ryan Furne and Steven Seigo all registered multi-point nights for the Huskies. More

Grand Valley Men Defeat Tech Hoops

women's hoops
Senior Ali Haidar scored 25 and sophomore Ben Stelzer added 21 for Michigan Tech but it was not enough as Grand Valley came away with a 70-65 win Saturday (Jan. 12). The Huskies fall to 10-4 overall and 7-3 in the league. "We played a hell of a game today," said head coach Kevin Luke. "Today was the best we looked all year. Our guys gave a great effort today." More

Around the Keweenaw

Daily Mining Gazette | WLUC TV-6 | Marquette Mining Journal

From the Email Bag

Go Hockey Huskies

MacInnes Trophy
The MacInnes Trophy, awarded to the GLI Winner, made a trip to Portage Lake, where the Huskies played a little pond hockey.

I’ve been watching what news I can get regarding the MTU Hockey Huskies from my south suburban Denver home and was thrilled when I did my Google of the GLI outcome on New Years day morning! The funniest thing about this was that every single article I pulled up talked about anything except who won (we did!), but rather who lost. Every article would go on for 3+ paragraphs on how U of M lost, or MSU lost, or WMU lost, then in the final line of each article, you’d finally find a line stating how MTU won the tournament.

I hope we make a habit of winning at the Joe and people get used to seeing us in the winning column.

Thanks team, thanks Coach Pearson!

Shoot da puck, eh!

John Uhrie, Class of 91 and 96


young alums
I have attached a picture of my daughter Dana Kuncaitis-Rouse and her husband First Lieutenant Connor Rouse. 2012 MTU Graduates. The picture was taken at the Hockeytown Cafe in Detroit during the GLI. They flew in from Germany for the holidays and one of their wishes was to attend the GLI this year. Might win the "distance traveled" award....lol

Rod Kuncaitis


Congratulations Huskies on the GLI WIN!

I was freshman equipment mgr under Coach MacInnes in 61/62 and attended the NCAA tournament when we won that... again U of M one of our foes... SWEET... Clarkson and Boston College also fell that tournament and we came out # ! A year of Angotti, Sullivan... et el... what a team!

Keep focused and look high... stand tall!

Jim Lehmann


Go Huskies!, GLI a big win

Paul Moskowitz

More Mont Ripley

Mt. Ripley

1957 Carnival at Mt. Ripley (clickable).

Hi, Dennis,

One of our alumni sent the attached torch-light parade pictures to me.

The photographer is Roger Lange '57. He and his wife Jeannette lived on College Avenue, and they obviously had a terrific and unobstructed view of Mount Ripley—he took the pictures from their living room window.

The first is from Winter Carnival 1957 and the second is from 1955.

As for the exposure, he said he just took a wild guess!

Janice Henkel

Good guessing, Roger!

Mt. Ripley
Now that winter is again upon us, I can relate one of my "Mt. Ripley" stories. About January of 1963 my roommate Kenny and I were skiing Mt. Ripley on a pleasant afternoon. Both of us were not very good skiers but I had my own skis, while Kenny rented a pair at the ski-hut. (They were wooden at this time). After several uneventful runs, my roommate came up to me at the base of the steep hill, holding up a badly broken- in- half wooden ski, and sporting a sheepish grin. When I asked why anyone would be laughing after breaking a ski, and almost a leg, he replied "that he had paid the 50 cents insurance (against breakage) charge when he rented the skis. "Such was life at the Tech in the 60's".

Ronald Musil '64

Carnival 1955 (clickable).


1993 SAE Mystery Partially Solved

old alumnus cover
I was on the Mini Baja team in 1994-1995. This looks like the older vehicle that we started with. The 1993 vehicle didn’t compete because it didn’t pass safeties as I recall. I think the guy in front crouching is Brian Pospeck. I copied him on the email, but I’m not sure if I have his latest contact info. I think the guy in the hat and glasses also crouching was on the 1994-1995 team as well, but I can’t remember his name. I’ll have to check my records at home and see if I can come up with it.

Paul Hastings- Senior Engineer
UTC Aerospace Systems

Da Tech Is . . .

Da Tech Is . . .


Good old punch cards. . .

Thanks again to alumni Bill Walters and Ed Foy, who sent these along, and Denny and Cher LeSage, who drew them.

Favorite Profs

Took some time to think about some of my favorite instructors at Tech. A lot of them wanted me to write and I passed on some wonderful opportunities.

Dr. Carol Berkenkotter, American Literature, Cannot remember the stories name but... Now at University of Minnesota: my mother's alma mater

Dr. Susan Martin, Archeology, Star Carr Mesolithic arch site in North Yorkshire, England

Dr. David T. Halkola, History, Wreck of the SS America interview a surviving officer

Dr. Martin Auer, Civil Engineering, Short Environmental Impact Statement (no such thing)

Joe Kirkish, Photography, Photo’s

Valerie Pegg and husband (Barry), Shakespeare, Really brought the playwrite to life

Dr. Clyde Works, Mech. Dept Head, Was always interested in the students. Then there was his Newfoundland dog who tipped people.

Having always been a reader and writer it sometimes distresses me that in the Technical Fields writing is so often dismissed.

