January 31, 2012
Vol. 18, No. 12
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Carnival Prep

AFROTC statue
Air Force ROTC creates a Michigan lighthouse, part of this year's Carnival theme—"From All Over the State: What Makes Michigan Great."

It was a pre-all-nighter. Friday night found action on the statues and broomball rinks as warm temperatures were finally changing to more suitable Carnival weather.

Air Force ROTC statue chairman Wesley Woodhouse (left) was working on scaffolding, hacking away with a shovel at the lighthouse they were making.

He had lots of help.

Classic rock was belting out of the upper floors of the ROTC building as several students shoveled, hauled, watered, and packed snow on the impressive tower.

"We are going much higher this year than any since I've been here," Woodhouse said. They chose their lighthouse theme after brainstorming, then refining the details.

And they have some secrets passed down from alumni, he said. Just what, he wouldn't say.

Near the library, the CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) crew was awaiting reinforcements. "They should be here, soon." And it was approaching 10:00 p.m.

The Sig Eps were making progress in their usual spot between Chem Sci and EERC. A load of logs is prominent in their structure. More techno-beat music from their trailer.

The ASTs were just about to call it a night on College Avenue. They seem to have come pretty far along with their statue, the theme of which they would not divulge. (It does feature an automobile.)

AST statue chair Julie Osborne said they had been affected by warm temperatures. "We held off on slushing because the water just soaks through and melts the bulk of our statue, so we cancelled shifts or moved them til later in the day because it's colder. We also spent a majority of the first week or so hauling snow from places whereas we typically have enough snow in our yard and properly to build forms."

The ASTs also have trade secrets handed down from alums, mostly focused on the lettering.

The Dog House and Ambassador are building statues this year, but nobody was outside Friday night, in spite of the mild weather. I know many people were inside those businesses, however.

Finally, the Phi Taus in West Hancock were hanging up their scoops soon. Their music was decidedly lower than the all-nighter volume that the neighbors are used to.

A classic lake effect storm was coming Saturday and Sunday, helping the construction and getting us even more in the Carnival spirit.

And for you fellow Michiganders especially (but you'll all enjoy it), check out the Carnival website. Be sure to click on the map links and the other links (Queens, etc.). There's also a new Carnival video for local TV. And a local TV news reporter covered the beginning of the building.


P. S. We got home Friday night in time to hear the incredible Hockey Huskies comeback. What a game! And Saturday night was even better!

Snowfall Totals
Total to date: 94.5"
On the ground: 30"
In the last week: 20.5"

Total last year: 130"
On the ground: 43"

At Tech

Researcher Studies Concussions: Time for Major Changes?

Imagine ice hockey without body checking and football with less hitting. What might sound blasphemous to hockey and football fans and players has more support than you may imagine. And a Michigan Tech researcher is a large part of that conversation. More

Clean Snowmobile Challenge on Track for March

Seventeen green machines are coming to snow-white Upper Michigan March 5-10 for the 13th annual SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge, held at Michigan Tech’s Keweenaw Research Center. The Clean Snowmobile Challenge is a collegiate design competition of the Society of Automotive Engineers. More

Almost Perfect: Researcher Nears Creation of Superlens

A superlens would let you see a virus in a drop of blood and open the door to better and cheaper electronics. It might, says Durdu Guney, make ultra-high-resolution microscopes as commonplace as cameras in our cell phones. No one has yet made a superlens, also known as a perfect lens, though people are trying. More

Alumni Around the World

Northwest Michigan Alumni Chapter/North Stars Event

zamboni ride
The Northwest Michigan Alumni Chapter recently attended a Traverse City Northstars hockey game. The evening started with dinner and raffle prizes with Chris Leibinger, a player on the Northstars team who has committed to playing hockey for Michigan Tech beginning in 2013! Thanks to the Northstars owner who was kind enough to introduce us to all the players who were not playing that evening.

John Travis '82 (aka "Zamboni driver") graciously offered us a Zamboni ride to raffle off. The winner of the drawing, Barb Wade '78, had a great time on her trip around the rink, amid cheers from the Michigan Tech section! As the Northstars continued to play exciting hockey and beat the 1st place Port Huron team, we geared up to participate in the chuck a puck contest, unfortunately no winners. Great evening for a bunch of Hockey loving Huskies!

