June 5, 2012
Vol. 18, No. 21
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Heaven, Michigan

Coach Elrite and wrestler
On its way to Duluth.

A cause for celebration found us cruising up north, along one of our favorite routes (and the favorite of alumni, from the results of the poll below). We journeyed up Five Mile Point Road (or Sand Dune Drive) over Memorial Day weekend.

Hitting Keweenaw County before tourist season really kicks in is always rewarding. We run into more locals out and about, and the businesses that are open seem really happy to see us, after a long winter and cold spring.

We were surprised to see some new construction lining Lake Superior: homes seem to have popped up all over the western edges of the peninsula.

A recent trip on the other side of the peninsula found the same story: new homes dotting the shoreline, although it is all still very pristine. As we’ve said before many times, we are lucky to get to live here.

On this trip, we stopped at one of the local eateries, where we dined on excellent prime rib and walleye. There was even a freighter out on the lake to add to the ambience.

Since it was Memorial Day weekend, we spent a lot of time remembering and our family and friends who had passed away, especially the veterans. One of our favorite uncles worked on the ore boats, too. (I wonder how many alums have done so as summer jobs or for their careers.) Many other relatives had fought in World War II or Korea, and two brothers served in Viet Nam.

After our bellies were full of great food and our hearts were full of fond memories, we left the restaurant, stopping to say goodbye to our waitress.

Her name, honestly, was “Heaven.”

Dennis '92 '09

P. S. Send me your Cruisin' stories!

At Tech

Cantrell, Woods Receive Distinguished Teaching Awards

Will Cantrell
"Office hours" are an elastic concept for Michigan Technological University's 2012 Distinguished Teaching Award winners. "His office is always open," says physics department chair Ravi Pandey of Will Cantrell, associate professor of physics, who received the award in the professor/associate professor category. "I've seen him here on Saturday and Sunday working with students." More

Sloan Receives Distinguished Service Award

Martha Sloan, professor and associate chair of the electrical and computer engineering department, has received Michigan Tech's 2012 Distinguished Service Award. She has been at Michigan Tech since 1969. More

Everyone Knows It's Windy

And now they have the data to prove it. The middle of Lake Michigan is a vast, untapped reservoir of wind energy. The next step will be to find out if it can be harvested economically without harming the environment. The data comes from a six-ton buoy that was deployed at three locations in the lake: two points near the Muskegon shoreline and about 35 miles off shore. More

Chemical Fingerprinting Tracks the Travels of Little Brown Bats

They’re tiny creatures with glossy, chocolate-brown hair, out-sized ears and wings. They gobble mosquitoes and other insect pests during the summer and hibernate in caves and mines when the weather turns cold. They are little brown bats, and a deadly disease called white-nose syndrome is threatening their very existence. More

Alumni Around the World

West Michigan Golf

Weather started out chilly and overcast for the West Michigan Chapter Annual Scholarship Golf Outing on Saturday however it warmed through the day and luckily the rain held off until we were done! Big thanks to Schmohz Brewery who provided some well received prizes in addition to on course beverages and to Liberty Mutual who also provided prizes.

Beer-Naming Votes Needed

kbc beer


To mark our celebration of women at the Reunion this year, the Keweenaw Brewing Company has created a special Hefeweizen brewed with locally grown berries. This beer needs a name! Help us name the beer, and if your entry is chosen, you’ll win a KBC party pack!

Here's the link to the voting, with the finalists listed. Vote for your favorite by Thursday, June 7.

The Women of Tech @ Reunion

Women of Tech

Alumni Reunion is slated for August 2-4 and will be the first ever to celebrate the women of Michigan Tech.

All female graduates, former students, faculty, and staff are invited to a number of special events during Reunion including a Saturday evening “Girls Night Out” party hosted by the Presidential Council of Alumnae.

Visit www.mtu.edu/reunion for more details.


More Fun Facts

  • In 1940, there were sixteen women on campus, and the first female students were enrolled in 1889.
  • By 1964, Dean of Students Harold Meese was speculating that Tech could have as many as 800 female students by 1974. In a survey of 159 alumnae from 1933 to 1963, nine out of ten were working in their major fields, and their starting salaries were: med tech, $5,335; chemists, $6,050; engineers, $6,720; and mathematicians, $6,260.

Fill in the Blanks

1984 Computer

Maybe you were lucky enough to work on one of these snazzy terminals(?) in 1984. Email me.

2005 Chain Drive

Chain Drive
Did you join the Keweenaw Chain Drive event in 2005?