James Potts

Proud of a New Alum!

Hi Dennis,
First of all, I enjoy reading the Tech Alum Newsletter and seeing what is happening at Tech and around the world with our alumni. I also want to send a shout-out to the Tech Hockey Team for their GLI victory - I wish I could have been there.

The purpose of my email is to share a story about one of my life-long friends—we went to elementary & high school together, enrolled at Tech and were roommates in the fall of 1982, we both are members of Phi Kappa Tau, and have we have remained in close contact over the years.

My friend's name is Dan (Daniel) Lorentz. Unlike most of us that attended Tech and graduated in 4 - 6 years, Dan's path has taken him a bit longer—30 years! I am proud to say that Dan officially joined the MTU alumni ranks in December. While at Tech Dan had to do some co-op work to pay for his tuition and during one of these co-op opportunities he met his now ex-wife, had a family, etc., etc., that deterred Dan from returning to Tech.

Over the years Dan had talked about wanting to get his degree but just could not find the right opportunity to get back. I had conversations with past MTU President, Curt Tompkins, to see what was needed for Dan to earn his degree. Since Dan was pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree he had to return to the Tech campus in order to complete a class that required lab work. I shared my findings with Dan but his family situation still prevented him from returning.

Finally, two years ago (after his divorce was settled and two children graduated from high school) Dan decided to complete his goal to get his BSME. One of the unique things about his return is that Dan decided to live in the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house upon his return—he was like having a live-in chapter advisor. The current membership and Dan took to each other quite well and the rest is history.

While back at Tech Dan was able to do another co-op program and this has lead to his future employment that will keep him in the Houghton/Hancock area.

Dan has traveled a hard road to get to this point and I am looking forward to better times for him— he deserves it.

PS - Dennis, I also wrote to you last summer about my son who participated in the White House Science Fair. The video of my son and the President is current one of the top 10 most viewed White House videos.

Best regards, happy New Year, and GO TECH!

Victor Hudy
MTU '87


I think this photo was taken in the Jacobsville area. The area was noted for the beautiful sandstone and the cliffs along the shore there were the wonderful red and white sandstone.

There were two or three quarry pits that I used to climb around when I was a child and visited my grandmother in Jacobsville. Memories of lots of strawberry fields and jobs picking those berries also stand out.

Jacobsville is usually one of our drives when we come to the UP as the coastline there is so pretty.

Mary K. Kent
Attended 63-65 at MTU


Bill Kern's photo looks like Jacobsville to me.

Gary Lankfer

1977 Alum Named to Michigan Ski Area Safety Board

David Kubiske '77, civil engineering, of Ida, is president of David Arthur Consultants Inc. in Dundee and has been appointed to the Michigan Ski Area Safety Board by Gov. Rick Snyder serving the remainder of a four-year term that ends June 8, 2014.

He and Nick Sirdenis (manager of Mont Ripley) were named to the seven-member board that helps the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs with licensing and regulating ski areas and lifts in Michigan Ski Area Safety Board.

Before becoming president and chief executive officer of David Arthur Consultants Inc., Mr. Kubiske served as a staff engineer for E. P. Kubiske & Associates Inc. and as president and chief executive officer for Kubiske Engineering and Construction.

He is a member of the Michigan Society of Professional Engineers and a board member for Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County. He holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Michigan Technological University. Kubiske will represent public members from the Lower Peninsula with ski experience and fills a vacancy.

Memories at the Dee

Dee Stadium

Relating to the emails of Gail Richter and Dennis Meyer:

I recall beginning at Tech in the Fall of '57. I had a ride up with Earl Seppala. We had to make the last ferry across the Straits of Mackinac that night - barely made it, as I recall. By the time I returned home (to Detroit) for the Christmas break, the Bridge had opened.

I, too, never missed a Tech home game. The Minnesota games always were a zoo. Some guy, a Tech student, I believe, had it in for John Mariucci; I don't recall the name. Anyway, this guy - three sheets to the wind - always started some kind of a brawl with Mariucci. It got pretty ugly several times.

Speaking of Tech games at the Dee, a lot of foreign teams toured through North America prior to the '60 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid. Naturally, the Finnish Olympic team came to da' Copper Country and played da' Tech one night. I went to the game, but found few other Tech students there. The Dee was full to the rafters with Copper Country locals.

Olympic hockey in those days had less body checking than was the case in college hockey. Inevitably, the Tech players handed some pretty solid checks to the Finns - who by the way, were completely outclassed by da' Tech. After a few of these checks, the locals, who were solidly behind the Finns, raised a chorus of boos against da' Tech.

Da' Tech didn't appreciate being booed in their own house, so they really poured it to the Finns - no mercy! By the final horn, Tech had beaten the Finns something like 20 - 1.

Happy New Year!

Da' curmudgeon, Frank

More on the Archives

Dennis, is there a link that would take is to previous alum newsletters? I wanted to go back a few weeks and check something.

Richard Kirkbride '67

Richard: The old TechAlums are here, and they are always linked from the upper-right corner in the newsletter, just under the Alumni Association logo.

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Liberty Mutual and the Alumni Association
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Eastern Michigan: Renee Kurowski (989.832.4865) renee.kurowski@libertymutual.com
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