August 14, 2012
Vol. 18, No. 25
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Reunion Raves

Perfect weather to dedicate the Great Lakes Research Center.

Although I was occupied with more important matters (our daughter's wedding), I've heard great reviews on the Alumni Reunion.

It sounds like a rousing success by any measure: More than 600 alumni in attendance (much higher than normal), forty different events to choose from (compared to twenty-seven last year), and, of course the Women of Tech celebration, where Tech acknowledged the pioneers who attended back in the day, the women who supported their men and have made a difference on campus and around the globe, and all the women who have made Tech a better place to learn, work, and live (including my wife and daughter).

At the Women of Tech get-together at the library, Marie Cleveland '82 and her family's reviews were typical.

“What a great opportunity to network, and it was great that someone brought their own pictures from a long ago decade," husband Mike Cleveland '82

"Fantastic networking opportunity with a job offer coming out of it!" daughter Kerstin.

"Even if we don’t have a huge number of female grads, this was a great reminder that the ones we have are splendid," Marie. Marie also lead a movement that raised $7,000 for scholarships.

And this from Sally Heidtke '81: "It was so gratifying to attend the 'Women of Michigan Tech' celebration with those present representing seven decades of Michigan Tech women . . . from the 1940s through the current day! The energy and connection to the University and to each other was amazing."

men's basketballThe men's basketball team had a great turnout, too. It's clickable.

And from an attendee at the Tech Talks:

"The 2012 Alumni Reunion was a blast from start to finish. During the Tech Talk sessions, I was intrigued by the depth and excellence of the research Dr. Auer and Dr. Martin are doing in their respective fields of study. They're working on progressive projects that provide great opportunities for current students and rich contributions to the University," Darnishia Slade '98

I also got good reports from the Clinical Lab Science (Med Tech) get-together Friday night and the Biological Sciences (50th anniversary) picnic on Saturday. And I heard of a large presence of men's basketball alums (see above) at a local watering hole Saturday night. Some forty-plus had returned to play hoops, golf, and reminisce.

A tip of the hat to the Alumni Relations and Alumni Association folks for pulling off an even greater-than-usual event.

See you next year.

Dennis '92 '09

At Tech

Tech Accreditation Sustained by Higher Learning Commission

Glenn Mroz
The Higher Learning Commission has reaffirmed Michigan Technological University’s accreditation, the Board of Control learned Aug. 2. “It is fair to say that Michigan Tech passed with flying colors,” said Board Member Lenora Ashford. More

Study Evaluates Impacts of Great Lakes Water Use

Great Lakes research
Michigan Tech and Arizona State University are leading a new, three-year research study to develop a way to track water flows and water use through a watershed. The Virtual Water Accounting project is led by Michigan Tech with guidance from an advisory board of business leaders, policymakers and watershed advocates. Principal partners include Arizona State University and the Great Lakes Commission. The Great Lakes Protection Fund is funding the study. More

Alumni Around the World

Alumni Poll!


Paulsen Wine Winners Announced

Jacque Smith '85 and Beth Hoy '96 were the winners of the Pat Paulsen Wine Auction, which wrapped up at the Alumni Reunion. Jacque and Beth walked away with the vintage vino with a bid of $300. The bottle was signed by Pat's son, Money. The money will go to support the Generations of Discovery Campaign. The wine was donated by Bob Carnahan '53.

Fill in the Blanks



2006 Alumni Reunion golf participants. Recognize anyone?

Email me.


Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab

We know it's a chemistry lab, but we don't know the year or the woman's name. Any ideas?

Email me.

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Tech Sports

Michigan Tech Football Preview 2012

Being on the cusp of the NCAA Division II playoffs three times in the last four years has left the Michigan Tech football team hungry to take the next step. The 2011 squad finished 7-4 overall and tied for third in the GLIAC North Division standings at 6-4. One more win likely would have put the Huskies into the playoffs for just the second time in school history. More

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Around the Keweenaw

Daily Mining Gazette | WLUC TV-6 | Marquette Mining Journal

From the Email Bag

Volleyball IDs

Women's Volleyball
#2 is Linda Bowman who married Tech basketball player Dave Bertola. They now live in Green Bay, WI. The last time I saw Linda she was playing on a women’s hockey team.

Jim Botz, P.E.


I recognize two of the women, we were roommates our senior year, 1975-76. Patricia (Patsy) Turunen, from Pelkie, is wearing #8 and Linda Bowman, from Iron Mountain, is wearing #2. They were both in the Medical Technology program. Unfortunately, we did not maintain contact after graduation.

Best regards,
Brenda (Jones) Ryan
Metallurgical Engineering 1976

Brenda: The Alumni Relations folks can help you get in touch with them. Email them here.

Another Pep Band Mom Shares a Photo

woman drafting
In the Alumni newsletter, you published a picture of a baby in pep band stripes.

