July 31, 2012
Vol. 18, No. 25
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The Class of 1992

1992 Commencement Program
What a handsome group. All smiles, too.

It's one of the "perqs" of working in the marketing and communications department. Some times you have to help with photo assignments as a subject.

Such was the case twenty years ago. My wife and I graduated from Tech that May, and our department needed "willing" models for the cover of the Commencement program. A group of us gathered in the "new" M&M building. Our photographer shot us from a balcony above, and we all had a good laugh at the results.

I tried to find all of the cover girls and boys, and was able to track down a few.

Ann Kitalong-Will was a student employee back then, eventually graduating with a BA in Scientific and Technical Communication. After doing some teaching at Alpena Community College, she and her husband, Cayce Will '98 ran a couple of family businesses. They've since returned home and both work for Tech: she's with Auxiliary Services Operations, and he's in IT. They have two children and Ann completed her first marathon in 1998.

Another student employee, Rom LaPointe, when on to become president of the Tech Alumni Association. He says "I've very blessed. Happily married to Kerry Marshall LaPointe (MTU STC 1991) since 1994. Four awesome kids, Ben 16, Maggie 13, Rose 10, Katharine 7. CEO of i3Logic based on Pontiac, MI. Served 10 years on MTU AA Board, 2 as President. On Board of 8,500 global business owners group the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), served as President of Detroit Chapter. Kerry and I just returned from two week safari in South Africa."

Marne Lassila Anderson worked with us, too, as a student graphic designer, and a great one! She even designed a couple of t-shirt logos for our department picnic and a local Frisbee team (the "Blind Mules"), which the young players today think is "really cool."

Marne's done some freelancing but has mostly focused on raising her family on her and Dean's farm between Hancock and Calumet. She said her Tech days were "fun, with good memories." Tech also "prepared her for life . . . improving my thinking skills." She hopes to return to writing and design after raising her youngest, adopted child.

Also on the cover back then was Rod Strong. I know he got his bachelor's in ME and gave us a good laugh when he threw some confetti in the air when he got his diploma on the stage!

Unfortunately, we won't be at this Reunion when our brothers and sisters from '92 converge, but we've got the best possible excuse. We'll be marrying off our daughter (Class of 2005) to a great guy from the Class of 2004. Both his folks work at Tech, too!

And in the wedding party will be our son (Class of 2011). So, we will be telling a few Tech stories as part of our celebration!

Dennis '92 '09

At Tech

Great Lakes Research Center Dedication Thursday

It has labs for everything from supercomputing to invasive species, for everyone from school kids to university researchers. There’s a weather station on the roof, and just outside, scientists can board the Research Vessel Agassiz and be on Lake Superior in under an hour. Plus, the view from its second floor is so spectacular couples are already booking the space for wedding receptions. More

Lots to Choose from at Alumni Reunion

From alumni basketball to Family Engineering, Michigan Technological University’s 2012 Alumni Reunion, set for Thursday-Saturday, Aug. 2-4, is full of fun activities for all ages. The public is welcome to take in one of the faculty Tech Talks, tour the Great Lakes Research Center or find out what all the fuss is about Mind Trekkers. And, for the first time, Alumni Reunion features a special gathering of the “Women of Tech.” More

Gagnon Authors Book on Superior: Signing on Friday

Lake Superior Profiles
John Gagnon, promotional writer for Tech's University Marketing and Communications, has authored the book, Lake Superior Profiles: People on the Big Lake, published by Wayne State University Press. The book portrays people who work on and around the Big Lake. It is available locally at the Campus Bookstore and Book World in Houghton. It is also available at Amazon.com and Book World online.

Gagnon will be signing copies of his book Friday, August 3, at 1:30 p.m. in the Van Pelt and Opie Library.

MBA Students Cap Program with Trip to India's Silicon Valley

The nine students in Michigan Technological University’s MBA program returned from India with a new appreciation for how the rest of the world does business. “We chose Bangalore because it’s the Silicon Valley of India,” said Jodie Filpus, who directs recruitment and admissions for the MBA program. More

Alumni Around the World

Reunion this Week!

Women of Tech Reunion begins this Thursday!

Head to the website to view the full schedule.

The 2012 Reunion will also be the first ever to celebrate the women of Michigan Tech. All female graduates, former students, faculty and staff are invited to a number of special events during Reunion including an all Greek social and a Saturday evening “Girls Night Out” hosted by the Presidential Council of Alumnae.

There will also be special events in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Department of Biological Sciences, the 85th anniversary of the Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics department, and the 35th anniversary of the Michigan Tech Student Foundation.

