August 28, 2012
Vol. 18, No. 27
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Start 'Em Up

The Vincklers
The Vinckiers moved Alyssa, far left, in to Wads. Dad Robert, mom Gerri, and brother Brad all chipped in before Brad found his way to his room. (They are also pictured in Alumni Around the World.)

Move-in weekend always charges up the campus, as we begin a fall semester with optimism, excitement, and anticipation. And our massive Welcome Crew does a lot of the heavy lifting!

We were able to find a few legacy families moving in their sons and daughters Saturday. The Vinckiers (left) were up from Romeo, Michigan, Robert '78 has worked for Ford for 34 years and Gerri '81 is at the GM Tech Center. Daughter Alyssa is looking at physical therapy someday, and son Brad is in biomed. Moving in "about 10X as much stuff" as back in the day, they were looking forward to a Harbor cruise on Sunday and visiting family in Ishpeming on the way home.

Nearby, in Tree House, RA Hannah Slabough fixed up her room with some vintage shag rugs and a great old album cover: Fragile by Yes. She is a second-year environmental engineering major, possibly looking at grad school.

Madeline Wohlfeil was getting organized in Wads with help from Jill '84 and Eric. Jill fondly recalled Tech hockey, the Dog House, Ambassador, and mostly studying to get into Wayne State med school. They live in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, now.

Tamara Stone '87 was moving in her son, Derek, too, with major help from the welcome crew. An EE, she is a manager for GE in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and Derek was going to major in ME. Their SUV was pretty full!

Behind McNair, crew member Beka Horsch was directing traffic with Josh Lehman. Vehicles were allowed down into the East McNair courtyard, saving many steps. Beka is in her second year in business management, and Josh is a fifth-year EE who'd like to end up in Seattle.

Near DHH, Grandma Ruth Marsh stopped to chat with grandson John, a first-year EE from Ann Arbor(!). Mom (also Ruth) was going to stop in Marquette and check on another sibling finishing summer school.

Finally, Peter Kueffner, a new ME, was getting moved in with dad, Scott '88, also ME. Scott was a WMTU veteran and was going to check out the new studio in the basement of Wads later. His wife, Ann '85, an STC major, couldn't make the trip. Peter wanted to join an Enterprise program, maybe Aerospace.

As I was leaving, a dad and younger sister were trying to find some bottled water (it was near 90 degrees all day). I found the the complimentary water bin out front and ran a couple of bottles into them, as they were sampling the free cookies near the Wads cafeteria.

"Thanks, this is awesome."

The simple things, like helping first-year students move in to their new homes, mean a lot.

I was going to tell them "welcome to the best years of your life, so far," but they probably would have just rolled their eyes. Mom and dad might have nodded, though.

Dennis '92 '09
P.S. Here's the first-year students assembling on Sherman Field for their class photo.

At Tech

Students Do "Move-Out Day" for Seniors

student helpers
A group of 140 Michigan Tech students organized a move-out of senior citizens' belongings after fire hit the Heritage Manor complex on Montezuma Street in Houghton. The senior citizens were housed in Wadsworth Hall temporarily. More

TV6 coverage.

Spacetime: A Smoother Brew Than We Knew

Spacetime may be less like beer and more like sipping whiskey. Or so an intergalactic photo finish would suggest. Physicist Robert Nemiroff of Michigan Technological University reached this heady conclusion after studying the tracings of three photons of differing wavelengths that had been recorded by NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope in May 2009. More

Michigan Tech Among “Best in Midwest”

Princeton Review
Michigan Technological University has been rated one of the best universities in the Midwest for the second year in a row, according to the Princeton Review. Tech is one of 153 institutions the Princeton Review recommends in the “Best in the Midwest” section of its “2013 Best Colleges: Region by Region,” on More

Reading as Inquiry: Summer Reading that Digs Deep

Little Princes
To succeed at Michigan Tech, students must do more than skim articles and cruise through textbooks. They are asked to dig into their subjects, analyze results and information, and engage in conversation, including topics outside their majors. More

Alumni Around the World

Detroit and West Michigan Baseball Gatherings

Comerica Park
The Seventh Annual Detroit Tigers Outing on Friday, August 17 at Comerica Park in downtown Detroit was attended by more than eighty alumni and friends.