West Michigan Alumni Chapter/Brunch at Marie Catrib's

Marie Catrib graciously opened up her restaurant with a special brunch buffet for the West Michigan Alumni Chapter again this year. During brunch the Chapter recognized Mike Santoski '73 (pictured in the left photo, right side) for his dedicated service to the Chapter.

Tech Alumni in Austin, Dallas Reconnect

George Carlson ’62 (right) visits with Kevin ‘94 and Jennifer Sandford.

Lou Best ’70 (left) and Marv Shepherd ’69 reconnect for the first time since graduating from the ROTC programs at Tech 30+ years ago.

Gatherings for alumni and friends provided opportunities for reminiscing about Tech and making or renewing friendships in Austin and Dallas last week. In Dallas, attendees ranged from the class of '65 to '11. There were plenty of discussions amongst the attendees about future events in these areas so stay tuned! Many thanks to Dallas chapter leaders Ann Marie Stimpson '78 and Gerry White '73 for helping to organize the event.

Duluth Alumni Enjoy Huskies Hockey and More

On Saturday, January 28, about 100 Tech alumni, friends, and students gathered at Grandma's Sports Garden in Duluth for a pre-game dinner gathering prior to the UMD vs. Michigan Tech hockey game. Coach Mel Pearson stopped by to mingle with the group and got the crowd excited for the sold-out game. Tech shut out the #1 ranked Bulldogs at the new AMSOIL Arena. It was a great night for Huskies fans!

Special Volunteer Opportunity: Wolf-Moose Research Program

Isle Royale, Summer 2012

Join us in the field for a Moosewatch research expedition as part of the Wolf-Moose Study program on Isle Royale!

Do you have an interest in wildlife ecology and wolf-moose dynamics? Are you passionate about wilderness camping and our National Parks? Are you a hardy soul with a tolerance for bugs, lack of conveniences, and long days of rugged hiking? If so, please consider a special opportunity to volunteer for the renowned wolf-moose study at Isle Royale National Park. Expedition teams are being organized right now

Expedition #1: May 5–13, via Voyageur II, Grand Portage, MN
Expedition #2: May 14– 21, via Queen IV, Copper Harbor, MI
Expedition #3: May 26–June 3, via Voyageur II, Grand Portage, MN
Expedition #4: July 31–August 8, via Ranger III, Houghton, MI

Please visit www.isleroyalewolf.org (click on Research Expeditions in the left hand column). to learn about how you can participate this summer. You will find information about the Moosewatch research expeditions, photos, and how to apply.

If you have specific questions, please contact Ken Vrana, director, Isle Royale Institute.

We hope to see some of you on the island this summer!

John Vucetich and Leah Vucetich
Rolf Peterson and Candy Peterson

Our Copper Country Snowfall Contest is Back!

snow tunnel

Predict the total amount of snow to fall in the Keweenaw this winter for a chance to win a stay at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge and a Michigan Tech Winter Survival Kit.

It has been a strange year for snow in the Copper Country this season but that has not stopped more than 800 alumni who have entered the snowfall contest so far with predictions ranging from 79.7 to 400 inches. Early last week we would have given better odds for a low number but after last week’s snowfall, we may have to change our minds.

Last winter, more than one thousand alumni and friends entered the contest but Ron Streib, a 1969 Metallurgical Engineering alumnus, was the winner with his prediction of 178.3 inches.

Enter your snowfall prediction for the 2011-12 season before February 15th at http://apps.alumni.mtu.edu/snow/

Fill in the Blanks

Dorm Room

This could be any dorm room on earth, except for one detail.

Did you have a roommate who studied like this? (I did.)

Email me.

Thanks, again, to Jim Blevins '72 who passed this along.

Heikkenpaiva 2005

Icy plunge

Maybe you took the plunge in 2005. It is clickable.

Email me.