Can’t make it up to the Copper Country this year? You can still participate by sharing your Tech memories and letting your classmates know what’s happening in your life. Visit www.mtu.edu/reunion for details.

More Fun Facts

  • In 1970, junior and senior women were granted permission to live off campus. The ruling affected about 100 students.
  • In 1973, the Women in Engineering program began, and by 1981, more than 2,500 women had participated.

Twin Cities Send-off

Twin Cities
Incoming students get a great send-off.

The Twin Cities New Student Sendoff on Thursday, July 26 was a huge

With about 100 people in attendance, there was a nice mix of incoming students, current students, alumni and all of tTwin Cities heir guests!

A good turnout. Both photos are clickable.

West Michigan Send-off

Lots of new students!

The West Michigan New Student Sendoff was held on July 26. 165 people
attended with 45 as new students.

A raffle was held for MTU memorabilia and all the students introduced themselves, where they are from and their major.

Several alumni shared their view of Tech and gave some advise based on their experiences.

Feed 'em, then send 'em north! Both photos are clickable.

Fill in the Blanks

2005 Pasty Picnic


2005 Pasty Picnic for Reunion. It's clickable. Recognize anyone?

Email me.


1975 Women's Volleyball Team

Women's Volleyball

This is probably the first year for the volleyball program, and they are playing in Sherman Gym.

Any ID's of the players?

Email me.

View more sports >

Tech Sports

Women’s Basketball Team Scores National Academic Honor

women's basketball
The Michigan Tech women’s basketball team finished 10th in the WBCA Top-25 Team Academic Honor Roll for the 2011-12 season. The Huskies posted a cumulative team grade point average of 3.547. The team had eight members post a grade point average of 3.5 or higher and six with a grade point average of 3.0 to 3.49. More

Recent Results | Complete Schedule

Around the Keweenaw

Daily Mining Gazette | WLUC TV-6 | Marquette Mining Journal

From the Email Bag

Woman at the Drafting Table Identified!

woman drafting
My mother, Jeanne (Round) Watz, Class of 50, said that it is a photo of Virginia (Stuckey) Wishert, Class of 49.

Mary (Watz) Ness ‘78


Per the picture of the drafting table with “no identifying info”, I’m not really sure that that picture was taken on campus. It looks more like a ‘stock photo’ which might have been used in an early brochure or something. The reason I say this is because, at least in the late 60’s - early 70’s (the pre-CAD era), the drawing labs only had Triangles and T-squares. Note that I am familiar with the sort of devices (they appear to be Bruning Drafting Machines) shown in the picture since I used one identical to those for 11 years before moving to CAD (in fact, I bought my old drafting machine from my employer for $5 when we started to phase them out, more as a memento than anything else; still have it on a shelf in my garage).

John R. Baker, PE
Class of ‘71
Irvine, CA


I'd bet the picture of the young lady sitting at the drafting table is a PR picture. If she were really making a drawing, she'd have her sleeves rolled up. Otherwise, they'd be covered in lead in a matter of minutes. In the "old days" I had to wear a shirt and tie when I first started out, but if I had to make a drawing, the first thing I did was roll up my sleeves and tuck my tie between two buttons.

Karl Stoolmiller

John and Karl: It sure had that "staged" look to it, but we have an ID, it looks like!

The Latest on the Pat Paulsen Wine

Pat Paulsen book
The bottle of wine and autobiography will be displayed at the registration table in the Memorial Union Building.

[This is the cover] for Pat's classic autobiography and write in candidacy for President in 1968. Monty [his son] gave me a personal copy and signed it. Thanks we're really looking forward to this one, my dear friend Dante Iacovoni celebrates his 60th, hard to believe so many decades of Huskies will have come and moved on.

Ciao, Bob Carnahan


The last bid was $225, and we have this additional info:

Rating: 85/100 - As reviewed by Wine Spectator on 03/01/85. Based on collections of Presidential Candidate memorabilia, a 20-34 year old uncorked bottle of his wine should go for $850. Based on current availability, likeability, and popularity. Just the bottle may bring as much as $300. And for those lucky enough to have a signed bottle...$1,600! [That's signed by Pat Paulsen.]

Anyone can bid. Just send an email to alumni@mtu.edu, and they'll record your amount.You can let TechAlum know, too, so our alumni can follow along.

Fastpitch and the Bosch Brewery

fast pitch softball
Is there any indication in the data that Roger Weidelman sent you that he also pitched for Tech in the summer of 1962?

Fifty years ago I spent an unforgettable summer at Tech taking required surveying courses. A friend, Fred Fish, suggested we join the fast-pitch softball team. The team competed against local business-sponsored teams and in the end-of-the-season tournament at Iron Mountain. We weren't as successful as the 1961 team, but it was a memorable experience!