It's clickable.

Email me.

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Tech Sports

Tech Hockey Reveals First of Three New Jerseys

The Michigan Tech hockey team today unveiled the first of three new jersey designs it will don during the 2012-13 season. The black jersey, used primarily for road games, features gold lettering along with gold and white striping on the sleeves. More

Recent Results | Complete Schedule

Around the Keweenaw

Daily Mining Gazette | WLUC TV-6 | Marquette Mining Journal

Elderhostel at Isle Royale

We currently have some openings in programs for 2012 that might be of interest to faculty, staff, and alumni of Michigan Tech. The Isle Royale Institute coordinates Road Scholar programs at Isle Royale National Park in partnership with Elderhostel, Inc. Three Road Scholar programs will be offered in 2012 during the following dates:

  • June 10–16, 2012
  • June 24–30, 2012
  • July 8–14, 2012

For further information and to register for a program, click on the link or call 800-454-5768.

Isle Royale, Lake Superior, and the Keweenaw Peninsula: Search on Program #1583RJ in the upper right corner. 7 days total; 3 full days and 2 partial days at Isle Royale.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Ken Vrana
Director, Isle Royale Institute
Michigan Tech

From the Email Bag

Robinson House

Robinson residents
Hi Dennis!
That picture (clickable) was taken in the winter of 62. I'm Karen Antolich, not Antolick, now Karen Stephens living in Casper, WY. Top row center.

That was the last year it was used as a residence. The next year we were locked up in EWH which was better in some ways but not so much in other ways. While living in RH we were assigned different night when we had to answer the phone...a real drag. On the other hand living in the dorm meant that we didn't have to bundle up and walk to Wadsworth to eat our meals.

If you'd like some more details just drop me a note! Also, if you use this feel free to edit this anyway you'd like!

I really enjoy this newletter....keep up the good work!

and more

The move to EWH came as a surprise to everyone. I received a letter that summer saying that the move was on, we'd be assigned a roommate...etc. IMHO, what happened was simple...some of the girls were getting out of control. Namely the third floor gals of Robinson House.

In the Spring of '62 the H and T House burned down. Other than a few broken bones, everyone was fine because the guys who were pledging were still up when the fire started...they alerted the guys who were sleeping. But a week or so later someone decided that our house and Smith House should be inspected....we had less then an hours notice. It is amazing how much stuff can be hidden in that amount of time,but the empty keg did them in! They were gone the next day. Plus Mrs King didn't have a clue what was going on. That 3rd floor fire escape had a steady flow of guys/girls coming and going at all hours of the night....well, at least on the weekend. I was not one of them. My Dad would have killed me if I ever got in that kind of trouble.

We survived the move...what else could we do? But the House was so much nicer. We could have guys over to watch TV or study. Even though we had a lounge with a TV, there was a "no guys allowed" rule. There were alarms on both doors...we were literally locked in. And we had "hours". I think they were...lockdown at ten Sunday through Thursday and I maybe they let us stay out until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

The "assigned" roommate thing didn't work at all. But they made us stick it out for 3 weeks before we would change...and change we did. It was a very long 3 weeks. The wacko they gave me...who remain nameless...wondered around naked while telling me what a great body she had! I should hardy wait to get out of that room and away from her.

To be continued...

Take Care!

Karen Stephens

Women at Tech, Back in the Day

The Clothesline
Hi Dennis,
As far as The Clothesline information I don't ever recall seeing that. When I started at Tech there was an informal big sister arrangement for new coeds prior to the school year. Upper classwomen in the dorm would write to one of the new incoming freshmen to give a little advice & answer questions. I do remember that the subject of clothing was something that we discussed as well as social life. The information on that sheet is pretty close to what we would have worn in the late 50's & probably for a few years afterwards; just like the photo that you posted of the Robinson House coeds. We only wore skirts (& usually bare legs no matter the weather) to class. The only exception would be sometimes to labs, shop classes or Saturdays and then it was slacks, wool or cotton; very rarely jeans.

Robinson House womenThose were Phi Lambda Beta girls working on the snow statue in front of Robinson House (left) PLB was the 2-3 year old newly formed second sorority on campus, now AGD, I believe. I can't remember the theme of Carnival that year, off hand, but the statue was of Betsy Ross working on the American flag. The girls got a little carried away on her and nicknamed her Busty Betsy.