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Tech Sports

Robinson, Huskies Blank No. 1 UMD 5-0

Michigan Tech scored four first period goals and goaltender Josh Robinson made 29 saves en route to a 5-0 shutout victory over No. 1 Minnesota Duluth tonight at AMSOIL Arena. The Huskies (12-12-2, 9-7-2 WCHA) took three points off of the Bulldogs (17-5-4, 11-4-3 WCHA) this weekend and became the first team to beat UMD in Duluth since Oct. 15. More

Skiers Win Three of Four Races on the Weekend

XC ski
The Michigan Tech Nordic ski team dominated the collegiate races at the SuperTour winning three of four races on the weekend. Mikko Harju took the win in the men’s 10-kilometer classic race crossing the line in 27:13. Jesse Smith got caught up in an early crash but was able to work his way back to second in a time of 27:40. More

No. 25 Huskies Fall at Hillsdale

women's hoops
Seniors Lindsey Lindstrom and Lynn Giesler each scored 22 points for the No. 25 Michigan Tech women’s basketball team in a 82-77 GLIAC loss at Hillsdale Saturday (Jan. 28). Lindstrom also grabbed eight rebounds and dished out eight assists for the Huskies who fall to 13-5 overall and 8-4 in the league. More

Recent Results | Complete Schedule

Around the Keweenaw

Daily Mining Gazette | WLUC TV-6 | Marquette Mining Journal

From the Email Bag

The Fish Bowl in 1984

Fish Bowl
Hi Dennis,
This was a Mechanical Engineering CAD/CAM system that was based on an IBM mainframe. The fishbowl was in the first floor of the MEEM building. The CAD/CAM system displays would allow you to design/draw wire frame drawings. I don’t know much more than that.

Arden White


Hi Dennis,
I certainly remember these computers. They were well-known by students who took ME441. They ran the 'latest' 3D CAD software from SDRC, which may have been a forerunner of IDEAS. They didn't have mice. Instead, a lightpen was used to select lines and features on the screen. You actually had to hold the pen up to the screen and 'click' it against the glass to make a selection. With a full class, all of those lightpens made quite a racket. After I had passed the course myself, I was hired the next term by then-instructor Jim Martin to help teach the lab sections. As I recall, Jim was later hired by SDRC when he graduated. Sheryl Sorby took over the course after that. I was a TA for her lab sections for several terms. These machines were all retired, except for one or two, around 1988 when they were replaced with Sun workstations. What an improvement!

Bob Page, MSME '90



I'm assuming the picture of the 1984 fishbowl is in the entrance level of the new ME-EM building.

If I am correct, here is the story from my viewpoint.

For the 14 or 15 years or more centered around 1982 to 1996 I made many trips to Michigan Tech representing IBM Federal Systems in Owego,NY. I volunteered for the assignment since I graduated from Tech in 1958.with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Ultimately I served 14 years on the Electrical Engineering External Advisory Committee.

Initially I came as a special speaker to expose students to engineering applications in industry. At the time I managed the part of the Owego Engineering Lab that included Design Automation. We were transitioning from batch processing for logic diagrams and printed circuit wire routing to interactive applications for the logic design drawings, component placement, capture of wiring lists, initial wiring and embedding the final wires in the mullti-layer printed circuit cards that the automatic wire routing programs at that time could not complete. My organization had also just installed Computer Aided Design workstations for mechanical design.

I was aware that IBM was offering up to 20 grants , on a competitive basis, to universities for a complete turn-key IBM computer based interactive design system. I stopped by the Engineering Dean's Office (Kreuger?) and found that an effort has begun to prepare a proposal. I offered to review their draft and critique it using techniques then used to evaluate proposals for Department of Defense contracts Although Tech had a good story, it failed to address everything requested in the Request for Proposal (RFP) document..

At my suggestion, the witting team examined the RFP for every "will" and "shall" and rewrote the proposal text such that every "will" and "shall" was addressed in the same order at they appeared in the RFP plus additional highly relevant material . I became concerned lest my involvement would invalidate the proposal from Michigan Tech which was expected to be authored by the faculty. I insisted that in no way was my involvement to be revealed. The proposal went through a few more iterations that l received by mail and reviewed in New York.