The weather perfect for the pre-game picnic, and to top it all off the Tigers came from behind to beat the Baltimore Orioles by two runs in the 8th inning.

In the group was a special Tech legacy family (left to right): Robert Vinckier '78, daughter Alyssa, who is starting her first year in biological sciences at Tech this fall, Gerri (Schaffer) Vinckier ’81, and son Brad, who is a current student in biomedical engineering.


Grand Rapids
Alumni, family, and friends from the West Michigan Chapter enjoyed a cookout and Whitecaps Baseball on Sunday, August 12.

The Whitecaps defeated Bowling Green 3-2.

Pictured: Margaret Day '12, Lyndsay Loren '12, and Matthew Tithof '12

Make a Difference Day is Coming

Saturday, October 27 is Make a Difference Day: a national day to give back to your community. Use this link to submit a project in your city and we'll take care of spreading the word to local alumni and friends!

What will you be doing to make a difference?

Alumni Poll!


Reunion Poll Results

The results are in, and Pasty Picnic is the favorite part of Reunion! No surprise there!

Pasty Picnic 19.23 percent
GLRC Tours 9.23 percent
Women of Tech Event 9.23 percent
Department Get-Togethers 7.69 percent
Social Gatherings 7.69 percent
Alumni Basketball Game 6.92 percent
Alumni Dinner 6.92 percent
Breakfasts 6.15 percent
Golden M Ceremony and Lunch 5.38 percent
Tech Talks 4.62 percent
Campus Tours 3.85 percent
Golf 3.85 percent
R/V Agassiz Tours 3.85 percent
Family Events 2.31 percent
Other 3.08 percent

130 total votes. Comments: The Verdie Cox memorial dedication. Cliff Mine tour. ME-EM department cruise on Portage.

Words of Wisdom

On the Alumni Association Facebook page, alums are submitting some great words of wisdom for the incoming students:

"Talk to everyone in your hallway, you never know where you'll find a friend."

"Slow down, take your time, enjoy these first moments of freedom consciously. Winter is Coming."

"Bahda.bum.bum.bum...another one bites the dust! Na, save that for at least a month. Get out and go to things! The Xbox will still be there in September...everyone is new and looking for friends this week."

"Even if you're shy, leave your room. Say hi to people. Get to know the people in your major including all your professors. Ask questions."

How about you? What would be your words of wisdom? Submit them to Facebook, or you can send them to me.


Fill in the Blanks



2005 moving in: dad was hauling 2X4s for the loft.

With new loftable furniture, there's no need to build your own.

Recognize anyone?

Any loft memories of your own?

Email me.


Frosh Week

Chemistry lab

We think this is late 1950s or early 1960s. When did Frosh Week end?

Why? Too many trips across the bridge?

Got your beanie still?

Email me.

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Tech Sports

Michigan Tech Volleyball Opens New Chapter

Change will be the name of the game for the 2012 Michigan Tech volleyball team.The changes start at the top with new head coach Matt Jennings. The Chicago native joins the Huskies after spending the previous three seasons as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator at Div. I Pittsburgh of the Big East Conference. More

Recent Results | Complete Schedule

Around the Keweenaw

Daily Mining Gazette | WLUC TV-6 | Marquette Mining Journal

From the Email Bag

Lab Mystery Solved

Chemistry lab
Hi Dennis,
It’s me and actually it’s a microbiology lab around ’83 I got my BS in Biology in ’81 and my MS in Biology in ’84. Talk about a blast from the past……………

My hubby (Bob Gardiner – ’81 and ‘84) got a kick out of this picture, too - although neither of us can figure out who took it.

Ah…… the wild days of youth…………………

Mary Knight Gardiner


I can’t be positive, but, this looks a lot like Mary Gardiner (Knight). If it is her it would have been between ’78-’83 I think. She was in the Med-Tech program I believe.

I sent her a note via FB to see.