There wasn't much to offer girls for a phy ed elective, but a couple of us did take tennis one spring term. Med Tech labs conflicted with ski classes; I don't remember what else was offered that girls could take. Several years later my husband and I ran into Fred Lonsdorf in Vail when were attending a Professional Ski Instructors of Amer. convention. We were camped out in our pickup camper in Vail's parking lot and invited him and his friend (Cox?) inside for a drink. Vail's base wasn't much more than the muddy parking lot and a few lodges at that time. I still remember him telling us that he thought that Title 9 requiring equal opportunities for women in sports was the most ridiculous thing he ever heard of! Seems to me that the Tech women have been doing pretty well now.

One more thing, one of our Phi Lamb girls, Diane Henderson, did ski for us during Winter Carnival and won! I think she was the only member who could ski then.

Gail Richter '61

Copper Country Cruisin' Poll Results

1950s ski hill

Eagle Harbor lighthouse.

What was your favorite Copper Country Cruise?

484 Total

Copper Harbor via Five Mile Point Road: 171 votes (35.33 percent)

Copper Harbor via US 41: 100 votes (20.66 percent)

Covered Drive off Houghton Canal Road: 57 votes (11.78 percent)

Houghton Canal Road to the Breakers: 34 votes (7.02 percent)

Hancock Canal Road to McLain State Park: 32 votes (6.61 percent)

Gay Bar run: 30 votes (6.2 percent)

Twin Lakes/Toivola: 11 votes (2.27 percent)

Pelkie/Tapiola: 5 votes (1.03 percent)

Other: 44 votes (9.09 percent)

Some "others": Brockway Mt. on snowshoes, US 41 to the road to Bete Gris and up the two-track to the fire tower, lunch at restaurant in Freda overlooking stamp mill, Jam Pot and waterfalls, Snowmobile trail from Houghton to South Range and then to Chassell and back, Hancock Canal Road to Buckies (Calumet Waterworks), Freda/Toivola Road, Misery Bay, Shute's for a mule then Cliff View for a $1.15 Old Mil, any road where I get to tell someone my dad was born in the Gay Bar, back roads to old mining locations especially the Cliff and Central, All of the above!, Brockway Mtn., Dreamland to Jacobsville beach, Mandan Road, Gay to Lac La Belle, Eagle Harbor/Eagle River, US 41 to the Downtowner.

The New Poll

Name the New KBC beer.

Golf Team with Coach MacInnes

Coach MacInnes
I was on the Varsity Golf Team from 1965-1968 and our Coach was John MacInnes. I have great memories of traveling around the state in a Plymouth station wagon with a State of Michigan logo on the side. We would load it up with 5 golfers and the coach with all of our clubs and luggage and hit the road for a week at a time each taking our time at the wheel.

There was a lot of time to talk on these trip and Coach MacInnes would talk about his time as a goalie and was called up to the NHL during the Stanley Cup. He missed the train and never got to play, as his team, (Red Wings?) were eliminated. The season was short so we missed a lot of classes in the spring team. There was no fall golf.

We had a winning team throughout the years and in 1967 won the NIC with myself, Andy Anderson, Bob Kieber, Bill Peterson, Dave Confrey(Varsity Hockey,) and Dick Sieradzki(Varsity Hockey).
Our best trips were to the lower to play the Big Ten schools and west to Minnesota.
I would like to see the sport brought back and have fund raisers during the annual reunions.

Peter Balzola, 68


And Moose Larson:

I played on the golf team two years, back in '76 & '77. Moose Larson was our coach. Trip money was a little sparse for the team so we did all our traveling in 1 station wagon. Golf team plus Moose! We had a great time on those trips . . . The golf team played a huge role as to where I would spend the next 33 years. I had never been to Minnesota until I played on the team and I fell in love with the scenery on our trips . . . Been here since I graduated in Feb '79.

Ken English


And Swimming:

I am Ralph Smith, class of 1956 and former swim team member. stayed with swimming after graduation & managed to score 3rd & 4th places in Masters national competition placing me in the top 10 list.

Continued competing until 2006 when bad hips put a halt to flip turns & even made open turns too painful to continue. had the hips replaced, then took a little time off in 2003 for an Abdominal aneurysm repair, another surgery to fix a Femoral aneurysm in 2004, but returned to nail first places at several local races until 2005, had to have a left leg bypass following a quintuple bypass and a carotid artery repair, am now back in the pool and feeling fine. all in all 7, major surgeries in 8 years and all the doctors told me Swimming for many years is what kept me alive & promoted ultra fast recovery.