I've attached the one we took of our daughter Kate (not quite 2) in 1993, as she and I were on our way to a Tech football game (you can see my instrument case in the background). (Her little brother wore the stripes in 1998 at a Pep Band reunion, but I don't have any pictures of that.) Both kids are currently playing in the band, she at college and he in high school. (Yes, they both can sing Engineers and No Beer.)

The stripes were salvaged from a scrapped set that I got from Tech's band director.

Jenn Kosacheff Ridley
EMY 1986
pep band, 1982-1988 (and beyond)

More on the Dee

Hi Dennis,
As a follow-up to the comment regarding overcapacity at Dee Stadium, I know that pep band members, who had passes to attend the games since we had to play, always managed to hand tickets through the side or back doors. After all, the Dee wasn't all that secure. I can recall getting at least 3-4 friends into each game when I played, and that was pretty much every game. There was great disappointment when the new stadium opened and everybody had to pay to attend (but at least we were warm).
Paul Gilmore '73

2005 Pasty Picnic Photo IDs

2005 Pasty Picnic

Hi Dennis, That would be the Kobman family on the left. My husband and I are 1985 grads. Richard - BSME, Marcia - Applied Geophysics. Evan in the orange is a senior (mechanical engineering) at Tech. Zack in the black shirt and hat is at Oakland Univ. The arm with the gray shirt would be Rich....

Thanks for posting that pic!

Marcia Kobman

More on New Physical Therapy PhD Program

The program works in conjunction with Central Michigan University. Video is courtesy of Jason Carter, department chair, Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology. Link

Football Helmet on its Way!

Greetings from Kansas City. There is a well know sports bar in town called Chappell’s that was ranked by USA Today as one of the top 10 sports bars in America. See link below:

They have over 1,000 football helmets, but not a one from Michigan Tech. Is it possible to obtain a used MTU football helmet to give Jim Chappell to hang in his restaurant? If so, it might be worth sending an e-mail out to all local MTU alumni in KC to have a “hoist the helmet party” on evening at Chappell’s one night. There probably are not too many of us in Kansas City, but I have run into a few Tech alumni in the area.

Best regards,
Joe Panella
MTU 1982


Joe: You've got a helmet coming your way, thanks to head coach Tom Kearly.

Local Memories

When I was a kid, we used to have a kids hockey league. We were Healy Comets because of the Healy kids on the team. The mortal enemy on Saturday AM hockey games with Elwin Doc Romnes was running the Amphidrome...wasn't Dee Stadium yet ....was the Emma Street Rangers. They featured the three Rautiola boys, Cliff, Lloyd and Numsey along with a handful of others, some of whom went on to bigger and better things. Dinkie Penberthy, Ron Nettel, Jim Tourville, Joe Anderson were on our side. Went on to the so called Junior League which was after Tech accepted the stadium from the Dee Estate...First was Doc Romnes, then Cliff Weber...There was no high school hockey. Sort of had a bad name if you hung around the ice rink...Biggest activities during the winter years was Junior Hockey and public skating and special events for the many army guys in training at Tech. ASTRP...Ass Traps....Also the beginning of the cadet training for the Army Air Corps..where the kids spent 6 months on a college campus..the Douglass Houghton Hall ...was used. It was brand new. Gil Boyd and several others taught in the program. It helped evaluate the young guys as to who would go on to be a pilot or who would be a navigator. They used to march around the areas, even down the old two lane US41 toward the Isle Royale mill and the sands. Not many cars on the road in those days...

I used to sell Milwaukee Journals in the halls of the DHH on Sundays. Could make good money. Also used to set pins in the old clubhouse bowling alley...three lanes....two for the army leagues and one for single bowlers. Joe Garity from Houghton High used to run the clubhouse and referee the basketball games the Army guys had. Used to get a nickel a line—so for a 6 bowler team you would get 30 cents..and set two games would give you 60 cents. Could go to George's..the Miners Hangout after and get a sundae and still have 50 cents left. Ray Kestner and Joe Anderson and I did this for a time.

Just rambling.

Robert E. (Bob) Brown


Bob, You are a crack up, made me laugh out loud. I met the new AD and had a guided tour of the Student athletic complex, it's larger than the entire campus 60 years ago. Also picked up a copy of "This Ontonagon Country" that I'd read long ago down Porkie's way and noted for the first time that it was published in '65 by Ray Drier. So much fascinating history that wasn't mentioned during my 4 years there. You're a living encyclopedia of knowledge, maybe you might consider writing about a kid living through the depression in the Copper Country, four wars, and beau coup depressions etc. I'd buy it.

Bob Carnahan


Hi Dennis, Note that Dinky Pemberthy, Bob Brown, and two of the Rautiola brothers are all MCM&T graduates '53 and '54, not sure about older bro Cliff, Dante Iacovoni would know. The old clubhouse was the ROTC HQ when I came to Tech and ran indoors on that miserable sloped track above the gym. We also bowled a few lines and had to set our own pins in the basement bowling alley. No automatic pin setter there, so Bobby Brown worked real hard for 10c a line.

Bob Carnahan

Bob: The old track is still there, but it's not used anymore.

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