Eric Horner


She's taking flasks out of a incubator shaker and the metal item next to her is a petri-plate pourer, so most certainly its microbiology. The walls look like MEEM walls (as opposed to Chem Sci where the teaching lab was located) so probably one of Dr. Bagley's 10th floor microbiology research labs (plus I think the only plate pourer was in the MEEM). I don't know, or at least don't immediately recognize, the woman in the picture.

Jeff Lewin
Biological Sciences '91


Hi, Dennis:
The image with Mary was taken in ME-EM 1007 (my old Bio. Sci./Microbiology research lab).

Sue Bagley

Nice Note from Los Alamos

Hey Dennis, as always love the newsletter. After moving to Los Alamos and buying a house in 2005, I later found out my next door neighbor graduated from Tech (then Michigan College of Mining and Technology) in 1947 – Oliver Simi. Small world! We hosted two Tech students (Eric Boyer and Brandon Myers) for the summer, and they just headed back to MI. Hope they take back some good New Mexican memories! There are a lot of connections between Los Alamos and Houghton.

Natalie Dimitruck

2010 PhD Grad in the News

The Michigan Tech connection to this article is Jill Witt. Jill is speaking at the beginning of the sound bite. She has a PhD (2010) in forest science from Michigan Tech and was the president of GSG. She is currently working for the Little River Band of the Ottawa Indians.

Jacque Smith '85

Golfers Identified

The 4 golfers are all KD's from the late 60's; from l to r: Ron Rusing, Jim Nora, Randy Ingalls and Dave Buszka.

Jim Hansen '67


This was the KD golf outing in 2006. I am hitting the Ball (David Buszka 67) Randy Ingalls, James Nora, Ron Rusing from right to left. All in the class of 66,67,68.


"That is me."

2005 Pasty Picnic

Hi Dennis,
I am catching up on some old e-mail and I saw the July 31 issue of the Alumni Newsletter

That is me (in sunglasses and yellow shirt) in the middle of the photo reaching for a pasty at my 25 year reunion.
Next to me is my wife Tami.
The odd expression on her face may be based on the fact that she had never seen or eaten a pasty before that day.

Steve Onsager
Class of 1980

PS. About 9 months after this photo was taken, our son Ethan was born. Coincidence?????

No More Homemade Lofts

I just dropped my daughter off at college for her freshman year at Villanova University (couldn't get her to go to da Tech). Interestingly, they are not allowed to loft beds except in rooms with triples and this got me to wondering. Does Tech still allow lofts in the dorms? That was one of my fondest memories from my dorm days.

Jim Russell
BSME '84

Jim: I stand corrected. The new loftable furniture has eliminated homemade lofts. One less headache for mom and dad!

2009 Alum is in the Fast Lane!

Rob Waara '09 works for Rousch, working on a Dodge Viper to race at LeMans. Here's the video.

He just finished up on the 2013 Mustang project, where he assisted in developing the fastest production V-8 engine ever built. Here is an article on that project. Rob's picture is at the bottom.

Bill Roberts

More on the Football Helmet to KC

Hello Dennis and all the alumni in the KC area.

I've been to Chappel's many times and didn't realize there was no MTU helmet and glad to hear there is one on the way. Chappel's has all sports represented with various items and Jim wears a Super Bowl ring he acquired, a World Series trophy and a Heisman trophy on display, among the many thousands of other goodies.

A very popular place and the food is good too - I personally like the London Broil.

Fred Roman
BSME '66

Fred: It's on its way, thanks to Coach Kearly and Assistant AD Joel Isaacson.

Local Alum Appointed to Michigan Travel Commission

Julie Sprenger '83 has been appointed to the Michigan Travel Commission by Governor Rick Snyder. Sprenger is owner of the Laurium Manor Inn. According to the website, she brings 23 years of Michigan lodging and tourism experience to the commission. Previously, Sprenger worked as a design engineer for Clarkson Inc. in Palo Alto, Calif.; as a mechanical design and project manager for RJ Kaufman and Associates in Livermore, Calif., and as a project manager for Logitech Inc. in Fremont, Calif. She earned an associate degree in mechanical design engineering technology from Michigan Tech.

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