I'd be interested in hearing how many ex swimmers are still around.Wres

And Wrestling

wrestling team
What a special surprise ... to see Coach's picture and the article on "Old Sports"! We are doing well out in sunny CA. Unsure if we will make it back for the Tech Reunion but one never knows.


Rosi: We don't forget the great ones!


Hi Dennis,
I wrestled @ 177 lbs under Coach ElRite 1966-70. I had only one year of experience when I joined the team in 1966 since my high school (Escanaba) had only started a wrestling program when I was a senior, so I spent two years 'learning' under Coach ElRite. On the team there were a number of outstanding wrestlers from downstate and Minnesota including several state champions, so there was a lot to learn. In my junior & senior years, I had learned enough to start and was undefeated in the regular season as a senior in 1969-70.

My greatest memory is when we wrestled Northern in 1970. They had full scholarships for all of their wrestlers, so they had really outstanding talent. I believe I wrestled 10th in line, and everyone of our wrestlers had lost up to that point. I was pretty jittery because of that, but I managed to beat my opponent, and mine was the only match we won that night. It was especially nice since my parents came up from Escanaba to see the match.

Another not very good memory was an accident the team was involved in returning home from a match with Tech's (then) other campus at Sault Ste. Marie. It was a sunny winter day and we were headed west on M28 (We used two cars and a station wagon, and drove them ourselves--one was coach ElRite's). Every once in a while there would be a small squall of snow blowing across the road and for two or three seconds we could see nothing. Then we would pull out of it back to a bright sunny sky.

I was in the middle vehicle, the station wagon, in the back seat. We encountered one of those squalls and instead of it lasting just a few seconds, it didn't end. So the driver slowed way down, as we could see nothing. I remember wondering "what about the car behind us" so I braced myself and, sure enough, we were slammed into by the trailing vehicle. We had nearly stopped and it felt as if we were shot out of a cannon when they hit us. The scary part was that we still couldn't see anything and we had no idea what part of the highway we were on. It probably lasted just five or six seconds, but it seemed a lot longer. Finally, the squall cleared and we found ourselves on the shoulder of the road with all of the doors jammed but no one injured seriously. The back seat I was in had been pushed forward and my knees were jammed into the seat in front. The back of the station wagon had collapsed like an accordion. (It turned out that it wasn't a squall at all, but the snow thrown up by a snowplow).

Then a wrestler from the car behind that had hit us came running up alongside crying for help. His neck was severely cut all around. (It turns out that all three of the front seat occupants of that car all crashed through the windshield--there were three holes in it. Remember, those were the days before seat belt usage) None of us could get out, but I finally managed to kick my door open. He was bleeding badly, and we wrapped one of our sweaters around his neck, then flagged down a guy heading east who had come all the way from Vancouver. We loaded our injured wrestler into the back of his station wagon and I and another wrestler went with to the hospital in the Soo. Eventually all of us ended up at the hospital, with those three from the front seat requiring about four hours of surgery. Some of the rest of us had less severe bruises and cuts. When the doctors finally came our of surgery, they told us that none of those three would probably have survived if they were not in such good physical condition! Well, that certainly was the worst accident I've ever been involved in, and I still vividly recall it.

Tom Brayak

The Mystery Women, No. 3

women and sign
Hi Dennis,

Okay, I found my February 1980 Michigan Tech Lode Winter Carnival Pictorial (below). And I pulled up the Winter Carnival Queen Candidates to refresh my memory.

From left to right, I’m quite sure that is Terry Stuart who was a Junior in Mechanical Engineering, I think that is Mary Luepnitz, a freshman in EE – really not sure on that one. The next is most likely Sue Arsenault, a senior in Technical Communications, myself—a freshman in Technical Communications. Then Carol Hoot, a freshman in business administration and my roommate, and I have no idea who is on the far right. I can’t match her up to any photo…

This was a fun walk down memory lane. Thanks!

Ellen Loughrin

Alum in China Makes TV Appearance

Good afternoon,
Check out this link that was forwarded to me. Apparently, Michigan Tech got the biggest free commercial in China a few days ago. Our very own, Rui Mao, not only performed but also spoke about his time as a student at Michigan Tech (he studied Electrical Engineering). There is even a segment in which he shows samples of his homework! The segment opens with the hosts shouting, "Michigan Technological University!"

The link is below.

Thy Yang



Here is a video link for Rui's Show:
This show released on Hunan TV on May 18. In this show. Rui sang a English song which he composed. Also, he introduced his American life at Michigan Tech. You can see some campus pictures on this show too.