When it came time for the final copy, Dean K flew to New York and, there around the kitchen table. we put the final polish on the proposal

IBM reported that it received a large number of excellent proposals and decided to increase the number of awards from 20 to 22. Michigan Tech was one of the winners. A year or so later the system was installed behind glass for all to see. I returned to Tech for a meeting of the EE Department External Advisory Committee. One evening my wife and I were invited to a fine dinner in Calumet where we celebrated the award from IBM and it was revealed that I was one of the secret proposal authors.

Bill Patzer
BSEE 1958


Those are not snazzy computers in the fish bowl in 1984, those are just terminals. They were all connected to a big IBM 4341 computer located in the administration building. The vector terminals were used to run CADAM, a computer design and modeling system. Instead of a mouse, they had a light pen that you touched to the screen to indicate a point in a drawing. John deBeaubien and Cynthia MacDonald were the staff of the Academic Computing Services that supported the graphics lab. I helped maintain the computers in the administration building.

Great newsletter,
Ken Williams
class of '75 and '85


Those are quite an upgrade to the punch card machines we used in the late 70’s

Rand Hruska 75-79



The "computers" you mention in this week's "Fill in the Blanks" were actually just CAD/CAM (graphics) terminals - all connected to a single IBM 4341 "mainframe". The 4341 had a whopping 4MB of memory, 2 500MB disk drives (each the size of a file cabinet drawer), could process 1.5 million instructions per second, and "IPLed" (booted) from an 8-inch floppy disk. To give a comparison - everyone shown in that room was sharing about 1/500 of the processing power of an iPhone 4s!

I was an Academic Computing Services consultant and student programmer at that time. After graduation, I spent the next 8 years at IBM Endicott, where I helped develop the 9370 (a successor to the 4341); I am still in contact with some of the engineers who designed the 4341.

Garrett Lanzy '84


I remember modeling automotive pistons in 1984 on the very computers that you depicted in the recent newsletter. Our instructor specifically directed us to use no more than 8 facets to (crudely) model the piston O.D. on our 3D models. I was not happy with the result, and – in spite of the instructor’s direction – opted to try a much larger number of facets (I think >100). My effort immediately brought the entire system “to its knees” and – almost immediately - 2 I.T. coordinators literally ran into the room to see what had happened. Needless to say, I was “reprimanded” and embarrassed; the entire class was dismissed for some time while the situation was fixed.

Dave Lange


No. I graduated “BPC” [Before Personal Computers], in 1979, when the Fish Bowl held tables and chairs for studying, and the new “EE” building had a new mainframe computer in its basement which crashed every time it rained as well as whenever the humidity was high [and taking our homework submissions “down” with it!

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Gregory Veneklase


Holy cow that photo brings back memories of endless hours working on a computer aided design (CAD) for a roller bearing assembly. The project was a big part of the grade for ME 402 Advanced Problems in Mechanical Engineering. The “tubes” were a recent donation from SDRC and General Motors Corporation. These were the first “3D” design software/hardware units seen on the MTU campus. I remember how frustrating it was because the program used functions like “copy” and “mirror image” to create. But do to a lack of memory capability, sometimes (check that, most of the time) if you tried to copy or mirror too much information the program would error out without saving. Hence the endless hours creating and recreating components with fingers crossed hoping the next function wouldn’t be the last before having to start over. I think they kept this lab open virtually around the clock. I can’t be sure but the one fellow on the right dark hair & dark coat could be me.

Regards, Michael (Mike) Zelek
BSME Class of 1984

Pat Paulsen's Wine: We Need New Bids!

Pat Paulsen wine
Bob Carnahan has offered up this bottle of vintage Pat Paulsen Wine from 1982 (yes, that Pat Paulsen).

The Bid History

Tom Arbuckle '75 $82.00
Jeff Paulson '93 $99.00
Jim Blevins '72 $200
Jeff Paulson '80 $225


From Bob:
Hi Dennis,
We'd like to keep the bids coming in until a couple of weeks before the current [Generations of Discover] Campaign ends in June 2013, now less than 18 months away. When the winning bid is published, the check will go to the Michigan Tech Fund as a donation with the amount credited 50/50 to the winner and donor. The larger the better for all three!