Other than Fred, the only other player I can remember is an outstanding pitcher named Roger. His repertoire of pitches, speed, and control kept us in the games. Occasionally he would even release a pitch from behind his back! Fifty years kind of dims the memory, but I vaguely recall at least one of those pitches resulting in a strikeout!

Another memory of that summer is of going to the Bosch brewery for Friday afternoon pre-game tours of the "Tap Room"!

Good Memories!

Richard C. Rummer

Richard: Maybe the alums can plug these memory gaps. It is still clickable.


Your piece on the softball team brings back memories.

Tech first started the program in the spring of 1956.

I was going to be spending the summer term in Houghton for Forestry Camp, so I was looking to hook up with a softball team. I had just committed to playing for the Houghton town team (sponsored by Hornick's gas station as I recall) when Tech announced the start-up of its program, so I stayed with the townies.

I do remember playing the Air Force team up in a wooded setting on the Keweenaw. But what I remember best was playing over in Hancock on a field entirely made of stamp sand. There wasn't a single blade of grass to be seen anywhere. It provided a surprisingly good playing surface, while being admittedly a little low on aesthetics.

Ron Sadler '57

Ron: That was probably Slag Stadium in Ripley, and you can still see parts of it.


Read your article about the Bosch Brewing Company. There is a story I had heard in 1965 about a Bosch delivery truck tipping over in the snow on the curve in front of the student union MTU. The truck went up on its side and the doors came open. All dorms emptied out and may beers were drank, the entire truck load. the driver was not injured.

Is this true? If so how could I research it further?

Thank you,

Richard Olson

Richard: I'm sure our alumni can verify.

Tech Engineer in Cleveland Makes the News


From the front section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Jack Erkkila
BSME '58

Thanks, Jack. The story is clickable.

UP Photos

(with thanks to Bill Rowe...)

Try this out www.uppanorama.com

Frank Shoffner '62

Alumnus and Partner on OWN

Tech alumnus Bryan Reamer '86 and his partner who have adopted 10 underprivileged children ranging from three and a half to 19 years old, is the focus of a new television show called 10 Kids, 2 Dads.

“As a committed gay couple living in suburban Michigan, Clint and Bryan wanted to start a family. But 10 African American kids and nonstop commotion wasn‘t exactly what they envisioned. After their first successful adoption, the agency kept calling with more children in need of a forever home. And Clint and Bryan created a full house.”

It airs Saturday, August 18, at 10 PM on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). More info here.

Future Pep Band Member Makes Debut

Pep Band

Dennis –
I was advised to share this with you as well. This is a photo of my 8 month old son, Isaac. A future pep band member in the making!

Tracie (Kalliainen) Leix
CEE ‘02

Tracie: Isaac's ready to learn a few verses of the "Engineer's Song," I think!

More on the Ice Arena and the Dee

Ice Arena

I am quite certain that it was the "Student Ice Arena" when it was first opened and "MacInnes" was added some years later. The first sporting event held at the new arena was a varsity tennis match. The snow and ice were too deep on the courts outside of DHH so they set up courts on the concrete surface at the ice arena. Other than team members and coaches, I may have been the only one in attendance at that match. In previous years they had to shovel the outside courts in order to play.

Ray Tabar, '70 & '72


Season tickets for games at the Dee. Well in the winters of 69-70 and 70-71 they were actually half season tickets. Either the Friday or the Saturday games.

I have serious doubts that the fire marshal’s limit was enforced very often since while I had a seat for the Friday games I saw all of the Saturday games too. There were a group of 10 or so of us that split what night we had tickets for and on game night those with tickets would walk in and then someone would collect the tickets walk back out and pass the extra tickets to others and then the new group would walk in 10 to 15 minutes later. Repeat as necessary to get everyone in. 3 to 5 tickets and 10 to 12 people for each game. Sit one night and stand the next! I can’t believe we were the only ones doing it.

Lou Bartalot ‘71

Pre-College Programs Query Answered

I was wondering how I could get some information on the 6th-8th grade program for the future software engineers (video game programming) for next year.

Dawn Kirk '01

Editor's Note: Stephen Patchin, from the Pre-College Programs, gave Dawn the scoop. More information here: www.youthprograms.mtu.edu

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Outside of Michigan: Call 1-800-981-2372 or visit the Liberty Mutual website – http://www.libertymutual.com/mtech


Liberty Mutual provides funds to the Michigan Tech Alumni Association as part of this collaboration. Agreements like this help support a wide range of programs and services for alumni and students.

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Apply using the new online system at http://jobs.mtu.edu.

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