Ting Wang

Tech Alum on CNN RE: Duck Lake Fire

Hi Dennis
Was just watching a CNN video on the Duck Lake Fire and noticed at the 13 second mark a quick video hit on Matt Payment a Tech Grad and former football player. I think Matt graduated in 2011.

Pete Pelissero


The "50"

Hello, Dennis.
Another fine edition of the Tech Alum Newsletter.

I read with particular interest the note from Frank Shoffner, 'The "50" Returns to Life' and the accompanying articles (re-posted below).

I worked at the Halethorpe MD (then Kaiser) extrusion plant in the 70's and had the opportunity and pleasure to be in, at one time or another, most of the other manufacturing facilities mentioned in "The machines that made the Jet Age" by Tim Heffernan - including the Alcoa Cleveland Works (home of the 50) several times. The 8,000 ton extrusion presses at Halethorpe have since been, I believe, upgraded to 14,000 ton. When I was there, they were nicknamed Rex and Regina.

Richard Kirkbride
Met. Eng. '67



Golf Class in 2005

Coach Kearly and golf students
Ha ha it is so funny that this is here. I took "Beginning golf," first because I was a 35 year old freshman and was wondering why I had to take P.E. at my age :-) , anyway I am sure I drove him crazy, the first day he said to get a putter and a (I think) 8 iron out of the shed, so I asked, "How will I know which one is the putter?"

He looked at me like I was an Idiot so I said "This is Beginning golf right?"
Anyway I still barely know one from the other, but boy can I hit a ball now!

Great times in golf class!

Elizabeth Van Dam

Pat Paulsen's Son Offers to Sign the Wine

Pat Paulsen
Are you still auctioning the Pat Paulsen wine?

I'm not sure if it's of any value, but I would offer to sign the bottle with a personal message to the buyer, if that does anything. I am Pat's son, and I helped make that wine. I was not the head winemaker at the time, but I was on my way toward taking over winemaking duties at the winery. I've recently revived the Pat Paulsen Vineyards brand, after it having been left dormant for a few decades while we pursued other interests, and I'm eager to reach out to fans and promote the brand in fun exciting ways, and this could be one of those ways. I'd ask that someone handle shipping costs out to me in California and back again, if that's feasible.

Anyway, good luck selling the wine!

Monty Paulsen
Winemaker and owner, Pat Paulsen Vineyards


What an interesting break, I think this is fantastic idea. I'd be happy to ship it to Monty and then have him transship up to Tech in time for the reunion. I can't wait to get Pat Paulsen's Refrigerator Wine into my larder again. I'm adding another two racks for 40 bottles each of assorted NW wines, the photo show my wine cellar with inlaid corks in the handmade door. People think it's my sauna.

Yes I emptied all of those represented, with help of course. You could maybe use the photo to show the resident home of my classic PP, I've treasured it all these years and would love to have a replica of Monty's dad's life-sized poster at the winery when I purchased this bottle. It had received a gold medal at 3 years of age and was being retired for a later reissue with a few years added on, certainly not envisaged to survive this long. The sign was a life-sized cutout of Pat in server's Tux with a napkin over one folded arm and a bottle of wine in the other, it read "My Wines are served in the White House even if I'm not".

Who could resist, I've forever regretted not purchasing a case but didn't. I did consume a bottle of the most remarkable Gevurtztraminer I've ever tasted before or since including some 30 years traveling the wine countries. It left the essence of white rose scent. Maybe Monty can rediscover the formula for that one, I wish him luck and will look forward to visiting his new location at some juncture.

Ciao and "Bon Aliquot', my personal wine toast (more appropriate than most) certainly familiar to Chem E's and Chemists.

Thanks so much just let me know how to proceed.

Bob Carnahan


The last bid was $225, and this just in from an alum:

Rating: 85/100 - As reviewed by Wine Spectator on 03/01/85.

Based on collections of Presidential Candidate memorabilia, a 20-34 year old uncorked bottle of his wine should go for $850.

Based on current availability, likeability, and popularity.

Just the bottle may bring as much as $300.

And for those lucky enough to have a signed bottle...$1,600! [That's signed by Pat Paulsen.]

Kyle Austin
Class of ‘91


Anyone can bid. Just send an email to alumni@mtu.edu, and they'll record your amount.You can let TechAlum know, too, so our alumni can follow along.

Steve Jobs' Final Project?

Saving the best, for last...


iPad reported sales have tripled!! Looking for the app on my iPad! iPad Beer at Hofbraeuhaus - Simon Pierro - YouTube

Frank Shoffner

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