My hope is that other alums might be inspired to offer up a variety of mementos for auction such as Pledge Paddles, beer mugs, letter jackets, M club blankets, WW2 surplus book bags, slip sticks and circular slide rules, winter carnival trophies, medals, etc. Artifacts that might otherwise be lost in time, be discarded, or otherwise unappreciated. It will be interesting to see what might come forth and I believe compile to make a serious total toward the $200M campaign goal.

I have two second place medals from the Winter Carnival 1/2 mile Snowshoe races of '51 and '52. I'd be happy to put one of these up for auction as well, They're even more rare than the Cabernet.

Go Huskies,
Bob Carnahan '53


Anyone can bid. Just send an email to alumni@mtu.edu, and they'll record your amount.You can let TechAlum know, too, so our alumni can follow along.

Alum Hajj Flemings Needs Your Vote Before Midnight Wednesday

Michigan Tech alumnus Hajj Flemings has been selected as a finalist for Elite 40 Under 40, and Needs your vote online before midnight 02/01!

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson is running his first Elite 40 Under 40 Contest, with a pool of over 400 nominees. Michigan Tech Alumni Hajj Flemings was chosen as one of three finalists. The winner will be selected based upon the highest number of online votes, please support Hajj by voting!

Voting ends Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.

Link to Vote: http://lbrookspatterson.com/home/hajj-flemings-39

The vote is very competitive so every vote counts.

Hanging Husky Pride

Dennis: I really enjoy seeing and reading your highlights. It reminded me that after all these years(44), I was finally able to get my 3 Tech items hung and displayed( diploma, BB M certificate and a metal MTU plaque I picked up awhile ago. Some things just take time.

I also saw the mystery Tech person while watching the Packer Giant game. Quite remarkable.

Tim Rosemeyer

Michigan Companies Looking for Employees in Florida

For Orlando area Alumni and Friends:

You are cordially invited to join us for a Pure Michigan Opportunity Career Fair and MichAGAIN networking event in Orlando, FL.

The Pure Michigan Opportunity Career Fair will showcase Michigan's thriving IT, Engineering and Defense sectors. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with other alumni from the State of Michigan and hear the latest buzz about our great state!

Exciting new technologies are emerging, venture capital is flowing, big names are arriving, promising new businesses are beginning. And life? It's even better than you remember it. If you need a place to breathe again, a place to live again, a place to call home again...opportunity is knocking. And it's Pure Michigan.

Pure Michigan Opportunity Career Fair
WHEN: Wednesday, February 8th, noon-3 p.m.
WHERE: Radisson Resort at the Port
8701 Astronaut Boulevard, Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920
The following companies (plus others) will be featured:
Chrysler Group LLC, Nexteer Automotive, Unique Systems Design, Inc., Aernnova Engineering US, Inc., SAIC, and Behr North America.
To see current job postings, go to www.mitalent.org

MichAGAIN Alumni Networking Event - Co-sponsored by Chrysler Group LLC
WHEN: Thursday, February 9th, 6-9 p.m.
WHERE: City Arts Factory
29 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32801
Parking will be comped at the Plaza-System Parking Garage
WHAT: Networking and informational event featuring Chrysler and various other Michigan employers
WHY: To make new connections, learn about opportunities, enjoy a fun evening of food, drink, with a chance to win the following prizes:

  • Two Tickets to a Detroit Tigers spring training game in Lakeland, FL
  • Four Tickets to the Pure Michigan 400 in August (pit passes and $40 in food vouchers included)
  • Gift certificate to High Five Threads
  • Pure Michigan messenger bag, water bottle and polo shirt


LeaderShape 2005

LeaderShape 2005
In your leadershape photo from 2005 the girl on the left of the picture squished in about 7 people from the left on the front row is Toni Larche; I know the girl behind her wearing glasses with the brown hair but I can’t think of her name at the moment.

Corey Young ‘05


I know one of the guys in the LeaderShape 2005 picture. Nick Rosencrans is the guy on the far left with his arm enthusiastically raised up in the air. He was my roommate for four years at MTU.

-Derek Chapel


I noticed the photo and the request for some names. I know the gent in the center with a baseball cap on and with his back turned to the photographer. That was my MTU IM Golfing partner and fellow McNair RA, Mr. Greg Anthon. Class of 2006 I do believe.

- Curt Walz

Corey, Curt, and Derek: It is still clickable.

Students at Auto Show

Michigan Tech student leaders stand in front of one of the many exciting vehicles at the 2012 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).(Left to Right) Rebecca Sprys, 4th Year Civil Engineering, Kelsey Ryskamp, 5th Year Biomedical Engineering/ME-EM, and Anne Dancy, 4th Year Biomedical Engineering

On January 10th, twenty-six students from Michigan Tech traveled over 500 miles to attend a special event hosted by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) promoting opportunities for new graduates in southeast Michigan and Detroit. The event ended with a special tour of the Auto Show and opportunity to hear Governor Rick Snyder's speech to the press about the economic activity in Southeast Michigan and the excitement surrounding the NAIAS. Governor Snyder highlighted the group of students in attendance with representatives from the U of M-Ann Arbor, U of M-Dearborn, U of M-Flint, Kettering, Lawrence Tech, Wayne State, and Michigan Tech and encouraged continued engagement between universities, industry, and the State of Michigan.

Brent Burns

Some Airplanes to Drool Over

For your interest.

The PT 19 is the type of plane that Gilly Boyd purchased after WWII and kept under his porch in the winter (Wings off). His was all grey..not fancy colors. PowerPoint slideshow.

Bob Brown
226 Deer Trace
Prattville, Alabama

Bob: Wow!

Old Time Hockey

Referring to "old time hockey". I was
looking for a comment about the "Blue Skirt Waltz" that they used to play in between play time to amuse the crowd. The whole crowd would get into it and sing and sway back and forth. Good stuff.
Keep up the good work.

I started at the Sault Branch in 1962 at 17 yrs old. Transferred to Houghton in 64. Drafted in the Army in 1966. 2 yrs Army. 2 yrs. as a professional musician to save enough money to return. Returned to Tech in 1970. Graduated with 2 degrees in 1972. BS Metallurgy, BS Engineering Administration. Two old saying always stayed with me: If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again, and Ya gotta wanna. My education at Michigan Tech has done well by me many times over. Thanks to all my Professors who were second to none.

God Bless.
Best regards,
Dave Wonnacott (1972)
Phi Kappa Tau

Dave: We still do the Copper Country Anthem (Blue Skirt Waltz) between 2nd and 3rd periods.

Alum in the Wall Street Journal

One of my colleagues, Pam Rogers Klyn (BS ME 1993) was just featured in the Wall Street Journal as a fast track young executive. Pam is an outstanding representative of Tech and a very loyal alum. Thought you might be interested in using this in a future Tech publication!

J. B. Hoyt

Featured Alumni Benefits

GradMed Health Insurance

GradMed® short-term health insurance is a valuable benefit provided by the Alumni Association.  An ideal product for new graduates and alumni in between jobs, with GradMed you can choose a coverage period and deductible that meets your needs, protecting you from the expenses associated with an accident or illness.  Coverage can begin as early as the day after receipt of your application.

Call 1-800-922-1245  or apply online http://www.gradmed.com/michigantech

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Strategic Faculty Hiring Initiative: Positions in Water and Transportation

Software Engineer, Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI)
Programmer/Analyst, Administrative Information Services
Assistant Research Scientist - Geospatial Programmer, Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)
IT Budget Analyst, Information Technology Services and Security
Assistant/Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dean, School of Business and Economics

Apply using new online system at http://jobs.mtu.edu

Complete Descriptions are available on the Human Resources website.

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Keweenaw opportunities: http://www.keweenawprofessionaljobs.com/

Other employment opportunities: Check out the Linked in group exclusively for Michigan Tech Alumni.

Also, visit the Career Tools webpage for more options.